One year after X.A.N.A. and the ring were both destroyed everyone was happy. X.A.N.A. could never return and his castle was destroyed.

"It feels so good not to have any more worries about X.A.N.A. or that stupid ring," said Odd.

"I know now we have all the time in the world to…" said Samantha until Odd cut her off.

"EAT FOOD!" shouted Odd.

"Why did I decide to be more than just a friend to you?" asked Samantha.

"Because you can't resist my charm and because of this," said Odd as he kissed her.

"Hey you two love birds cut it out," said Ulrich.

"What you and Yumi kiss all the time in public," said Odd.

"Yeah but the way you and Samantha kiss it seems like you're going to need a room," said Ulrich.

Odd went to say something but then stopped himself.

"So what's next for this world?" asked Aelita.

"Well peace won't last forever," said Jeremy.

"Then why don't we start traveling around and helping restore peace elsewhere," said Tara.

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Yumi.

"I'm in," said Aelita.

"If there's food I'll go," said Odd.

The rest of them agreed to go.

"Wait, where did Zillion go?" asked Yumi.

"You didn't think I would just leave and not come back did you," said Zillion as he entered the room.

"Where did you go?" asked Tara.

"There's some wars breaking out along just out side of BLANK," said Zillion.

"I guess it's time for us to go help then," said Yumi.

"Do you all think you're up for the job?" asked Zillion.

"If we can defeat someone who was going to destroy the world, I think we can handle this," said Ulrich.

"Good, I'm glad you think so," said Gandalf.

"You knew about this didn't you," said Jeremy.

"Of course I did. Aragorn is waiting with his army if you are going to tag along," said Gandalf.

They all got their weapons and left Ulrich's house. Jeremy however held back for a second.

"Gandalf, do you know why I have these powers?" asked Jeremy.

"Your father was a wizard, and a damn good one too, you should be proud to be carrying the powers you have," said Gandalf.

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" asked Jeremy.

"That remains unknown, the only thing that matters is that you know you have them and you wouldn't have it any other way," said Gandalf.

Jeremy smiled at Gandalf and he left to go with the others. The army left Rohan to help promote peace. It would be a long time before they returned to the kingdom but it was going to be worth it. You never know when another dark wizard like X.A.N.A. will turn up so you best be ready for any challenge to come.

It's over, hope you liked it. Thanks to all who reviewed and who read but didn't review.