Love Triangle


"Sakura-chan!" Neji called out. "Hai! I'm coming!" Sakura put on the shoes she got from Neji. "Sakura-chan! We don't have all day! Hinata-sama's going to be mad at me!" Neji said impatiently. "Okay! I'm ready now! Let's go!" Sakura and Neji left her house and headed to the Hyuga manor.

"Hinata-chan! Are you home?" Sakura pounded on the door. Inside, Hinata urged everyone to hide. "Oh, hai! I'm coming!" Hinata ran to the door and opened it. "Hey Neji-nii chan, Sakura-chan!" Hinata smiled. "Ohiyou, Hinata-sama." Neji bowed politely to the heiress. "Hey Hinata-chan!" Sakura gave her a warm hug. "Come in!" Hinata left them on the couch to get the tea. Neji eyed at her in suspicion. Hinata noticed it and asked, "Nani, Neji-nii chan?" She looked up at her cousin while setting the tea pot down. "You don't usually do this, especially since you're the head of the family.." Neji was interrupted when Hinata spoke up. "Ah, well, uh, you know, just trying to e nice!" Hinata tried her best to make up a lie. "Uh-huh…Anyways, where's your boyfriend, Naruto?" Neji asked his cousin. Hinata recently went out with Naruto, and yes, Naruto is over Sakura ever since Neji went out with her. "Um, he'll be here soon!" Hinata sat next to Sakura, who was enjoying her tea. "Nice dress you have, Sakura-chan! You too, Neji! You look really handsome in that new tux Sakura got for you!" Hinata complimented the two. Neji nodded his head to appreciate the compliment. "Arigato, Hinata-chan! You look fabulous in that new outfit, too!" Sakura thanked and complimented Hinata back. "Oops! Damn it! I forgot to buy the sake!" Hinata cursed at herself. "Ano, Hinata-chan, Neji and I will go and buy it!" Sakura offered. "Will you please! I wanted this party to rock, but without sake, it isn't much of a party…." Sakura and Neji got up to leave while Hinata thanked them repeatedly.

When they went out to head for the market, Sakura spoke up. "Isn't she acting strange, Neji-kun? I mean, she doesn't usually talk to us like that…" Sakura held his hand hard to make sure he wasn't in space like he usually was. "How should I know? You know, I rarely talk to her." Neji looked into her eyes. "Well, let's just get the sake and go, ne?" Neji nodded in agreement. It didn't take very long for them to finish. What they didn't know, that someone was spying on them while they were buying sake. "Arigato-gousiemashta!" The lady thanked them as they walked away. "Well, let's go back to your place, shall we?" Sakura took Neji by the hand and smiled warmly. He didn't speak a word but just stayed in a frozen like trance.

"Hey! Can you guys put the balloons in the corners?" Hinata addressed to Kakashi, Ino, and Shikamaru. "Sure. Choji! Help Hinata with the cleaning up! You too, Mr. New Boyfriend!" Ino said. The three put the balloons into the corners and they finished in no time. "Well, at least we got the balloons and decorations done! We just need to clean up!" Kakashi winked at Ino, whom apparently was making herself comfortable on the couch. "Fine." Ino got up and threw away the rest of unneeded confetti.

"Neji-kun, doustanou?" Sakura asked. "Look who came after 3 years to destroy everything." Neji calmed himself from the shock earlier. Sakura turned her head to him. He who she fell in love with before he left to the Sound-nin to get the power he craved for. He who killed his brother two years later. "Sasuke!" Sakura stared in disbelief.

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