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X.A.N.A.'S Lair

Peace in the world has remained and was hoped to remain for a good while after Frodo and Sam got rid of the ring. Because of that Sauron could not return. Well there is someone else who has taken his place and that is X.A.N.A. his is hoping to bring war back to the world.

"Where is that servant," said X.A.N.A. as he slammed his fist on the table.

"Father please, you've been working him way too hard lately, give him a break," said Aelita.

"Aelita would you stop telling me how to treat my servants. You don't want to end up like your brother do you?" asked X.A.N.A.

"No father," said Aelita.

Then a boy in raggedy brown clothing, blonde hair and glasses comes into the room with a tray of food.

"The first part of your meal sir," said Jeremy. As he brings a plate of food to X.A.N.A. who is wearing black armor.

Jeremy then goes over to Aelita.

"And here is yours miss," said Jeremy as he placed the plate down in front of the pink haired girl. She is wearing a pink dress.

Jeremy then goes back into the kitchen and three more servants come out and place silverware and cups in front of X.A.N.A. and Aelita.

"Now Aelita I have a meeting to attend tonight so I wont be home until late tomorrow," said X.A.N.A.

"Father what are you planning on doing?" asked Aelita.

"Oh I have to pay a visit to some of my bounty hunters," said X.A.N.A.

Aelita nodded and they ate the rest of there dinner in silence. After dinner X.A.N.A. had to call Jeremy three times before he finally came out to clean up the plates.

"What took you so long?" asked X.A.N.A.

"Well sir I was cleaning yesterdays dishes," said Jeremy as he placed the last plate on his tray.

He walked past X.A.N.A. and X.A.N.A. shoved Jeremy making him fall over and break all the dishes.

"NEXT TIME WASH FASTER!" yelled X.A.N.A. as he left the room.

Aelita went over and helped Jeremy up.

"I should clean this up," said Jeremy.

"No you will do no such thing. I think you need the night off," said Aelita.

Aelita called out two other servants to clean up the mess and she gave some orders to others to help clean the dishes. And for the first time in a long time she saw each servant smiling. They only did that to her when X.A.N.A. wasn't around because X.A.N.A. only made one person do a job. Aelita let everyone do their share and she even paid them extra, X.A.N.A. didn't. Aelita then took Jeremy out of the dining room and they walked around the courtyard.

"So why did you do that for me?" asked Jeremy.

"Jeremy I've known you since your mother came here to work. For a while now I've been having some weird feelings about you," said Aelita.

"Like bad feelings," said Jeremy.

"No, good ones," said Aelita.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Jeremy.

"Well lets just say I sort of like you," said Aelita.

"Oh," said Jeremy as he blushed.

Aelita started to laugh a little.

"What?" asked Jeremy.

"Well it's just that when I say I liked you, you just said oh. I thought you would be a little surprised that a princess like me is actually taking interest in a servant," said Aelita.

"Well, what would you say if I said that I liked you since the day I first laid eyes on you," said Jeremy.

Aelita smiled at him and then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Jeremy there's someone that I want you to meet," said Aelita.

Aelita grabbed Jeremy by his hand and took him back into the castle and down a dark hallway. The hallway ended with only one door with a torch out side of it giving of a minimal light. Aelita opened the door and took him into a dark and cold room. She took the torch from the door and lit the others as they walked along. They stopped in front of what seemed to be a large ice cube with a person inside.

"Who is that?" asked Jeremy.

"Well I would like you to meet my brother Zillion," said Aelita.

Jeremy looked at the figure in the ice cube. The boy seemed to be a year younger than both of them. He was wearing all black like X.A.N.A. but it wasn't armor. He had red streaks in his hair. His hair also seemed to drape just over his right eye. He also had a tail that was black and had red triangles on it. He also had a sword on his left side.

"So what do you want me to do?" asked Jeremy.

"Well I was hoping you could figure out a way to get him out of the ice," said Aelita.

"Well its simple you have to melt it," said Jeremy.

"Listen Jeremy I don't know how. My father is a dark wizard so he has ways of making this ice indestructible," said Aelita.

"Well you're his daughter may be you can some how tap into his brain and tell him to get out," said Jeremy.

"That may work but still I'm young and don't have full control of my powers," said Aelita.

"Well all you can do is try," said Jeremy.

Aelita looked at Jeremy and smiled.

"Ok Jeremy, I'll try tonight in my room," said Aelita.

"Good and if you keep using your powers then you will get better at using them," said Jeremy.

"Jeremy you seem to be very knowledgeable about this wizard stuff. Maybe you could help me," said Aelita.

"Yeah, maybe I can," said Jeremy.

Aelita came over to Jeremy and gave him another kiss on the cheek. Then they both left the room so they wouldn't get into trouble. Aelita was then in her room and was sitting on her bed. She had her eyes closed and was trying to contact her brother. Then a sensation of cold swept over her, she then saw a light. Lying in the center of the light was her brother.

'Zillion can you hear me?' Aelita asked him.

In her mind she visualized herself touching his arm and his eyes shot open.

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