Aikyou: Chapter 1: From now to…

Kyo walked downstairs and entered the kitchen slowly. He bent forward a little as he looked into the refrigerator. Grabbing the carton of milk from the top shelf, he pops the lid off and drinks straight from it.

Slowly and cheerfully, Tohru comes into the kitchen looking not too surprised that Kyo is again up early. "Good morning Kyo-kun!" She says cheerfully, walking to him, and reopening the refrigerator. She pulled out some food and set it on the counter beside the stove and put a frying pan on the stove top, turning it on. Quietly she begins to cook the food she took out for breakfast.

He sat down at the table, and put the carton of milk down, closing it. Glancing over at Tohru, he smiles, looking slightly tired. "Tohru... um... do you need any help with that?" His voice showed his shyness as he got back up to put the milk away. He looked at Tohru waiting for a response.

"Ohh no Kyo-kun, I couldn't ask you to do that at all." She says quickly as he comes up beside her. "Aren't you going to be late to see Shishou?" Tohru asks politely as she goes to a cabinet on the left of them both.

He sighs a little. "Yeah. I was just seeing if you needed help. Bye!" he walks to leave the kitchen and bumps into Yuki, who also, was up early. He yells and falls backwards, crawling backwards away from him.

"Stupid... cat.." He mumbles walking into the kitchen slowly. Looking at the table as he shuffles in, he sits down at it, dropping his head on the top. "Aernn..." he groans softly and covers his head a little with his arms.

"Good morning Yuki-kun," she says softly, flipping something inside the frying pan. "You woke up unusually early today, huh" Tohru asks cheerfully walking to the table and sitting down across from him.

Yuki nods weakly and glances at Kyo who was just staggering to his feet, and pulling himself slowly out of the room, keeping himself against the wall and as far from Yuki as possible.

"Have a good day at Shishou's dojo, Kyo-kun, " She calls happily as she gets up from the table in a hurry smelling the food begin to fairly burn. It wasn't as bad as Yuki's charcoal burning though, not even near as bad.

Kyo mutters an 'Uh-huh' and walks out, his face almost completely red. He walks out of the house and goes down the trail to the Dojo.

Tohru gets four plates out. The fourth one was for Momiji who had slept over without making himself noticed to Kyo.

Coming in, Shigure laughs. "Such a beautiful day! Ahh, I feel like I can put my pencil down for a month and not ever write again!" He hears the phone ring and goes back inside.

"Not write for a month!" A woman's sobbing voice was heard through the receiving end. "You'll never make sob the deadline if you do that," she was yelling sadly and the phone seemed to be at her feet, even though Shigure could hear her.

He laughs a little and responds, "Have no fear my dear editor, I will make the deadline." He smiles and hangs up the phone, walking back into the kitchen. Taking his seat at the table he stays quiet, then receives a queer stare from Yuki. "What is wrong Yuki-kun?" He asks cheerfully, as though he had hearts in his eyes.

"That... was your...editor, wasn't it?" Yuki asks gently, since he was still very weary.

Shigure waves his hand, smiling a little. "She'll be fine. She worries too, too much. " He rests comfortably in the chair waiting for the plate with the food to come to the table.

Tohru walks over to the table slowly carrying the plate of food, wearing mittens on both hands so that she doesn't burn her hands. She places the large plate on the table and they soon begin to eat their breakfast.

She suddenly caught herself thinking about Kyo. Something about him always caught her eye. Whenever she could make him smile or see him smile, she was happy. Or she'd become happy if she were upset. Now, whenever he left to go to Shishou's Dojo she'd feel a little lonely even though Yuki was normally there and the Sohma family.

The Sohma's have an ancient curse set upon them so that whenever they are hugged or bumped into by a member of the opposite sex, they will transform into one of the animals of the Juunishi. Or in Kyo's case, the cat.

It wasn't that she didn't like the rest of the members of the Zodiac. But the fact was, she liked Kyo more. He had more of an accurate personality, as long as he doesn't get angry. She found Kyo a little easier to talk to after she got to know him. And she's found herself blushing almost all the time whenever she's around him.

Yuki looks at Tohru and decides to say something after seeing her spacing out. "Honda-san? Is something wrong?" He asks her seeming much more awake now then he was five minutes earlier.

She shakes her head and smiles then continues to eat happily. "I have ready for work. Enjoy!" She says cheerfully, as she gets up from her chair. Running upstairs carefully she gets her change of clothes and shoes and comes back downstairs and slips her shoes on at the door. She slides it open, and walks out yelling a happy 'Good-bye' before leaving.