Neko Neko


Hiko stirred in his futon pulling the now, mated Lady of the Neko-jin, Kizumi Kotetsu-ryu, closer. He was quite happy and warm at this point, rocking on the verge of being completely awake. Hiko had enjoyed his long lost mate's presence near him, that is till she bit the bicep of the arm that was currently wrapped around her shorter slimmer frame. Now Hiko should have been quite use to this by now, seeing as how it was Kizu's favorite way to wake his old bones up, but damn it to hell that bitch bit hard.

"Gaaa! You little witch!" Hiko yelp. She was supposed to still be asleep.

"Get up before me for once and maybe I won't bite you." Kizu said with a gentle yawn as she stretched. Hiko just turned on his back and grumbled about female moodiness until a bucket of not so warm water was poured onto him followed by his clothes neatly wrapped in his cape.

"You need to get a move on, our son, gods help him, is young and rash he'll need you to help him threw any trouble he may get him self into." She said as she finished braiding her long ivory white hair.

"Don't you mean to make sure that he is careful when getting mated and to send for you the moment he becomes pregnant so you can dote on him? Or better so you can steal him away to the castle?" Hiko said sarcastically.

"Hiko, you know I worry about our son. He has gone threw so much in his young life. The last thing I want to happen to him is for his heart to be broken." Kizu said sadly as she looked away, a delicate hand coming up to rest on her temporaily flat stomach. Hiko heaved a sigh. He knew that look she had.

"Again, what are you not telling me?"

"I told you every thing I know."

Hiko sighed, he knew by her tone that a; she really didn't know what was bothering her just yet or b; she did and wasn't going to tell him. He stood, giving an exaggerated groan as he stretched. Wrapping strong, muscle thick arms around her slender body Hiko held her. She never asked to be held but it was one of Hiko's favorite things to do, not that he would tell any one that. Kizu gently nuzzled into her 'unofficial' mate's chest before gently pushing away and slipping into her cloths.

"I have to get back to the palace, but I will join you in a couple of months" she said as she belted her swords with her sash.

"A CUPPLE OF MONTHS!" Hiko screeched. "You can't be serious! You have to be able to feed off my energy so that the baby doesn't leach you dry!"

Kizu gave a sigh, "I know love, but Shinro is in the process of taking the thrown. He has finally come of age to do so and has a viable mate to produce an heir." She passed to pick up and fold the small blanket. "I need to make sure that he can handle himself properly and in a manner respectable of that of an Emperor."

"He'll be fine, he's exactly like you. And he will understand that you will need to be with me with the possibility of you expecting." Hiko slowly calmed down as he wrapped his arms back around Kizu and pulled her back to his chest.

" 'Possibility'? There are no possibilities with me. I am pregnant, there is no way for me not to be. I put enough paternity magic into myself that I will always bear a child every time we mate unprotected." She gave a heavy sigh and leaned into Hiko's embrace.

"Fine you win, Shinro will take control over the throne in one week, no sooner." Hiko gave a cheeky gin of triumph.

"You do know that even with Shinro in power you will always be the empress."

"Sadly yes, but at least I can get plenty of vacation time and no one will be sitting on their seat edges every time I concede. One can only handle so much pampering."

Kenshin awoke to the feeling of being comfortably warm in some ones embrace. No, not just some one, but Aoshi Shinomori, his lover. He nearly giggled with happiness. He was brought out of his happy little thoughts when he felt something tighten around his waist before listing to it thump lightly on the floor. That's right Aoshi was one of the fabled Neko-jins, a Panther Prince to be exact.

"Good mooring."

Kenshin looked up at the sound of Aoshi's sleep husked voice. Those beautiful icy blue feline eyes looking down at him lovingly. He smiled and opened his mouth to give his reply but the words never made it out before Aoshi's lush petal lips were on his as a warm welcomed tongue gently made its way into his mouth. A soft moan making its way through Kenshin's thought. He was in bliss from the kiss that was till Aoshi pulled away sharply, his head held high as his ears swirled picking up sounds that Kenshin would never here.

"Some one's coming." Aoshi stated as he pulled away, giving Kenshin a soft kiss on the cheek before rumpling his futon up more and moving it to a respectable distance from Kenshin's as his feline features seemed to melt back into him. Kenshin watched in an almost daze till he too heard approaching foot steps. There was a soft nock on the sliding door before a soft male voice came through.

