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Of Cherry Blossoms and Peaches

Summary: AU When Momo and Sakura move to Second Miltia, they meet a certain, cocky redhead and begin to have feelings for him. What will they do when they find out they are in love with the same guy? Momo/Rubedo/Sakura

Chapter 1:

The night on Second Miltia surrounded the peaceful suburbs where all but few citizens were asleep. In a small yet cozy apartment the light was on in one of the rooms revealing two young girls lying awake on their bunk bed. Suddenly, a girl with unusual pink-tinted hair and bright gold eyes sat up with a thoughtful expression on her face. She looked up towards the upper inhabitant who was gazing out the window at the Miltian star system.

"Sakura…what do you think middle school will be like?"

The other girl turned her blue eyes from the stars and turned to meet her sister's gold ones.

"I don't really know, Momo, hopefully it will be good."

Their family had recently moved from Fifth Jerusalem a month ago. Their mother, Juli Mizrahi had her job transferred to Second Miltia when her husband Joachim Mizrahi died in an accident. She also took her two daughters along with her one of which was an Observational Realian created by her late husband.

At that moment Juli knocked lightly on the door.

"Maybe I come in?" she asked in her calm voice.

"Yes mommy," came the chirp of her youngest daughter, Momo.

Juli walked in and sat down at Momo's bedside, then looked at the two.

"Shouldn't you two be asleep? School starts fairly early tomorrow."

"We…well I was just wondering what middle school will be like." Momo replied quietly.

"We've been home schooled in the past until now." Sakura pointed out.

Juli's dark eyes softened a bit when she replied to them. They were both home schooled for Momo's sake in fact. In the past there had been many events with realian malfunctions. Since then many held grudges against them. She was afraid she would get hurt or be discriminated.

Sakura was allowed to go to regular school but she didn't wish to leave her sister alone. So ever since kindergarten, they were home schooled under Juli Mizrahi when she had the time. But with the demand of her job, she couldn't afford the time to teach them herself anymore. Although she worried of Momo being kidnapped or worse, she would have to take the risk.

Juli tried to remember how middle school was like in her day. This was about three decades ago. She was fourteen at the time she started. As a matter of fact, she attended Militan secondary school just as her daughters soon would.

"Well," she began, "From what I remember, there were many kids there, probably about 3-4 thousand. I had 7 classes and had to move from one class to the next. There was also lunch break and homeroom in between–"

"Four thousand people!" Momo exclaimed eyes wide in astonishment. "How could a place properly function with that many children?"

"They must have many teachers and staff to keep them in control," Sakura presumed.

Juli was slightly amused at Momo's outburst but continued, "Well along with teachers and staff, as Sakura said, there are rules of conduct that must be followed."

"Like what kind of rules?" Momo asked.

"Rules that make school more efficient and safer. For example, no running in the halls or talking while a teacher is instructing. Although in the years of middle school, you are considered a young adult, which means you are supposed to have self-control and behave but that isn't always the case…" said Juli trailing off as she remembered the trouble makers while she was in school.

"What are the consequences for not following the rules?" Sakura questioned.

"That depends on how severe your wrongdoing was," Juli replied. "You could get a simple warning or in some cases detention."

"What is detention?" Momo asked.

"It is punishment the teacher gives you. Usually you have to stay with the teacher after school and do extra work or sit with him/her at lunch instead of with the other children."

"What is the worse punishment they can give you?" Sakura asked.

"You can get suspended for doing things like fighting or even expelled. This means you cannot return to that school again and it makes it hard for you to be accepted in other schools as well."

"Oh…" said Momo lost in thought. She was excited and scared at the same time of going to school. Since Sakura and her never went to school they had few friends. The neighborhood they live in consists of mostly adults. She hoped that now she was going to MSS (Miltian Secondary School) she would be able to meet kids of her age. But there was still one thing that kept nagging at her…

Juli looked at the digital clock at their bedside. It read 9:00 p.m.

"It's time to go to sleep Momo, Sakura. School starts at 7:30 am. That's earlier than you're used to waking up at. Do you two have your things ready for tomorrow?"

"Yes." They replied in unison.

"Alright then goodnight," she said turning off the night.

"Wait!" called Momo hastily.

Juli stopped at the door. "Is something wrong Momo?" she asked concerned.

She thought it over for a moment then said, "Nevermind."

"Well if you need anything I'll be right across the hall."

"Okay, mommy."

Juli closed the door gently and headed to her own room.

Sakura looked over to her sister and said, "What is it Momo? You seem distracted."

There was no use saying it was nothing. The two were close enough to know what the other was feeling.

"Um it's just…what if people treat me differently because I'm a…realian."

"Momo…" Sakura said soothingly, "No one will treat you like that. Don't you remember the Realian Protection Act? Realians have the same rights as humans do."

Momo nodded but didn't seem entirely convinced.

"Besides if anyone does treat you badly, I'll see to it that they don't get away with it. Nobody messes with my little sister." Sakura smiled and patted her head affectionately.

"Okay...goodnight Sakura," Momo smiled back and nestled into the sheets on the lower bunk bed.

"Night Momo, don't let the bed bugs bite." Sakura giggled lightly before laying back on her bed.

I wish I was more like Sakura sometimes…Momo thought ruefully.

She's much braver than me and…

She glanced at her calm and peaceful like an angel as she slept. With her short, layered auburn hair and mesmerizing emerald eyes closed.

prettier too…

Ever since they were young she had admired Sakura for being mature, confident, and down to earth. Momo believed she was child-like, self-conscious, and had her head in the clouds.

She was ashamed of herself sometimes for being so childish for her age. Then she remembered her sudden outburst earlier about her being a realian. Momo sighed softly shutting her eyes.

She felt badly for disturbing them with her silly worries.

I am 12 years old. I should start acting like it…like Sakura does.

And eventually she drifted off into an uneasy slumber.

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