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An hour later the reservations were made, the honey moon was set, and the venue was reserved. The car ride back into the city went smoothly except for Sirius insisting on stopped at McDonalds for food.

"So what else do we need?" Sirius asked, as he devoured a cheeseburger.

"A caterer, a wedding dress, flowers, a ring, music, a bride, and a groom," Snape listed. "Of course there's also the prospect of decorative aspect, oh and we need a DJ."

"Oh! DJ Sirius!" The dark haired man exclaimed.

"What if we don't like the hotel?" Remus mused. Everybody in the car promptly stopped eating and looked at him in shock and horror. "Well I mean what if the service or the food is bad…I know we'd only stay there one night…but I want it to be perfect!" The werewolf said with a big smile.

"So we should go spend the night at the hotel?" Lucius asked with a wicked smirk.

"I suppose so." Snape sighed. "Well, lets stop by our houses and get our overnight stuff."

"What if the hotels haunted?" Sirius yawned.

Remus chuckled and gave Sirius a little shove. "Nah, there's no such thing as ghosts!"

"Well whata bout those ghosts at Hogwarts?"

"Oh…well other then at Hogwarts, there's no such thing as ghosts!" Remus corrected himself and then smirked at Sirius. "Is the big bad Sirius afraid of ghosts?"

"Remember that time some headless guy chased me around for a month?" The taller man growled. "I couldn't even take a shower in peace!"

Remus stared to cackle.

"Remus that's not funny! It was sexual harassment! I woke up once in the middle of the night and he was looking at me!" Sirius sniffled. "That's very traumatizing, it was like being in one of those Japanese horror films!"

The blonde only laughed harder. "That was funny."

"Remember that Defense Against the Darks Arts teacher we had in 6th year?" Snape sniggered.

Remus promptly stopped laughing and looked down at is lap with the expression of frightened rabbit. "No….."

"Oh yeah, his name was Lockhart right?" Lucius growled. "Damn bastard thought he was prettier then me."

"Hey Remus…didn't he give you those special lessons?" Sirius snickered. "Wonder what happened there?"

"He made me autograph things….you know he lies about his age, he's actually way older then he looks..." Remus snarled, then added quickly, "speaking of rabbits,"

"Stop trying to change the subject Remus! How old was he really? He didn't look much older then us." The dark haired man laughed.

"He was thirty five or something." Remus spat.

"You don't seem to like him, Remus…" Snape prodded with a cat-ate-the-canary smile.

"Alright! Damn bastard followed me everywhere! I couldn't get him to leave me alone! He kept touching my ass! And then I found a camera in the shower I always used!" The werewolf finally yelled.

"His name was Lockhart right?" Lucius snarled.

"Where does he live?" Sirius hissed. A similar thought running through both men's minds, nobody touches that ass but me.

"When I get my hands on him I'm gonna - Content removed due to lewd sexual implications and extremely graphic violence - them and then I'll find anyone whose related to him and I'll- Content removed due to lewd sexual implications and extremely graphic violence." Sirius snarled, finishing with a smug smile at Lucius.

"Yeah well," Lucius yelled, "I'll dig up their corpse once they're dead and - Content removed due to lewd sexual implications and extremely graphic violence - then I'll pass their corpse on to some necrophiliac I know!"

"…you're scaring me." Remus squeaked.

"Nah, we just care…in special ways." Sirius said with a blinding smile.

"You know I think some guy named Lockhart is staying at the hotel…" Snape shrugged absent mindedly. He caught sight of the evil grins blooming on Lucius' and Sirius faces and sighed. "Shouldn't have said that…"

"Lucius! Hit the gas pedal!" Sirius roared. "We're going to that hotel!"

"B-But we didn't get my stuff!" The werewolf sputtered as the car made a sharp, probably illegal U-turn back onto the high way.

"You can borrow my clothes!" Sirius comforted with a grin.

"You can use my tooth brush!" Lucius put in, with a smile at Remus.

"Oh! You guys are so nice!"

A little more then an hour later the boys pulled into the hotel parking lot. Sirius and Lucius stormed into the hotel like madmen with Remus and Snape following.

"Oh! I'm so glad they're excited about staying at the hotel over night!" Remus laughed.

"Oh yeah, I bet they can't wait to find the chain saws and screwdrivers."

"Now why would they want that?"

"…Well certainly not to maim a certain ex-professor beyond belief." Snape said sarcastically.

"That Lockhart you were talking about…it's not the same Lockhart is it?" The blonde asking, going slightly green.

"For his sake I hope not."

"WHERE IS GILDEROY LOCKHART!" Sirius shouted, slamming his hands down on the check in desk.

"GIVE HIM TO US NOW!" Lucius echoed, also slamming his hands down on the desk.

"Uh…" The werewolf stammered before edging around his fuming companions to talk to the startled teen working at the desk. "Hi, can we have a room for the night?" He asked sweetly.

