He filmed his children with delight. The youngest splashed about with her water wings, swimming circles around her laughing mother. Angela stood on the edge of the pool and pushed in her unsuspecting brother. George came up for air, smiling evilly at her.

"Watch out!" Andrew said, laughing as he held the camcorder. "George is gonna push you in now."

The dripping boy climbed out of the pool and went after his sister.

"Be careful," Andrew was about to say. "It's slippery and you might fall." He was interrupted however, by a massive explosion. He stumbled backwards, and yet he managed to keep a firm grip on the camcorder. The hotel was ablaze. People were screaming and running away in panic. His wife and children had rushed from the pool.

Andrew swung the camera up towards the inferno. Black smoke was pouring from the rooftop.

"Andrew!" his wife screamed, holding baby Chloe in her arms. "We've got to get out of here!"

There was a frantic worry in her voice that overrode his curiosity. For once he was going to listen to her and turn off the camera when something caught his eye in the viewfinder.

"Holy shit…" he murmured.

"Andrew?" she shouted.

He didn't answer. He simply pointed up at the sky.

She turned to see the sight and was struck speechless.

There, framed against the setting sun, were three winged beings, flying away from the blazing hotel.