Weird Quote: "As I was sitting there, wondering why Frisbees get bigger when they get closer, it hit me."

Hikari: Hiya everybody! Wazzup? You will not believe the day I've had! You see, there was this-

Sunny: -Hikari!

Hikari: Hmm?

Sunny: How can you be blathering on about something as stupid as how your day went when you left the readers with a cliffhanger for months?!?!

Hikari: ….Alright fine, don't get your tail in a knot. Sheesh! So, here you all go…..

Pon-Pon woke early as usual. Yawning, she opened her dresser drawer. Inside was only a pair of black pants and a white shirt. After dressing, she descended the old wooden stairs to the kitchen. She needed to fix breakfast for the others. I need to remember to call Pan-Pan today. She thought as she opened the pantry. Pon-Pon hummed a cheerful tune as she reached for a bottle.

"Good morning Sunshine!" A voice said from behind her. Startled, she spun around to face a grinning man with extremely tan skin and silver hair who appeared to be in his forties.

"Gosh Dad! Don't do that!" (Pon-Pon never uses the Lord's name in vain.)

"Hahahaha!!! Don't be so jumpy!" He laughed as he gave her a slap on the back, "By the way, nice pants. Blue is a good color on you."

"Huh?" Looking down, Pon-Pon's pants were indeed a light cerulean blue. "Why are you blue?!" She asked her pants, dumbfounded. In response, the pants changed color.

"Now I'm GREEN!!!" they said.

"Wow! You're amazing!"


And they laughed and laughed……


Sunny: Hikari….

Hikari: Ok, not really. Here's the real story;

"Omigod!!! THE HELL IS THAT?!?!" Kevin yelled and pointed frantically. Pon-Pon and Pan-Pan gasped and the elementals' eyes widened.

"This…is NOT good!" Hiromaru said finally and then sped towards his home. Coiled around a turret, an incredibly large viper hissed and spat venom.

In Fwee's POV

I stepped back in time to avoid a small drop of poison that landed on the grasses growing in between the stone walkway. I couldn't believe my eyes as a dandelion burst into sickly green and black flame.

"What…IS that thing?!" I asked myself. Peep placed a hand on my shoulder and said in a foreboding tone,

"It's Greed. He's here to take you destined ones away from us, honey."

"What are we going to do?" I asked. If that thing was trying to kidnap us, it would probably hurt Penelope and all the other elementals. I may not know these people that well, but I won't let them get hurt! (Awww, Fwee's the good girl in our little group.Grin)

Ending Fwee's POV

Hiromaru stopped a few feet away from the serpent and glanced behind him at Kevin, who was running to join him. When she did, she gazed in awe at Greed's magnificent scales. "Daammnn….It's scales look like they're made outta gold… And the eyes look like rubies!" The great fox demon gave an exasperated sigh and, as though he was merely discussing the weather, said,

"That's because they are. He is Greed after all."

"E-eh?! Are you serous?" Kevin looked at a loss for words at that particular moment. (Which doesn't happen often, trust me.) Greed leered down at them from atop his perch and said,

"Quite. You'd be surprised how wonderful gold is for armor, little girl." Growling, Hiromaru took a step forward and replied,

"All the gold in this world can't save you from my claws, you overgrown garden snake! Kevin! Hurry, close your eyes and hold out your hands!" Kevin hesitantly did what he said. Then she opened one eye.

"Y-you're not going to give me a spider….are you?"

"Oh for the love of- Stop being such a girl and do it so we can kill this slithering bastard!" So Kevin closed her eyes again. Suddenly, she felt a strong gust of wind and when she opened her eyes, Hiromaru was gone. In her hands was a silver bow with small wings on it. A familiar fox was masterfully etched into it surrounded by feathers. A matching quiver, filled with arrows, was strapped to her back. Truth be told, they didn't match her black outfit at all. Something else felt different, but she couldn't place her finger on it. Ah well, its probably not important. What IS important is where the hell Hiro-chan ran off to. I thought he was all for kicking Greed's scaly ass, but now he's nowhere to be found! First of all, don't call me that. Second, I didn't run away. I'm right in front of you, dumbass.

"What? Who said that?!" Kevin looked back and forth she noticed that the others were now by her side and staring at her like she'd sprouted a second head and her two heads had begun singing songs from the movie The Producers. (I totally worship that movie! It's SO awesome!) She decided that she would ask them about it after she found out who was talking to her through her mind when it hit her. No, not a brick, not more snake venom, it was a sudden realization. The only one who could POSSIBLY be communicating with her via telepathy was "….God?" What? No! It's me! Hiromaru! I'm your bow you retarded monkey! "Hey, there's no reason for you to call me a monkey, jerk!" Hiromaru sighed. (He's been doing that a lot lately.) Listen, you need to fight this guy ok? If we don't, he'll take you and your little friends to HIM and that'll mean the end of freedom for us. Got it? "What, are you serious? Very. It's easy, just take one of the arrows, put it on the bow-string, and- "I know how to shoot. I was in my school's archery club last year." I have no idea what this 'school' thing is, but at least that'll make this a whole lot easier for us to win. Greed seemed bored with watching a girl talk to a bow so he cleared his throat noisily to get her attention.

