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Oh yea, I use Anzu the (Japanese name for Tea) and all the American names like Yugi, Tristan, Joey with Anzu because the name 'Tea' just wasn't working for me in this story. I donno why.

Best Friends

"How dare you touch her you bastard." Ice blue eyes pierced brown eyes of a boy named Shane. Anzu was behind the owner of the ice blue eyes with tears dripping down her cheeks. Anzu went back to his memory on how she had gotten into this situation.

Dating Shane seemed fine with everyone, including her best friends. Shane was well respected and loved by teachers and students, with black hair that was spiked up, a well build body, and brown eyes it was not surprising girls ran after him. It wasn't surprising that Anzu would fall for him either, but when she did she hadn't expected to be treated differently than the way all the other girls that fawned over him were treated by him.

He asked her out and the dates began, she had always loved the way he could make her laugh and have butterflies in her stomach when she saw him, or maybe those butterflies were the kisses he planted on her flat stomach when he could get her alone in a room. The only friend that told her to be cautious was Seto Kaiba, yes, she was best friends with Seto Kaiba. None of her friends approved but none the less she was his best friend.

Anzu and Shane had just been going to nice places like a nice restaurants and clubs having a good time, a kiss on the cheek here or there, but tonight Shane wanted more. When he brought her back to her apartment from a nice dinner he fiercely grabbed her arm and pushed her roughly onto her bed. From there he pinned her arms down and pushed his weight against hers making it impossible for Anzu to move. Slowly and teasingly he began to unbutton her shirt with a look of pure desire for her body shown in his greedy eyes and evil smirk. Anzu just smiled, thinking it was just another bunch of 'tummy kisses' coming her way. She was wrong. As Shane undid the last button on her shirt she quickly pulled her shirt off and threw it aside taking a good look at his girlfriend's body.

'She's one of the best damn bodies I've ever seen.' Shane thought as he licked his lips. He could feel sweat droplets falling down his forehead as he looked at Anzu's bra seeing her breasts bulging out of them. With his knees on either side of waist locking her from moving and her arms pinned down onto the bed from his hand's force he felt a tingling sensation run down his back. Violently pushing his face into Anzu's neck he began to give her a wave of hot kisses starting from her neck going down to her exposed stomach.

Anzu had not experience such roughness from her boyfriend, he had never pinned her down so hard or kissed her so violently. They had never done anything past light little kisses on her well built stomach or kisses on the cheek. She didn't feel butterflies in her stomach she felt anxious and scared, the weight he put on her body hurt.

'He'll stop, I know it, he loves me, after a few kisses he'll stop.' Anzu told herself.

Still putting his full force weight on Anzu to stop her from moving he began to slowly pull off her uniform skirt.

"Shane…stop…your hurting me…" Anzu said pleadingly, Shane stopped and looked to Anzu's face which was bulging with tears of pain. Grinning, he continued. This was the way it was with all the girls he had been with, take them out on dates, use them, dump them. He began biting her skin and Anzu gave shrieks of pain, his bite was so hard it left indentation's of his teeth and blood dripped out of her skin. Shane allowed her right hand to go free as he used his free hand to move down to her undergarments.

Anzu, in pain and knowing what would lead next wouldn't be pretty, she reached her free arm over to the dresser and pressed the number '1' dial and clicked the phone button. It was Seto's number, she always kept it under the number '1' dial.

"Hello? Anzu?" Kaiba's voice sounded on the other line. Looking up from Anzu's body Shane grabbed the phone and realized she was trying to get help.

"Seto…help me…!" Anzu yelled with all her strength. Seto was in his limo at the time about half a mile away from her apartment and hearing her plea he commanded the driver to turn in the direction of her apartment.

"You bitch!" Shane roared as he slapped Anzu, tears ran down her cheek from the impact. "Heh…your friend probably doesn't know where you are" Shane said as he continued to slowly pull down her undergarment.

Kaiba ran up to Anzu's apartment hoping she was unharmed by whoever was on the phone with her. He had heard her plea for help and a guy calling Anzu a bitch, he hoped that she was at home and the phone call hadn't been from somewhere else. He reached her apartment and banged on the door, he could hear Anzu screaming. 'Thank God Anzu gave me a spare key' opening the door he ran into her bedroom where the source of the screaming was coming from. He saw Anzu on the bed in a pink bra and black underwear and atop of her the guy Shane she was dating slowly pulling at the end of her underwear. Suddenly he understood why she had called him and why he had heard Shane calling Anzu a bitch it all clicked, Shane was taking advantage of her! Anger raised in his blood he couldn't stand Anzu in pain and being taking advantage of. "Get your DIRTY hands off of her!" He roared as he ripped Shane off of Anzu's body. Shane fell off of the bed and landed hard on the floor with a thud, and Anzu jumped off the bed and ran behind Kaiba.

"How dare you touch her you bastard." Ice blue eyes pierced the brown eyes of Shane's. Anzu had tears running down her cheek and regretted ever trusting and falling for Shane. Shane's eyes widened with fear seeing Seto Kaiba in front of him ready to pound him. Grabbing Shane from the collar of his shirt he blew a powerful punch into his stomach. Taking the impact Shane fell to the floor and stumbled to get up. As quick as he could, he ran out of the apartment building trying to escape further punches.