"Do you have a reservation?"

"No, we just need one room though, will it be a problem?"

"Not at all, do you have a credit card?"

"Sirius," Remus said slowly to his friend, gently patting his arm. "Give the nice man your credit card." Sirius sluggishly responded, glaring at the teen with suspicious eyes.

"You're not Lockhart are you?" The ex-Gryffindor demanded.

"…Um…My names Joey."

"Are you a natural brunette?" Lucius prodded.


"Have you ever seen or touched this guy?" Sirius growled, shoving a blushing Remus in front of the boy.

"…No…can I see photo ID Mr. Potter." The teen asked.

Sirius hesitantly drew out James' photo id.

"Won't James be pissed you're impersonating him?" Remus whispered in Sirius' ear.

"Nah…" Sirius shrugged with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Okay, Mr. Potter, you'll be in room 304, third floor end of the hall."

"…if you are Lockhart we'll kill ya." Sirius growled, before turning away with Remus carefully tucked under his arm.

Lucius teasingly snapped his jaw at the teen who shrieked and cowered under the desk. The blonde cackled before being tugged away by Snape.


The room was a standard room with two queen sized beds, a bathroom, and a nicely sized tv. Everybody was content to stay in the room all night except for Sirius, who insisted that everybody get changed and go to dinner.

Snape changed into dark blue jeans and a black turtle neck, causing him to look slightly like a vampire.

"Hey Snapey, could you possibly wear anymore black?" Sirius sniggered.

"The jeans are dark blue, not back…just very, very dark blue." Snape growled. He looked at Sirius' outfit for something to mock. "The Clash?" He growled, raising an eyebrow at Sirius' t-shirt.

"They're a muggle band you class less fool."

Lucius couldn't help sniggering.

"What're you laughin' at preppy boy?" Sirius snapped at the blonde who was dressed in corduroy pants and a button up white shirt.

"When a pureblood listens to muggle music, you know there's a problem." The blonde growled.

"I look silly." Remus complained, stepping out of the bathroom. He was wearing Sirius' jeans, which were far too big for him, and a cowl neck sweater that kept slipping off his narrow shoulders. The sweater was almost too big for Sirius, but Sirius wasn't about to admit that. Remus looked dead sexy in that sweater.

"No, you look wonderful, a real chick magnet! Lucius purred, he wrapped a 'friendly' arm around Remus' shoulders, his hand accidentally slipping into Remus' sweater.

"That's the second time today I've seen that bastard walk off with my wolf."

"Well then why don't you move a little faster," Snape shrugged before following the blondes. Sirius stood there gaping, Snape…actually giving him advice, the world really was falling apart.

Suddenly Sirius heard somebody giggling behind him, he swung his head around to look back in the room…nobody there. He glared at the room before closing the door and trotting after the rest of his group.

Dinner was a pretty casual affair, they were seated quickly at a six person table.

Remus and Snape sat down quickly, but Sirius and Lucius glared at each other before sitting on either side of Remus.

"Remus, what do you think of the food here?"

"It looks really good," Remus said with a smile. "The hamburger looks good."

"Mm, it does, but there's something…else I'd rather eat." The blonde purred.

The werewolf blushed, not catching the meaning, but Lucius' tone alone made him as red as a tomato. Sirius growled and quickly excused himself to the bathroom. While Sirius formulated a plan to dispose of Malfoy a new, visitor sat down in Sirius' place at the table and kissed Remus' hand.

"Wah…." Remus growled. "Do I know you?"

"Remus Lupin, it's been so long, you look smashing." This new man said, flashing him an almost blindingly white, big, toothy, smile.

"L-L-Lockhart?" Remus stammered.

"Lockhart?" Lucius hissed. "Excuse me," He got up from the table and passed by Snape, "Don't let him touch Remus!"

Snape snorted, much as he hated to admit it, a certain blonde werewolf was starting to grow on him.

"So Remus, what have you been doing?" Lockhart purred, he kissed Remus' hand again and gave it a few playful licks. Snape cleared his throat loudly and gestured for the waiter to come over.

"Yeah, can we get two hamburgers, three orders of the kids chicken wings, a side of fries, and a pizza please," Remus ordered with one of his, I'm-really-sweet-innocent-and-molestable smiles. Of course he didn't really mean to smile like that…it just…happened.

"Oh and I'd like chicken breast, pan seared. Seared mind you, not fried because that'll clog my pours. And whatever you do don't cook it with basil, I'm allergic to basil. I'd like the chicken with a light lemon sauce, light, none of that cream, I'm watching my figure! And I'd like a side of lemon cook carrots." Lockhart finished.

The waiter raised an eyebrow but never the less took down the order. "It'll be out in a few minutes," He told Remus with a wink.

