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Summary- Hermione invites Ron, Harry and Ginny over for the summer because her parents are going to be away and because it's their last summer before Harry, Ron, and Hermione's last year at Hogwarts. Last year Harry defeated Voldemort and his death eaters with help from the D.A and the order. Harry has accepted Sirius's death although he still misses him. Ginny and Harry are a couple (with Ron's approval.) Unknowingly Ron and Hermione share the same feelings about each other. Will the summer help those feelings surface?

Chapter 1- Starbursts don't really burst.

Hermione woke up to the sound of her alarm clock blaring one of her favorite muggle songs, Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson. She started singing to it while tying to wake herself up. Today Ron, Harry, and Ginny were coming to stay for the summer. Hermione was excited that her friends would be staying over. Particularly Ron. Hermione had liked Ron as a friend but quite recently discovered her feelings for him grew more than friendship. Hermione thought that maybe he would have the same feelings and that this summer something might happen. She didn't want to get her hopes up though she wasn't sure if their friendship would remain the same if something went wrong. Hermione's mind slid from Ron to everyone again. Harry was going to Apparate to the burrow and then they would all take a portkey, which Mr. Weasly set up, to Hermione's. They couldn't all Apparate here because Ginny wasn't of age and couldn't use magic. Harry, Ron and Hermione had all passed their Apparation tests and were aloud to Apparate and use magic outside of Hogwarts now that they were of age. Well Harry got to do it a month early because Dumbledore pulled some strings. Hermione still didn't mind doing things the muggle way often. Her parents left yesterday for their business trip so she was alone in the house.

After the song was over Hermione hit the alarm button and decided that she could waste no more time. She went into the bathroom to shower. Once she was done she went into her drawers to pick out an outfit. She decided on a pair of denim shorts and a light blue short sleeve shirt that had dark blue writing. She took her wand off of her dresser and said a spell that dried and straightened her hair. Hermione always had trouble doing her hair without magic because it was so hard to straighten it. She then pulled it up and tied it into a ponytail. She had recently gotten her haircut so she now had bangs that were pushed to the left side of her face. She walked over to her vanity table she had and put on some blush, waterproof mascara and some lip-gloss. Pleased with her reflection she hurried down stairs, after sliding on light blue flip-flops, to make some coffee before they came.

She quickly checked the guest room to make sure it was clean. Ron and Harry would be staying in the guest room and Ginny would be staying with Hermione in her room. In each room were two twin beds so everyone had a place to sleep. Hermione had a fairly big house. It had three floors including the furnished basement. There were three bedrooms and two bathrooms and obviously a kitchen, living room, family room, and a dinning room. Closing the door Hermione practically skipped into the kitchen singing Behind These Hazel Eyes again. She started to get the coffee pot ready and turned it on. She placed a pop tart in the toaster while she waited. She was about to sit down at the table when she heard a loud crash coming from the living room. She quickly rushed up to see what it was. She saw a tall boy with dark hair standing there adjusting his glasses he was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a dark blue and white striped polo shirt, a shorter red haired girl in a white skirt and a pink halter top along with matching pink flip-flops, and lastly an even taller red haired boy in khaki shorts and a red t-shirt laying on the ground by the wall next to a bunch of fallen pictures. All three of them had trunks next to them and there was two bird cages, which held two owls.

"OH Ron! Are you ok?" Hermione rushed over to his side and helped him up.

"Yeah, I'm fine I just can't get a hold of this portkey thing. I prefer to Apparate." Hermione laughed along with Harry and Ginny. She started to pick up the pictures that fell. She gave Ron a big hug when he got up and then trying not to make it obvious she did the same for Harry and Ginny.

"Hermione did you get your hair cut?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah do you like it?"

"Love it- it's so cute!"

"Thanks!" Just then Hermione heard the toaster pop. "Uh… you guys want some breakfast?" Hermione asked her guests. They nodded and followed her into the kitchen. "I'll give you the tour after we eat." Hermione led them to the table and they all took seats. She went into the cabinet and pulled out four coffee mugs and started to pour some coffee for her friends. "Cold or hot pop tarts?"



"Hot!" Ron informed her. Hermione took three more pop tarts out of the box. She put one in the toaster, after taking hers out, and then gave one each to Harry and Ginny. The toaster popped again and Hermione put Ron's pop tart on a plate and handed it to him.

"So what are we doing today?" Ron asked between bites and sips.

"Well I thought I would show you guys around here and then maybe we could go down to the boardwalk, they have the coolest shops! I've got our whole summer planned out. I made a schedule." Hermione informed them.

"Sounds good to me!" Harry said as the others silently agreed.

"Great! But no magic!"

"Why?" Harry asked

"One, because Ginny can't use magic and two because it'll be fun to do stuff the muggle way!" Hermione exclaimed.

"I hope your kidding!" Ron exclaimed.