"Kenshin, you and Aoshi-sama up yet?"

"Yes Yahiko, Sessha and Aoshi-sama are up de gozaru yo." Kenshin said, taking a yawn on the end for good measure.

"Good, Kaoru made breakfast, just to worn you. I'm going into town!" With that the two fighters listened to the retreating feet of the young boy.

"Um, Aoshi-sama, Sessha hopes you have a strong stomach, de gozaru yo. Kaoru-sama can't really cook." Kenshin blushed.

Aoshi gave a small smile in return to the lovely red head, "Than maybe we should just stay in bed."

The former Oniwa Banshuu laughed happily at the bright red blush that covered his newfound lover.

Kenshin was happily out sweeping the walk in front of his home. It had been just over two weeks since his lover came to see him. His smile broadened as he remembered the past two weeks as he worked. Right now though, his dear Aoshi was out with Sanoske doing some light shopping. In other words Sano was threatening Aoshi with every breath that if the Oniwa Banshuu ever hurt his 'little buddy', there would be hell to pay.

The red head could not with hold the laughter that came with the memory of how his dear friend had found out about them. Sano had been looking for Kenshin to see if the riroini was up for going for a walk when he stumbled upon a sight he would never forget. Really they had started out just talking while they sat next to the koi pond. Talking had led to some comfortable snuggling, that led to cuddling, which led to the predicament that Sanoske had found them in.

Aoshi Shinomori chuckled gently as he watched his lover inch closer. They had decided to take a brake from the chores and just be with each other. Kenshin decided that they should go sit next to the koi pond since he was heading to feed the fish anyways. Aoshi had agreed, it would be nice and cool there. Their silence had been comfortable and cherished.

Kenshin had started out about five inches away form him. Now the former wanderer was hip to bleshed hip to him. Deciding this to be unacceptable, Aoshi swiftly slipped his long arm around his love and pulled him close, letting Kenshin snuggle into his side. With only a bit of coxing on his part, Aoshi soon had his smaller lover happily cuddling to him in his lap.

With slow progression, Aoshi moved in for the kill. He took Kenshin's lips with his, initiating the first in a string of passion burning kisses. As the kisses became more heated, so did their desires. Aoish shuddered as Kenshins heated, blissful moan cursed through his body. He held his red head gently as he turned them so Kenshin lay comfortably on his back with Aoshi above him, raining kisses down and worshiping his body.

Sanoske Sekigara chose this time to round the corner of the building in search of the occupied wonder. He had stopped dead in his tracks and watched as Aoshi Shinomori ravished his best friend. He snapped out of his shock as he herd Kenshin moan his pleaser out as Aoshi moved to suckle and nipped at the sensitive flesh on his neck, his hands coming up to hold Aoshi and try to pull him down.

"WHA-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" The brunet screamed. Two sets of eyes snapped to look at him, one cornflower blue in complete shock, the other deep navy in disappointment of being interrupted.

It had taken Kenshin three hours to calm Sano down. The reason for this being that his lover was enjoying torturing the rooster. Moving to hold and even 'nibble' at Keshin in front of the tall man, make him even more agitated. But in the end it had been Aoshi who had said, 'Shut up and except it, I love Kenshin and he has chosen to be with me.'

That had shut Sano up quickly. It had also caused Kenshin to blush. He had been worried about how open Aoshi wanted to be. But his feline lover had stated that it really was no one's business but if they found out oh well. It was their lives, how and who they chose to live them by was their choice. Kenshin thanked the gods again for giving him such a lover.

Hiko sighed as he walked up to the gate. He saw his baka deshi sweeping the walk, a disnent look in his eyes and a small-to feminine for his likes- giggle coming from Kenshion. Hiko sighed again, his baka deshi still not noticing his arrival.

"Oi baka deshi! Do you not even pay attention to your surroundings any more!" Hiko belted out. It was pleasing to see the small redhead jump nearly out of his skin and whip around holding a broom in a defensive fashion. The wide eyes and panting mouth were a bonus too.

"Shishou-sama!" Kenshin exclaimed before rushing over to his mentor and father figure.