"I believe that bastard was hitting on you, but you know you love me best…" Lockhart beamed. Remus turned positively white "I was a little worried when you ran away from me at the end of the year when I confessed my love to you, but now that I've found you again, we can finally….Consummate our love."

"C-C-Consummate?" The werewolf squeaked. He turned a very pitiful shade of white and Snape cleared his throat loudly.

"So, Gilderoy, what have you been doing lately." Snape growled, purposely addressing the sparkling blonde by his first name.

"Oh well, this and that. I'm working on muggle sociology now, I'm studying how much more primitive their culture is compared to ours." Lockhart blabbed.

Remus fixed his gaze on his plate and all but refused to look up. Sirius where are you! He wanted to scream. But the unfailingly polite Remus would do nothing of the sort.


In the men's bathroom Sirius and Lucius were arguing over who was going to save Remus.

"I'm his best friend!" Sirius growled. "I'll be the one to kill that child-molester."

"Yeah right, best friend." Lucius rolled his eyes. He pressed himself back against the tile wall of the bathroom and shut his eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean!" The dark haired man snarled.

Lucius opened one eye and smirked. "You really don't see it do you?"

"What am I supposed to see!"

The blonde laughed, "You don't see how much that werewolf loves you?"

"Remus? Love…me? Nah….Remus…" Sirius sighed, he plopped unceremoniously down on the floor right there. "He's my friend."

Now Lucius was genuinely confused. Sirius was actually….serious. He didn't see it. He didn't notice the way Remus' eyes would always jerk to Sirius to help. He didn't see how Remus was always laughing at Sirius, he didn't see how Remus was always letting himself be protected by Sirius. Remus was a werewolf, and werewolves did not need protectors. And yet Remus, the unfailingly naïve Remus, always let Sirius save him. "I'm jealous Sirius,"

"Of what? You've got a girl who loves you, Narcissia would take you back whenever you want. You two have been on and off since 7th year. All I do with chicks is use 'em and lose 'em." Sirius sighed.

"Ever think that werewolf out there I counting on your to rescue him from that bastard?" Lucius growled. "This doesn't mean I'm giving up on Remus or anything, he is the hottest piece of ass I've seen in forever. But I'm not going to see him with that….sickening bastard."

"Truce?" Sirius offered.

"Truce, but just until we get rid of Lockhart."

And so with spirits renewed the duo made their way back to the table to find Snape desperately trying to distract Lockhart from Remus, and to find Lockhart's hand sliding slowly down Remus' back.

"Remus!" Sirius exclaimed, draping his arms around the werewolf's neck and nuzzling his cheek.

"Jesus, Sirius, you act like you haven't seen me in years!" Remus teased, but he honestly couldn't keep his delight from shining through his eyes. He was almost crying with relief.

"Lockhart….good to see you again, your in my chair." Sirius said coldly.

"Finders keepers." Lockhart hissed through ground teeth.

"Can't argue with that," Sirius shrugged, shooting Remus a reassuring smile. The werewolf looked at Lockhart with fear, genuine fear and something odd shot through Sirius' chest. A wicked grin grew on Sirius' face, nobody touched his werewolf after all.

"So, Remus have you told your friends about us?" Lockhart purred, edging closer to Remus.

"What's to tell?" Remus murmured. He looked down at his plate, unwilling to look back at Lockhart.

"Why that we're lover-OOF!" Lockhart gasped and immediately his hands flew to his abused….family jewels.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Sirius apologized smugly. "I thought that was the table I was kicking…oops."

Remus shot Sirius a look of pure gratitude. Suddenly food was set before them and Sirius grinned at Remus, "Moony! May favorite! Pizza and chicken wings!" Sirius squealed before attacking both the pizza and wings.

"Sirius!" Remus pouted, "Save me some you pig!" He dashed over to the empty seat between Snape and Sirius, putting him at a safe distance from Lockhart.

"Does moony want some chicken?" The taller man snickered, holding put a piece up chicken just above Remus' golden head. He laughed and reached for it, when Sirius jerked it away.

"Sirius!" Remus protested.

"Nope, Moony's gotta use his mouth!"

"Bastard," Remus muttered, grinning wildly, never the less trying to bite the meat out of Sirius' fingers. The taller man dangled the meat over Remus' head and he was delighted at Remus' attempted to catch it. When the werewolf's teeth finally caught the meet he accidentally caught the tips of Sirius' fingers as well.

"Remus, I didn't know you liked to bite."

"Pervert," Remus muttered, he carefully released Sirius' fingers from his mouth when the chicken was snatched back. "Chicken thief!"

"Here," Sirius finally held the meat in front of Remus' face. The other man smirked and started to nibble at the chicken, eyes bashfully avoiding Sirius'. When he reached the base of the chicken Remus grinned and carefully bit the tips of Padfoot's fingers while pulling the last little nibble away.

