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"Ah! What a great day for sailing!"

"Hey! Looks like a storm!"

"But this boat not made for a hurricane!"

"Yeah tell me about it. Who's idea was it to make a boat out of Styrofoam anyway?"

Chapter 1:Nathan the hurricane and an island named Joesterville.

A lone sail boat crossed the lonely waters of some unnamed ocean. The weather was crisp, cool and very, very windy; A perfect day for sailing. Said sailboat was, from a distance, an elegantly crafted vessel with….no sail……'wait WHAT! A SAILBOAT WITH NO SAIL? Then how's it going so fast!' You'd probably think. But this is no ordinary sailboat. This is the St. Jimmy, a sail boat made completely out of Styrofoam, sailed by four teenage girls.

A girl walks up on deck of the St. Jimmy and stretches her arms. Her shoulder length blonde hair gleamed brightly in the tropical afternoon sun and her grey, happy bunny tank top that said "Hi, loser." and black jeans seemed to have a mind of their own as they danced in the breeze.

"Having fun?" The blonde looked behind her with icy blue eyes to another girl who was steering the strangely crafted boat. The girl in question had waist length dark brown hair and dressed in baggy black pants and a black t-shirt that read "One by one penguins are stealing my sanity" in big red letters. She was watching her cousin with completely black eyes.

"Yeah! It was a good idea to come out here today," Said the blonde as she walked over to the brunette. "So, do you have ANY idea where we're going?"

"Uhhh…..Of course I do….." Said brunette shifting her black eyes in a suspious way.

"Riiigghhtttt……" the blonde said, obviously not convinced.

"Hey guys!" A voice from inside the cabin said. Soon after two other girls emerged from below the deck of the St. Jimmy, both were blondes. The first was the shortest and probably youngest of this crew of teenagers. Her blonde, curly hair fell to below her waist and her eyes that were as blue as the waters they were traveling on. She wore a white Happy Bunny t-shirt that said "whatever" on it and a pair of denim jean shorts. Let's call the first blonde we've encountered blonde #1, this blonde, blonde #2, and the next one blonde #3. Blonde #3 had on black jeans and a t-shirt that read "By reading this I can momentarily read you're mind."

"I just realized that we don't have sails!" exclaimed Blonde #3 with a worried look.

Brunette just shrugged "The sails would have been too heavy. And you just now realized this after THREE days of sailing?"

"Uh….Well, I never thought about it till now." Blonde #3 said with a laugh. Blonde #1 just sighed and looked to starboard while Brunette just laughed and continued steering.

"Ah! What a great day for sailing!" said Blonde #2

Blonde #1 suddenly gasped and said, "Hey! Looks like a storm!"

The others looked toward the big swirling mass of what looked like a hurricane. Blonde #3 started to head for the cabin "But this boat's not made for a hurricane!" The others joined her on the way below deck. Before Brunette locked the cabin doors she said, "Yeah tell me about it, who's idea was it to make a boat out of Styrofoam anyway?"

The hurricane, which will be called Nathan from now on, picked up the St. Jimmy as though it were a bath toy and spun it around for a good deal making the girls very sick in the process before dropping them on a deserted island. The thing was, this island WASN'T so deserted. It was, in fact, populated by many people and things. And Nathan didn't just drop the St. Jimmy on this so called deserted island, but on four of the most powerful people there; The four directional witch sisters, East, West, North, and Susan.

A short time later after the four crewmembers of the St. Jimmy had made their heads stop spinning, they climbed out of their now in half ship and onto the grassy cliff of this strange island that Nathan had decided to drop them on. That's also when they noticed four pairs of feet sticking out from under the bow of St. Jimmy.

"AAHHHH!" screamed Blonde #2 and #3 as Blonde #1 and Brunette just stared wide-eyed. "We CRUSHED them!"

"But HOW!" said Brunette. "Jimmy's made outta STYROFOAM!"

"I guess anything can happen." Said Blonde #1.

"Of course it can! At least here anyway." Said a voice from behind.

