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Twists and Turns


By Johanna Smit

It was a normal day, just like any other. Little children were playing in the park while their parents watched over them. Other people went to work and the kids went to school. The sun was shining as it did every day and the call of birds rang through the trees while the wind was lazily rustling the leaves. Everything seemed perfect, except for one person. Their whole world was going to fall apart in a matter of moments.

Sixteen year old, Raven Roth, sat on her bed with her heavy black curtains drawn, having only a candle on her dresser to give her light. Her door was locked, double bolted actually, in order to keep out the one person she hated most in the world but had no choice but to live under the same roof with him.

Raven could hear the glass breaking and vases shattering. Her mother and father were argueing again. No, rather, her father was at it again, yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing things at Raven's mother while her mother did everything she could not to be in the direct line of his attack.

Intervention was not an option for Raven, eventhough she wanted so desperately to do so. Not too long ago Raven had intervened but the attack of her father moved from her mother to to her. During that episode Raven had suffered a severe injury, a broken rib, along with many cuts and bruises all over her body. She didn't go to the hospital though, her father forbid it. Instead, her mother dressed her wounds and did it expertly, but sadly the experience came from years of the same treatment Raven had just received from her father. That night, Raven's mother went into her room and gave her a lock to put on her door which could only be opened from the inside. She then made Raven promise to never intervene again. Raven didn't like the idea of letting her mother get hurt when she didn't do anything to stop it, especially since she was old enough to at least put up some resistance. Yet, her mother persisted and Raven had no choice but to comply so she made the promise.

As the day wore on and darkness fell on the Roth house, there was nothing but a dreadfull silence. Raven stood up from her bed and went to her door. She listened for any sounds but heard none so she opened her door and went out. There were shards of glass spread all over the floor and Raven was careful not to step on them. She made her way down the stairs and saw that the destruction only got worse. There were numerous holes in the wall which were made by various objects and her father's fists. Almost everything that could be broken was. Tears filled Raven's eyes when she saw the blood droplets splattered on some of the walls and floor.

The asualt was worse than ever before. As Raven rounded the corner she heard a weak and gurgling cough. What she saw shocked her and made her whole body turn colder than it already was. Raven's mother was laying on the floor with one of her arms so disfigured that it didn't even look human. A bone was sticking out of her mother's leg and she was covered in blood. The clothes on her mother's body was all in shreds. Raven quickly made her way over to her mother and bent down. She removed some of the hair, sticky and matted with blood, out of her mother's face.

"Mom…" Raven whispered, "How could he?" she asked as a tear drop fell from her nose and onto her mother's forehead.

"Ra-Raven," her mother gurgled through the blood, "I love y-you so much. G-get away from he-here."

"Shh, don't talk," Raven said as more tears fell.

"No. Raven. L-look behind th-the picture in your r-room," her mother's eyes were starting to close. "I love you."

Whith those words, Raven's mother died. Tears streamed down Raven's face. How could she have let this happen? Why? The whole house turned colder, as if all life was stripped away, which in fact, it pretty much was.

"Bastard," Raven said with utmost anger as she looked at the only unbroken picure in the room, one of her father smiling up at her.

Raven went back to her room, not caring if she stepped on the glass or not. Once she was in her room, she went to the only picture that hung on her wall and took it off. Instead of seeing the dark gray of her wall, Raven saw a tiny black door with a handle. She put the picture down and opened the door. Inside the small space was a bag filled with money, lots of money and on top of that there was an envelope containing a letter.

Raven, being cautious, bolted her door and moved to the dresser where the lone candle was burning. She took out the letter and started reading.

Dear Raven,

If you are reading this, it probably means that I have died. I knew that it was going to happen some day so I took the time to write this letter early on in your life. I know that it must be hard for you. I just want you to know that the best years of my life was watching you grow up.

"Yea," Raven thought, "at the expense of your physical health."

Please take the money and get away from your father and Gotham City. Before you were born I bought a small apartment in Jump City. The key to the apartment is in the bag along with a thousand dollars. The adress is Appartment 301, Building 6879, Midnight Dr. By going there I hope that you can find some way to make money that will keep you on your feet.


Your Mother

PS. Your father doesn't know that I bought the apartment so he cant find you there if he decides to go after you.

Raven put the letter down and opened the money bag. Sure enough, there was the key. Raven took it out and put it in her pocket. Next, she went over to her closet and pulled out a duffel bag along with her black messenger bag. She put her clothes in the duffel bag and and her personal things along with the money in the messenger bag. Then, wiping away the last tear she would cry for a long time away, she left the house.

The bus ride to Jump City wasn't all that long, before Raven knew it she was there, though the reason for that was probably because she fell asleep.

"Miss, this is the last stop of the day. It is time for you to get off," said the bus driver as he shook her shoulder.

In an instant, Raven was awake. "Where am I?" she asked.

"In Jump City."

Raven stood up, got her things, and stepped off the bus. It was around three o clock in the morning and the city appeared dead but Raven noticed the homeless in the alleys and heard the distant drumming of music, which probably came from some late night club or what not.

After about an hour of walking, Raven found her building. The apartment was just like any other apartment, one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and, of course, a bathroom. There was a small TV in the living room along with a couch and a coffee table. The bedroom was furnished with a closet, a night stand, and a bed. There was nothing personal or extraordinary about the place but that didn't bother Raven.

The next morning Raven woke up and wondered where she was. But it didn't last long for reality hit her. She got up and went to the kitchen where she checked every cupboard and finally found some herbal tea.

It was Saturday morning and the skies were lined with dark heavy clouds. Raven shoved the images of her mother, her house, and everything else from her past to the back of her mind. She didn't want to remember. A little while later Raven took a shower, got dressed in her black garb and headed out.

There still weren't many people in the streets, the fewer the better. Raven walked past a lot of places looking for people to hire but none of those places appealed to her.

After passing a couple more stores, Raven saw a small coffe house called, "The Hidden Crypt." Immediately, she walked in and found that it was dark. There was a candle on each table but only those with occupants were lit. Behind the counter there was only a dim light, just enough to see what a person was doing but no more.

"Can I help you?" someone asked from behind Raven.

Raven turned around and saw a girl about her own age with pin hair standing there. "Yes. I am looking for a job," Raven told the girl.

The girl smiled. "I am the only one who works here and I need the help. The boss never comes in so I basically rule the place," she said with a laugh. "Let me get you an application. I just need your information and then you can start working," the girl said as she dissapeard behind the counter. "Here you go, oh and by the way, my name is Jinx."

Raven took the form and pen and found a place to sit. She quickly filled in the form and handed it back to Jinx. Jinx scanned over the form and smiled.

"Well, Raven, welcome to 'The Hidden Crypt.'"

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