They two kept on laughing, especially when Remus tossed French fries at Sirius, who caught them in the air. They never noticed the entire table was starring at them. Snape with a little smile, Lucius with a sad, longing look, but there was never the less a smile on his face at the heart warming behavior. But Lockhart's very made up face was twisted into a sneer.

"So Remus," Lockhart broke into their fun. The entire table glared at him, save for Remus who mewed like a frightened kitten. "What brings you to the hotel?"

"We're planning a friends wedding," Sirius cut in swiftly. He saw Remus' scared little face, he didn't want the werewolf to have to talk to this bastard.

"Oh really? What friend?" Lockhart asked amiably, trying to draw on the conversation.

Sirius regarded the fake looking blonde with suspicion but answered never the less, "James Potter…" Little did he know that under the table, very bad things were happening to Remus. Lockhart's foot suddenly buried itself right between Remus' thighs. The werewolf's amber eyes flew open and a tiny gasp of surprise escaped his dry throat. Remus grabbed at his water so quickly he was afraid he'd spill it. But he buried his face in the glass. The foot was edging up his thighs towards a very sensitive area

The werewolf blushed and starred down into the French fries on his plate. Nothing wrong, he wasn't going to be a nuisance, but he always ended up being one. He always made Sirius angry…he always got other people in trouble. Remus' eyes quivered for a moment. He could never do anything right…

"So I take it James and Lily are doing well? Last time I saw them they were always arguing."

"Well in seventh year the two of them finally went on a date…" Sirius growled. Suddenly a desperate mew escaped Remus' throat and Sirius' eyes flew to Remus' flushed face. The ex-Gryffindor's eyes jerked back to Lockhart whose eyes were fixed hungrily on Remus.

Sirius 'accidentally' dropped his knife on the floor and reached down to pick it up and saw a leg stretched underneath the table and propped on Remus' chair and a foot massaging between Remus' legs. A growl escaped Sirius' throat. He swung back up to the table and tipped back in his chair.

He lost balance exactly as he meant to, and grabbed Remus' chair, causing it to tip back as well. Sirius was careful to curl Remus against his body so he wouldn't be hurt when the hit the floor. As Remus' chair tipped back, and the werewolf toppled out of it, the other two eyes at the table noticed a foot that was quickly withdrawn from were Remus; legs had just been.

Sirius hit the floor with a gasp, Remus still looked shocked, traumatized and his face was still very red. "Oh, Remus! I think your bleeding!" Sirius gasped. "I'll take you to the doctor."

"No let me!" Lockhart interrupted.

"But Gilderoy, I just wanted to talk to you about your muggle studies," Lucius pouted, "Please stay?"

"Oh…" Lockhart's smile faltered a little bit but he nodded. "Of course."

Sirius wrapped an arm around Remus' shoulders and with one hand pressed Remus' face against his neck. "Remmie?"

"I'm good…"

"Yeah, and I'm Jesus." Sirius growled sarcastically. Remus couldn't help smiling. The two of them slipped out a back entrance into the back towards the sea. They walked silently across the green grass to the little cliff above the ocean. Sirius jumped down and despite the werewolf's protests, insisted on lifting him up and gently setting him on the sand.

Remus slipped of his shoes and rolled up the to-big pants and scampered over to the waters edge, quickly followed by Sirius. The blonde sighed as the cool water washed over his feet. The sun as setting, and the only light was a reddish gold, the same color as Remus' hair. It made the blood red shimmers in Remus' golden locks shine all the brighter.

Sirius looped his arms around Remus' neck and pressed his cheek against Remus' causing the werewolf to laugh. "It's pretty, huh." Sirius commented.

"Beautiful…I love the sea…" Remus sighed, "When I was little I never really got to go much…"

"It suits you."

"What does?"

"The sea," The taller man murmured.

"Thank you Sirius, you're a good friend." Remus sighed. His vision suddenly swam and something stabbed him right in the heart. A good friend? Was that all Sirius was to him?

Sirius winced, "Is that all…a good friend?" He couldn't help the words from spilling out of his mouth. He wanted to kick himself as he felt Remus stiffen in his arms. "I'm sorry, I didn't-"

Suddenly Remus slid around in Sirius' arms, and wrapped his own around Sirius' neck. "Siri…Do you really mean that?"

"Do you want me to?" Sirius shrugged.

"More then anything," Remus murmured, he buried his face in Sirius' neck. And the two of them watched the sunset. They both felt it in the air, to much was left unsaid, to many secrets withheld. It wasn't a confession of true love for either of them. It wasn't even an acknowledgment of feelings that had been slowly simmering between the two since 7th year.

It was a roll of the dice. It was an agreement that there was a chance, maybe the slimmest chance that someday one of them would say what had always been left unsaid, that one of them would reveal a secret that had to long been withheld. It was a start.

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