"AHHH!" All four girls screamed as they came face to face with something straight out of some insane, sugar-high teenage girl's daydream. (Hint, hint people.) It was a fox, or looked a lot like one except two small details; One, the fox had three horns sticking out of its forehead. One large horn grew at the center with two much smaller horns on either side of it. Two, this fox had deep emerald eyes. Strangely enough (if this wasn't already strange enough.) The fox had white feathered wings that were folded neatly on its back. The fox was what Blonde #1 later described as a Phoenix Fox, a small desert fox with ears that were too big for its head and were about the size of a large cat. (These animals DO exist, though they don't have green eyes, wings, or horns…That I know of.) The fox's bushy tail twitched slightly in annoyance by being screamed at (they have a very sensitive sense of hearing. What? You thought those ears were just to make them look cute?) and frowned. Its tawny fur stood up on end, but it continued, deciding to ignore the little out burst. "Like I said; Anything can happen here."

"Ooookkkkk….. Where is 'here' anyway?" Brunette said to the strange fox.

"You're on the island Joesterville." The fox looks behind Brunette to the four pairs of feet sticking out from under Jimmy. "And it seems you four are to be rewarded."

Blonde #2 looked from the fox to the dead people then back to the fox. "REWARDED! We just KILLED some people!"

Blonde #3 looked to the strange, fluffy creature. "Aren't you gonna put us in jail or something!"

The fox looked at the girls strangely. "Are you kidding? You just wiped out the Directional Witch Sisters. The most tyrannical leaders Joesterville's ever had!" The fox thought a moment and said, "But I guess you didn't know that since you just got here… Eh, whatever. Let's go tell the others."

"Others?" Said Brunette.

The fox looked back at her as it began to walk off somewhere. "Of course! C'mon!"

And with that the girls followed the strange fox through a forest with one hell of a lot of weird noises coming from what appeared to be half monkey half bird hybrids. To a small town that looked like four hundred years ago Tokyo. There weren't many people there, but they stared in amazement at the new comers. Soon this merry band of girls (and a fox) reached a palace at the edge of the town.

"Ooooo…. Big castle!" said the girls as they walked through the gates into a garden-like courtyard. The fox just rolled his eyes and led the group inside the castle to a large room. "This is the castle of Elements. Now, sit down and introduce yourselves." Said the fox.

"Hey you can't just order us around!" yelled Brunette.

"Oh yes I can." It said.

"Nuh uh!" said Brunette.

"Yeah huh!" It responded.

"Will you two just shut up!" The Blondes asked in a VERY polite manner. (notice the sarcasm peoples.)

"Fine." The two said glaring at each other.

"Now will you sit down so we can introduce ourselves properly!" Asked the blondes, again VERY politely.

Brunette sat down with a huff and the introductions began.

Blonde #1 went first.

"My name is Fwee. I'm 15 years old and this is my sister."

"Pan-Pan, 14. Nice to meet you." Finished Blonde #3 a.k.a. Pan-Pan.

"My name is Pon-Pon! I'm 13 years old and I'm the mini me of Pan-Pan! It's very nice to meet you Mr. Fox!"

"Ooookkkkk…." Said the fox obviously weirded-out by Pon-Pon's cheerfulness. "So who're you?" It said looking to Brunette.

"My name's Kevin. 15. Pon-Pon's my sister and Pan-Pan and Fwee are my cousins."

"Hmm…. Well, I'm known as Hiromaru, Hiro for short. I'm the demon of wind and Kevin's new partner." The fox….Hiro said.

"Wha! Partner!" Kevin said. (more like yelled)

"What are you talking about, Hiromaru?" Asked Fwee.

"Well, you see, you four are the chosen ones, the Maidens of the Elements." Stated Hiro.

"Maidens of the Elements?" asked Pan-Pan.

"Yes. You, Pan-Pan, are the maiden of fire, Pon-Pon is the maiden of water, Fwee's the maiden of earth, and Kevin's the maiden of wind." Hiro answered.

"Wind! Why'm I maiden of gay-ass, pansy wind! Why not fire! Fire kicks ass!" Pouted Kevin. Hiro just looked just about to kill Kevin, but said deathfully calm,

"…..You DO know that I am an embodiment of wind….right?"

The two new found "partners" continued to fight long into the night. What did the others do at that point? They pretty much just got a servant of the overly large palace to show them around and then they ate, discussed their current situation, and eventually fell asleep in their separate rooms that had been prepared for them in the Castle of Elements.

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