Chapter 6: Faithfully

John broke the kiss after a few minutes. "I've got another idea, Doc," he said with a smile.

Marlena returned it before asking, "What is it?"

John chuckled. "You'll see," he said, rising slowly.

Moments later, the gentle intro to Journey's Faithfully filled the room. "May I have this dance, Doc?" John asked.

Marlena nodded, rising and flashing him a soft smile as she stepped into his arms. "Oh, John, you don't miss a step," she told him as they glided around the room. "How do you do it?"

John chuckled again. "Well, it helps to have such a good partner," he said before kissing her lightly.

Marlena blushed. "You always know just the right thing to say, John."

He smiled. "What can I say? I have a gift."

She laughed as their dance continued. "You sure do," she agreed. "You always have."

"Thanks for sayin' that, Doc."

Marlena smiled. "It's true," she told him as she patted his shoulder. She was about to move into the next step when the baby kicked. She moved her hand to her stomach, but she never stopped dancing.

John took her other hand and led her into the next step before kissing her again. At this moment, they both wished that time would stand still.