"What has brought you here, de gozaru yo?" It was refreshing in its own way to see Kenshin welcome here warmly. Hiko was just about to answer when he noticed someone's shadow out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and there was Aoshi. Hiko watched as his son walked up and easily wrapped a protective arm around Kenshin's waist. 'So I see you have already claimed him as your own' Hiko thought.

"Hello Aoshi Shinomori." Hiko bowed his head respectfully.

"Mother sent you didn't she Father?" Straight and to the point, just like his son. Hiko took in the shocked look of his former pupil.

"How much dose he know?" Hiko asked sternly, not taking his eyes off of Kenshin.


"I doubt that."

"Um, Sessha is very confused right now, de gozaru you." Kenshin said in a dizzied voice. His cheeks warmed with the way Aoshi looked down at him. His eyes loving and soft towards him.

"Then let us go in and Father and I will fill in what you don't know yet." Aoshi said gently as he tugged Kenshin's sleeve and got him to move inside.

It was only in a matter of moments before Kenshin was playing host to his former teacher. Giving the willowy haired man a jug of Saki and a dish before sitting down with a pot of green tea and three glasses, just incase Hiko decided not to drink the Saki.

Aoshi watched Kenshin closely, exchanging small conversation with his father from time to time. Once Kenshin sat down though, Aoshi moved easily and pulled the smaller man to lean into his lap. Hiko finding the little 'eep' that escaped Kenshin to be worth a chuckle before glaring at his son.

"Alright runt, what do we still need to tell him?" Hiko asked sternly.

"About you." Aoshi said as he looked up from the unceremoniously sprawled form that was glaring up at him.

"Figures, oi, baka deshi, do you know who I really am yet or have all of the clues escaped you?" Kenshin grumbled as he sat up and looked at his senpai.

"Uh, if you are Aoshi's father that would make you a Neko-jin, correct?" Kenshin asked carefully.

"Yes that is, you're not as dim as I thought you might be." Hiko stated as he allowed scared panther ears to rise from his hair, his panther tail coming from behind him to tap his knee. His fir color matched his greenish hair. Aoshi took Kenshion's moment of distraction to change himself.

"Oh, my." Kenshin breathed looking back and forth from father to son.

"Now that that is settled, Father, why did Mother send you here?" Aoshi asked steely.

"Now don't go getting all huffed up," This thought causing Kenshin to snicker, "Your Mother was worried about you." Hiko said shaking a chastising finger at his son. "That and I really don't need a reason to come and see this Baka Deshi." Hiko stated as he looked over at his kohai.

"Not telling me everything." Aoshi accused, his eyes narrowing.

"Damn brat, take after your mother." Hiko grumbled under his breath.

"Why else did Mother send you here?"

"I'm not at liberty to say. She will be coming her in a weak, after she has your brother set up properly to rule. Then she will explain everything." Aoshi nodded as Hiko down his saki. A glint came to Aoshi's eyes.

"You got her pregnant again." He stated. The saki that Hiko had just been happily enjoying, spraying form his mouth.

"What the fuck are you runt, a mind reader!" Hiko bristled.

"No, Mother wont pass the gift to me till I'm mated and bonded. But I know my mother, the only way you can get her to give up the throne so early is if you managed to mate her." Aoshi smirked, "I can't wait to meet my little brother." Aoshi's grin was something to be feared at that moment.

"Don't you dare do what I think your going to do." Hiko warned.

"What, corrupt him against you? I thought you would love the challenge?" At this point Kenshin just shook his head and sipped his tea as he listened to his lover and father figure banter.

All talking stopped for a moment while Aoshi drank some tea and watched his mate closely. Kenshin scooting every so often closer. This caused Hiko to smirk around the rim of his Saki dish. Cubs what where you to do with them?

The week passed rather quickly. Kenshin was filled in more on his teachers relationship to Aoshi and the rest of the Neko-jin along with any questions he had where easily answered. And Kaoru along with every one else, where blissfully in the dark about the cats. Unfortunately, everyone at the dojo knew about him and Aoshi. It was apparently the only thing that Kaoru could find to argue and complain about to everyone else. It was on one such occasion that Hiko nearly killed the witch.

"Really Ken-san, how could you be gay?" Kaoru began.