"Ahem! As entertaining as you are, I think I'll just take you and your friends and we can be on our way."

"Nuh-uh scaly-butt! I'm staying right here." And with that, Kevin notched a winged arrow and let fly. It soared through the air and stuck into Greed's massive forehead. (Why is everything on Joesterville really big?) Sure it was too small to cause much damage. In fact, he didn't even bleed, but the hiss that escaped his mouth was enough to tell half the island that he was in pain. He quickly slithered down the turret and disappeared in a large cloud of green-black fire. "D-damn! I think I killed him!" No, he's far too powerful to be taken down with one shot. Nice aim by the way. "Ok, you must've not seen the same fire exit I saw, cause that was pretty cool….And fatal looking." He used his flame to teleport back to his lair to recover. His whole skeleton is made out of diamonds "Wow, that's pretty bitching." Uh…What? "It basically means cool." Oh. Then yes, yes it is.

"Uh….Kevin? Who are you taking to?" Pan-Pan asked, finally finding her voice. Kevin held up the bow. As if that explained everything. "….Your bow?"

"Yeah. It's Hiro-chan." she said. Fwee looked at Pon-Pon, Pon-Pon looked at Pan-Pan, all of them looked at the elementals for some sort of answer. None of said beings looked surprised in the least.

"Hiromaru-san transformed into Kevin-dono's weapon so that she could defeat Greed." Zou explained. Pon-Pon raised her hand. "Yes?"

"Is Greed that really big shiny snake thingy?"

"To put in bluntly, yes."

"Oohhhh…That makes sense, but what about Kevin? What the heck happened to her?" Pan-Pan nodded. This got Kevin confused.

"Huh? What do you mean 'what happened to Kevin?' I talk to inanimate objects all the time." She said. (This is true.) Her cousins (and sister) looked at each other again then Fwee finally decided to do something.

"Cover your ears guys." Ame, still in tiger form, (It just now occurred to me that he's the only one still not a humanoid. I'll fix that soon.) blinked,

"Why? What's that?" he asked as Fwee took a compact mirror out of the pocket of her black jeans. Then she handed it to Kevin…

Far, far away in a country known to most as Canada, a man and his son drive out onto the lake in their fishing boat. A fine mist covers its surface and in the distance, a moose is heard making….uh….moose noises. (Not quite sure what you call it.) What a perfect day. He casts his line and settles into the long wait that comes with the sport. He pops open a beer from the cooler under the seat and his son….David let's call him fidgets in his seat. He really wanted to be home, where he knew his TV was sitting, unwatched and unloved. Suddenly, a girlish scream pierced the air. Startled, David jumps up….And falls backwards into the lake. The scream's echo eventually faded out and the birds continued their songs, the moose went back to whatever they do to kill time in the afternoon. (They play pinball at the arcade. Oh wait, that's me. Never mind! Sunny: Back to the main characters dumbass! Hikari: Oh right. Sorry!)

Kevin panted and stared wide-eyed at her reflection. Pon-Pon, like the others, had their hands covering their ears. (I doubt it did much good against a scream that could be heard in Canada. I mean, they're like in the freaking Mediterranean Sea!) "What in God's name is wrong with you, K-chan?!" she said as she rubbed her poor ears.

"I…I-I'm BLONDE!!!" And indeed she was. Her hair had turned from a dark chocolate brown to a sunny golden blonde. Not only that, but her eyes weren't black anymore. They were a deep emerald. "Hiro-chan….." She said with a lot more malice than usual. Not my fault, man. "Don't give me that! What the hell have you done to me?!" That's just what happens when you use my power. "And how do I go back?" We probably just need to become individuals again. One second. There was another gust of wind and there Hiromaru stood, totally normal and smug. Kevin was back to normal and still pissed off.

"There, happy now?" Hiromaru asked.

"Nooo…...Well, slightly since I got my hair color back, but if you EVER do that again I will destroy you."

"Right, well I saved your ass so be more thankful."

"What? You made me BLONDE!"

"I turned into a weapon of amazing power. The bow? That was me, remember?"

"Whatever Fox-boy." Kevin said as she turned away and walked into the castle.


And so, things took on a sense of normality in the Castle of Elements, for a while anyway.

Hikari: Holy Christ on a stick! Did I actually finish?!...Yes, yes I did.

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