Chapter Five: Sugar High Pharaoh and Road Trip

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Bakura and Tristan pulled Mokuba off Joey.

Mokuba furiously fought against their grip. "MY BROTHER THINKS HE'S A HILLBILLY! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" Mokuba screamed, desperately trying to get at Joey.

"Calm down Mokuba, we'll find Kaiba." Bakura assured the enraged boy.

Mokuba took several deep breaths. "Fine. We're all looking for him until we find him."

Yami and Marik:
Yami drained the last of the sugar from the bag.

"There's no more sugar!" Marik said, alarmed. The pair had alread cleared out the rooms stock.

"What?!?! No more?" Yami yelped.

"We'll find some!" Marik said.

Yami nodded and they both urgently ran out.

Back to Mokuba:
Tristan scratched his head. "I can't help but feel we're forgetting something..."

"Yeah, I feel that way too" Joey said.

"You need to find Yami" Yugi said in his most mystical voice, popping out of nowhere.

"Hey what are you doin' here?" Joey asked.

Yugi put his hands on his hips. "Well I needed to do something... Evil's actually kind of boring. And Yami's missing, not that you noticed."

Joey blinked. "You're right…"

"So, does anyone know where Yami is?" Bakura asked.

Everyone shrugged guilty, not knowing.

Yami and Marik:
"Lets go to the grocery store!" Yami suggested.

Marik shook his, clearing having withdrawal.. "Too. Far. Away. NEED! SUGAR!" he started bouncing again.

Yami nodded, racing down the street with Marik behind him.

Yami skidded to a stop and Marik followed suit.

"Hey, that was fun!" Yami said with glee. "I'm gunna do it again!"

"NO!" Marik objected. "I want sugar! Why are we here?"

Yami blinked, thinking.

Marik grabbed a rather large stick, thwacking Yami across the head with it.

"What was that for?!" Yami demanded.

"To help you think." Marik responded earnestly.

"Oh. Okay..."

"Did it work?" Marik asked.

"No... Maybe it will work if you do it again!" Yami said.

"Okay!" Marik hit him again.

"I got it! We were going to Yugi's room because he hid some sugar from me in his room somewhere!"


Yami lead the way into Yugi's room and the two attacked, pulling out draws and throwing random things everywhere. Marik yanked opened a draw to see Yugi's Care Bear boxers.

"Okay... ew." Marik said, slamming the draw shut.

Yami had torn the sheets of Yugi's bed and before a minute was up they had gone through Yugi's entire room.

"What now?" Marik asked.

Yami blinked, pondering this, when Mokuba came up the stairs.

"Get in the bus." Mokuba ordered harshly.

Yami was confused, and not just because he was sugar high.

Mokuba roughly grabbed Yami by the wrist, leaving Marik.

Mokuba shoved Yami into the bus he had rented so they could all look for his elder brother. "Step on it!" Mokuba yelled to Tristan, who was driving.

After staring blankly out the window for what felt like ages, Mokuba shouted "There!" loudly, scaring everyone in the car.

Kaiba was on the side of the road, dressed in his hillbilly attire, followed by Alister and Duke.

Mokuba ran out of the bus as fast as he could. "Seto!"

"Yes, are you going to the reunion?" Kaiba asked with a dopey grin.

"No Seto! And neither are you! There is no reunion."

"Nonsense" Kaiba said.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures..." Mokuba muttered, dissapearing into the bus. He came back with a frying pan and bashed Seto smartly across the face.

Kaiba no longer thought he was a hillbilly, but he was still not normal.

They all clambered into the bus, including Alister and Duke.

Now of course, since they took a road trip, and this is a story, the bus has to break down, and it did so.

"Not good." Yami commented, who was facing the after math of his sugar rush frenzy.

"Uh-oh... I forgot to bring Seto's wallet!" Mokuba moaned. "He never takes it himself." He added.

"I don't have money!" everyone else said in unison.

"Even more not good." Yami said, earning blank looks.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to go to the rest stop down the street." Mokuba said.

Yami left for the bathroom and the rest looked around.

"Look at this!" Duke said excitedly. He was holding an advertisement for a sort of talent show they were having. You had to sing and dance, and the winner got money.

"I'll do it!" Alister said.

"I'll do it!" Duke said.

"I'll do it!" Kaiba said, but his face faltered. "There's a minimum of four people." Kaiba read.

Bakura, Tristan and Joey said at the same time "Not me!" Then, as fate would have it, Yami returned the bathroom.

"What?" Yami asked, seeing the look Kaiba, Alister, and Duke were giving him.

They handed him the page.

"No." Yami said, reading it. The three simply nodded at him. "NO." he said louder.

But it was too late. Yami was about to be their fourth member.

Kaiba, Alister, and Duke decided to do "Tearin' up my Heart" by N'sync.

"I'd never do N'sync! The Backstreet Boys are so much better! I MEAN- Like I care what song we do..." Yami said, eyes shifting uneasily.

They stood in formation as the music started, starting to dance in a very boy band-ish style.

Duke seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he lead the song "Baby, I don't understand just why we can't be lovers, things are getting out of hand…"

Joey was literally rolling on the floor, once again, laughing.

"This is good!" Tristan chortled.

Mokuba looked embarrassed and Bakura looked uncomfortable.