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"So, you didn't buy me a car," Riley said dejectedly as Ben picked him up from the hospital in his Lincoln. Ben ignored Riley, staring skeptically at the younger man.

"Are you sure you should be released?" Ben asked. Riley grinned. He had signed the release forms so fast the nurses were almost insulted. Riley wasn't sure why he hated hospitals so much, whether it was the gowns, the too-clean feeling, or that weird smell, but he had opted out as soon as humanly possible. Still, in Ben's opinion, he was a mess. The sling on his wounded arm didn't help appearances much, either.

"If they didn't let me sign the release forms, I would've broken free with the two pieces of string and the wire that I found in the jacket you brought me," Riley replied, as he got into Ben's car, "Seriously though, where's my car?"

"Technically, I haven't bought it yet," Ben answered ruefully, "But I did find the treasure and since the money we made from that is going to buying your car, I bought the car."

"But you haven't bought it yet," Riley huffed, in mock anger.

"I paid for the car, yes. It's still at the dealership though, and you can't have it until you're allowed to drive again," Riley struggled for several seconds on trying to figure out how to fold his arms in order to ignore Ben properly, but gave up when he realized that figuring out the tricky endeavor was more difficult that previously thought.

Riley was speechless when Ben pulled into the driveway of the new house, "And you only bought me a car?" he finally demanded, scowling at Ben. Ben smiled.

"You know, I bought this house because in…" Riley cut him off.

"Yeah, someone in history did something and had fun. Right," Riley rolled his eyes. Ben grinned, "And what's that? Honestly, you and Abigail had too much fun spending your finders fee. I think all I got in this deal was a measly one percent. One percent of a one percent," The 'that' in question was a brand new, bright red Ferrari.

"I thought that was one percent of one percent," Ben said, musing slightly. Riley rolled his eyes as the car slowed to a stop.

"If you bought that thing, why did you come pick me up in this Lincoln?" Riley demanded.

"Because you don't like other people driving your car. You told me, remember?" Ben asked, grinning. Riley paused. My car…?

"You mean, that thing is…" he asked, looking from Ben to the Ferrari and back.

"I felt like I owed you. Your first car was shot up because of me, right? Just don't crash it, because you're buying the next one!" Ben laughed, stepping out of the car. Riley had stopped listening after the first three sentences, and was actually already in the car hunting for the keys.

"Ben, where did you put the keys to my car? You're not allowed to touch the keys to my car!" Riley was shouting. The ruckus caught Abigail's attention, and she watched the two men on the front lawn from the doorstep of the house. She dangled the Ferrari keys on one finger, wondering how long they'd be able to keep the keys from the younger man.

"I have them," she said, as Riley looked like he was about to beat up Ben, despite his injury and height disadvantage. Riley glared at her.

"Give me my keys," he said, scowling.

"Ah ah ah," Ben said, putting a hand on Riley's shoulder, "You're not allowed to drive yet, but I thought maybe you'd like to sit in it while you healed?" Riley grinned, he never could hold a grudge, and he knew quite well that he couldn't drive yet even if he wanted to.

"Give me my keys, please?" Riley pleaded. He pulled the 'puppy dog eyes'; he hoped that he at least could get his hands on the radio of his car. Abigail grinned and tossed them to Riley, who fumbled them in a one handed catch but somehow managed to hang on. Several moments later he was grinning like a loon and sitting in his car, though he had placed severe restrictions on who was allowed to ride in his car (nobody, as of yet), who was allowed to drive his car (him only), who was allowed to touch his car (nobody except him), and finally, that only he would possess the keys to his car. Ben grinned at Abigail.

"I told you he was possessive of his cars,"