"Nope! Come on Ron it'll be fun!" Hermione put out her bottom lip and gave Ron a "please!" look that Ron knew he couldn't say no to.

"Alright! Fine! But put that lip away!" He gave in.

"Thank you! Wands!" She held out her hand for the wands. Soon she had three wands in her hand she put them on the table next to her.

Once they finished their breakfast and coffee she decided to take them on a tour. "This is the kitchen obviously," Hermione stood up and waved her arm to show off the kitchen. The kitchen was a pale yellow and in the middle of it was a table that seated four. Muggle cooking gadgets were all around the place. "Ok, here is the dining room." Hermione led them into the next room. It was cranberry colored with matching curtains. There was a big wooden table in the middle of the dinning room that seated 8. And there was a big wooden cabinet that held fine china. "And, over here is the living room which you already know!" She pointed around in the next room, which was a crème color. There was a long blue couch and a short blue couch on opposite walls. Next to the couches was a T.V. In the back of the living room there was a big wooden desk that held a computer. Hermione noticed Ron and Ginny looking oddly at the television and computer. "This is a te-le-vis-ion it is a form of entertainment for muggles. They watch TV shows on it and movies," Hermione explained slowly. "And this," She walked over to the computer, "Is a com-pu-ter. Muggles use it to search stuff online and to play games," Ron and Ginny looked a little less confused but they didn't quite understand it fully. Harry started laughing at their puzzled expressions. Ron was watching Hermione explain things. He loved the way she looked when she was trying to explain things to him. He loved when she did anything. Just yesterday he accidentally let it slip to Harry that he liked her more than a friend. He hoped that this summer he might find out if she liked him the same. Hermione started up the stairs and he followed. She helped them with their trunks and owl cages. "This," Hermione pushed open a door, "Is where you two will stay!" This room was a light blue with some white accent it had two twin beds side by side separated by a nightstand. There were two dressers by each of the beds and a closet on the opposite wall. She put Hedwig's cage on one of the beds and Pig's cage on the other bed. Ron and Harry put their trunks by their respective beds and followed Hermione into the hallway again. "This is the bathroom," Hermione pointed to a door across the hall from the guest room. She opened the door; this room was a light green with white curtains on the one window. It had a shower and a toilet like any normal bathroom with green shower curtains and toilet cover. She led them out of the bathroom and toward her room. "And lastly this is my room," She pushed her door open and revealed a lavender colored room. The walls were splashed in white and lavender. Her bed cover was light purple with white flowers. Ginny's bed, which was next to hers, was just the opposite, a white cover with light purple flowers. Her dresser was white along with her vanity table, desk, and bookcase. She had a lot of pictures on the wall. Including wizard pictures that were waving at them. Ginny placed her trunk by her bed.

"I like the color!" Ginny complements.

"Thanks!" Hermione grabs her purse from off of her dresser. "Ready to go?" She asks them.



"Let's go!" Ginny grabbed her purse too. They all followed Hermione outside to her car in the driveway. They all gapped as they saw Hermione's blue mini cooper.

"It was a gift from my parents, for passing my Apparation test." She informed them. She walked around the car into the drivers seat. Harry and Ginny slid into the back seat and Ron got into the front. Hermione pulled her keys and sunglasses out of her purse. She started the car and music started to fill the car. She was humming to Ohio by Bowling for Soup as she pulled out of her driveway.

"When did you get your license?" Harry asked her.

"Last summer, my parents thought that I should get it and then they bought me this car a few weeks ago!" She happily said.


"So what are we going to do there?" Ron wondered.

"Well they have some cool shops so we could look around and then we could go back to my house and swim in the pool!" she informed them.

"You have a pool?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah I forgot to show you the back yard, and down stairs. We can also get a movie that you guys could see. I know you have never seen a movie!"

"Sounds good!" Ron said excited to find out how a television works. Hermione continued to drive and sing to the songs. Harry seemed to be the only other one that knew the words because he was mumbling them kind of singing. Ginny looked at him.

"What? Dudley plays his radio loud!" He defended his singing. They all start to laugh at him.

"Don't worry by the end of the summer you all will know the words to these songs I love muggle music!" Hermione said and they all laughed again. They drove on just listening to the music until Hermione stopped in front of a gas station. "I have to get some gas first does anybody want anything in the store?"

"I'll go with you I want to check out the muggle candy!" Ron said opening the door.

"No thanks," Harry and Ginny said. Hermione and Ron walked into the gas station so Hermione could pay for her gas and Ron could look at the candy. Hermione waited for Ron to get candy before she would pay for her gas. She was glad that Harry and Ginny didn't want to come in because she would be alone with Ron. Maybe she could get something out of him.

"What kind of candy is this?" Ron asked holing up a package of starbursts. "Does it really burst?"

"No!" Hermione laughed, "It's just the name all of muggle candy is normal!" She picked up a pack of orbit gum and decided to buy it. Ron decided to buy the starbursts. They walked up to the counter and went to pay.