Anzu looked at Kaiba with tears running down her cheeks, her eyes red and face soaked. She mouthed the words 'Thank you' with her lips and hugged him. Kaiba smiled and returned the hug and stroked her hair gently. "I told you to be careful around him, I didn't trust him from the start," With a smirk on his face he continued, "I know, I know I'm always right, no need to thank the wonderful Seto Kaiba." Kaiba said with sarcasim in his words. Anzu looked up from his arms and made a face at him and swatted his arm.

"Shut up." Was all she could say through her tears. She went back and put her cheek against his chest and hugged him once more. She was so scared, she couldn't help but think of what would have happened if Seto hadn't come.

"Anzu you might want to put some decent clothes on, seesh." Anzu was still in her undergarments, her face became a dark shade of red. "With your love of dancing and love of skimpy clothes I think you should sign up to be a stripper!" Anzu sighed, she was use to his comment's, if she wasn't his friend she would've went up to him and kicked him where it would hurt him most.

"Its not like you've never seen me half naked." Anzu remembered the incident when Seto had run into her room while she was undressing, that was a embarrassing memory when they were in tenth grade!

It was April Fools day and she, Yugi, and Tristan had planned to dump a water cooler filled with green smelly liquid onto Joey during gym. In gym they were doing a unit on football and Joey was the best at it, well second best if you included Kaiba. They planned that after a game they would say 'great job Joey!' and dump the cooler filled with the liquid onto him.

Walking into gym the three of them snickered about it, trying to hold in their laughs for what was about to happen. After the game was over the star players were Kaiba and Joey (funny Kaiba's good at everything) and the plan was about to reveal itself. Yugi and Tristan holding the cooler and Anzu walking ahead of them to say 'good joy Joey!' walked to where Kaiba and Joey were arguing. Anzu smiled at Joey.

"Great job Joey! I think as the greatest player you should be rewarded!" Anzu tried holding in laughs. Joey looked at the cooler.

"Now as a matter of fac' I do luv a nic' cooling off, pour away guy's let the best man hav it." Joey boasted, as Tristan and Yugi Walked toward Joey about to pour the liquid on him. Kaiba pushed aside Joey.

"Hey, I'm the best player Wheeler, little dogs drink out of hoses. I deserve the cooling off here, I did the best job on the team." Kaiba cheekily said. Yugi and Tristan smiled to each other, who cared? Kaiba was good enough for them, but not for Anzu. Seto was her friend, they had just became friends that year, she didn't want to ruin what they had, she and Kaiba weren't even on first name terms for god's sake! One stupid incident and it would be ice coldness forever!


Noo!" Anzu cried as she pushed Seto out of the spilling zone of liquid, before Yugi and Tristan could stop she was covered in smelly liquid. Yugi looked sympathetically to her, but Tristan, Joey and the rest of the class had a great laugh. Even the teacher and Kaiba laughed.

"Mazaki, you can go into the equipment room and you'll find an extra uniform go ahead and change cause ya stink!" The coach said to Anzu and the class roared with laughter and Anzu stomped to the equipment room furious. "Oh yea, Kaiba go find an extra football, I saw one near the tree next to the equipment room." Kaiba let a sigh out and went out to look for the stupid football (As you can see a tenth grade Kaiba isn't completely iced up to the world cause he actually listen's to his teacher!).

Anzu walked into the equipment room and found the extra uniform. She decided to change in the equipment room, no one would come in there anyway right?

Kaiba was filled with frustration after looking for ten seconds and decided to just get a ball from the equipment room.

In the room Anzu had peeled off her wet smelly shirt and shorts.

Kaiba opened the door of the equipment room to see Anzu standing there in a white bra that stuck to her breasts very nicely (because she's wet, du'h) and in a black panty. Anzu screamed 'GET OUT!' and Kaiba slammed the door and clutched his chest with his heart beating at a million miles per second. What an experience!

She turned away to her closet to put on a tee shirt and grab a pair of jeans to change into. She started going into the bathroom and turned to face him, "Seto?"


"Thanks." Kaiba was always there for her, no matter what. It was weird how he was so different with other people except with her and Kaiba's little brother, Mokuba. With that the bathroom door slammed closed and Anzu changed. Kaiba went into the living room where a nice three piece living room set was. He sat on the largest sofa and laid his legs out yawning. He thought about how he and Anzu had become such good friends.

Kaiba laughed out loud as how long it had been since he had first met Anzu Mazaki, it had been two years. She had come into Domino High in tenth grade and now they were both Seniors ready for their last year in High School. He realized that they had both called each other by their last names until her birthday last year. She had asked him for her birthday to call her by her first name and for him to allow her to call him by his first name. Kaiba laughed at how he had accepted the friendship from her, he had never thought of having friends, in fact he hated friendship. That's probably why she was his only friend, he couldn't stand being friends with anyone else because he thought they were either after his money or fame. He knew Anzu wasn't after things like that, she was different, she had brought something nice out in him.

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