"Is this all together?" The man at the counter asked.

"Yeah!" Hermione started.

"I've got it!" Ron informed her. She gave him a strange glance wondering why he would have muggle money and then she worried that he might pay in wizard money but he took a wallet full of muggle money out of his pocket and paid.

"Where did you get muggle money?" Hermione asked him as they left the store.

"Dad got it for us he got it through some connections at his job," Ron informed her.

"Oh!' She nodded and went to put gas in her car. Ron stood next to her and waited for her to finish before getting in the car himself. They sat in the car and she started it again. Hermione glanced over at Ron who was looking at the starburst scared. She started laughing at him.

"What?" He asked.

"It's not going to bite! Or Burst!" She laughed. She saw his face that he was serious. "Trust me," She said soothingly. He knew that he could trust her and he put a red starburst in his mouth. Once he swallowed he felt relived.

"Let me try one Ron!" Ginny said from the back seat. Ron handed Ginny and Harry a starburst and then one to Hermione. Harry and Hermione had no problem eating it but Ginny looked at it with a funny look similar to Ron's. They all finished the starburst pack as Hermione pulled into a parking lot. Ron, Harry, and Ginny looked around. On either side of the street was a row of various shops. Many people were walking in and out of shops with purchases.

"This is the boardwalk! All the shops are here and the beach is behind it. We could go walk on the beach after. There is an even better beach that I'll take you guys to where we could swim." They all got out of the car and waited for Hermione to lead the way. She led them over to the first store on the left side of the street. This was a beachwear shop that had a ton of bathing suits for guys and girls. "I figured you might like this store!" She said to Ginny as she marveled all of the bikinis on the wall.

"There is so many to choose from!" Ginny exclaimed. Ron and Harry rolled their eyes at Ginny's odd fashion obsessions. Hermione helped Ginny look for the "perfect" bathing suit while Harry and Ron started to wander around the store. Ron was at a rack of swimming trunks watching Hermione laugh at Ginny. Then Harry came up behind him.

"Having fun?" He asked. Ron jumped about 5 feet in the air.

"Bloody hell Harry! You scared the me half to death!" Ron said catching his breath.

"Sorry but you were starting to drool!" Harry laughed.

"Funny!" Ron walked over to the next rack still keeping an eye on Hermione.

"Why don't you just tell her?"

"Because she might not feel the same way and then it would be awkward."

"From what Ginny says she likes you too." Ron looked at Harry considering.

"Yeah right!" just then Hermione and Ginny came over. Hermione had a turquoise bikini in her hands and Ginny and a pink one and a purple one. "Jeez Gin how many bathing suits do you have?" Ginny thought for a moment.

"Including these two I'll have 10!" She said proudly. Ron rolled his eyes.

"Ready?" Harry asked.

"Yeah we just have to pay! You guys can wait outside if you want?" Hermione said.

"Sure!" Harry started outside followed by Ron.

"He was staring!" Ginny exclaims as soon as they left.

"Gin get a grip he was just looking around."

"You just don't see it," Ginny took the bag from the sales lady and Hermione started to pay for hers. She thought for a moment considering.

"Ya think?" She asked.

"I know!" Hermione took her bag and change walking toward the exit a smile playing on her lips. They went into 5 more shops before it was lunchtime. Hermione led them to one of her favorite places to eat here. After eating lunch they decided to put some of the bags away and walk on the beach. Ginny stuffed her 5 bags into the trunk of Hermione's mini cooper. Hermione only had three while Ron and Harry each had one. Hermione led them to the beach and took off her flip-flops and felt the sand between her toes Ginny did this too. "I think Harry and I are going to walk this way!" Ginny said pointing the opposite way of where Ron and Hermione are walking.

"We are?" Harry asked, "Ow!" Ginny took her elbow and hit Harry's side with it.

"Yeah we are." She pulled him away before he could say anything. Hermione and Ron were left laughing. They started a silent journey along the beach with their shoes in their hands.

"So what do you think so far?" Hermione asked Ron.

"I am having a blast so far. I never thought I could have this much fun with out magic." Ron answered.

"Good! I'm glad." It was silent for a few more minutes.

"So, what are our plans for the rest of the day?"

"Well we could go to the video store and pick out a movie for tonight then we could go back to my house and swim. Oh and later we are going to order pizza from my favorite pizza place!"

"Sounds fun!" There was an awkward silence that kept getting more awkward.

"Come on Hermione just say something! Anything! This must be loosing you major points!" Hermione thought to her self.

"Say something stupid! She is just going to walk away or something! But what am I supposed to say?" Ron thought to himself.


"Ron?" They both started at the same time.

"You go-"

"-No you could go"

"Well-" but they were interrupted by Ginny and Harry coming toward them.

"Hey! Ready to go?" Ginny asked. But then she saw Ron glare at her and she realized she interrupted something.

"Yeah," Hermione walked ahead.

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