"Sessha just is de gozaru yo." Kenshin sighed, he had been through this dance many a time with the raccoon.

"I doubt that, why don't you go with Sanoske tonight and try and find a nice pretty woman, huh?" Kaoru's eyes brightened. It was sickening.

"I bet Sanoske could find you a nice girl to change your mind!" Kaoru said enthusiastically, bouncing in her spot.

"Sessha is quite happy with his partner right now, de gozaru yo, and he will NOT change his mind" Kenshin said sternly, he knew exactly what she was getting at and be damn if he let her talk about his kitty like that!

"Go Kenshin." Yahiko, Sano, and Hiko chorused.

"You have a partner?" Kaoru blinked. Sano wisely scooted away from Hiko when he noticed the vain twitching above his eye.

"Contrary to your belief Kaoru-dono, Kenshin and I are quite HAPPY together." Aoshi nearly hissed.

"And as my son you should be." Everyone who had been sitting on the porch turned sharply to see a tall pale skinned woman walking up. Her white hair braided and swaying happily behind her.

Hiko, Aoshi, and Kenshin stood as one in respect. The others stayed in place, not knowing anything. The only thing they knew about the trio was that Kenshin and Aoshi where together, and that Hiko was actually Aoshi's father.

"Hello Mother. It has been a long time." Aoshi greeted softly as he moved forward. He stopped directly in front of Kizu, the woman not hesitating in pulling her son into a loving embrace.

"Oh how you have grown my cub." She whispered into her son's ear.

"I have missed you too Mother." Aoshi replied. It had been centuries since he had last been home. Inconsequently, that meant he hadn't seen his mother either. Pulling away, Kizu held Aoshi in front of her.

"You little brat, your taller then me!" He spat out in mock anger, making Aoshi smile.

"He takes after me in that aspect." Hiko sad grinning as he stepped up to the two. Kizu released her son and moved to embrace her now official mate.

"It doesn't matter your both bastards." Kizu grumbled. She allowed Hiko to wrap a thick muscled arm around her wade protectively and lead her to the group where Kenshin still stood, waiting patiently. Aoshi moved to his side and pulled him close.

"Mother this is Kenshin Himura. Kenshin, this is my mother Kizu" Aoshi introduced. Kenshin held out a sword callused hand, not expecting it to be used to pull him into a warm hug. Staying still for a moment of shock before returning the embrace. Once happy, Kizu relaxed him before sitting down.

"I see now why Aoshi is a ninja and not a samiri." Sona stated with a smirk as he took in Kizu's attire. The woman chuckled.

"Yes you are correct on that part." Kizu sobered quickly, glaring at Kaoru, she spoke to every one. "I'm going to be blunt and get straight to business." Her gaze softened as she turned it to Kenshin "Ken-san, you already know who I am I trust?" Kenshin nodded before starting slowly.

"You, you are Lady Kizu," He paused and with Kizu's nod he continued. "You are the empress of the Neko-jin." Nobody spoke, trying to figure out what was going on and why Kenshin would say such a stupid thing. Really there was no such thing as the Neko-jin.

"That is correct, though I have resigned. My son Shinro, one of Aoshi's older brothers, has taken over my duties." Kizu said calmly.

"Oh come one! That is the biggest load of crap ever!" Kaoru burst, four deadly glares where piercing through her quickly. With a chuckle, a pair of tiger ears came out of Kizu's hair line while her tail slipped out of its hole to slither around behind her. Sapphire cat eyes glaring venomously at her.

In her fear, Kaoru's sight darted to see that Hiko and Aoshi had also changed, and that Kenshin's eyes. . .where. . . Her shrill scream caused them all to flinch. Hiko seeing that it was not them that she had been looking at, looked over at Kenshin who sat with his ears covered and his eyes wide in confusion. . . His cat slotted eyes staring in confusion.

"Ah damn it, Kizu the boy!" Hiko. .roared, it was the only way to explain the odd tone. Kizu glanced over at Kenshin.

"Oh dear, It looks like are wave of magic seems to have affected the glamour." Kizu said slightly.

"What th-the hell is all this!" Sano managed to stutter out. Kizu looked at the frightened faces. With a sigh she began to speak.

"Every one, just relax and I will explain every thing." And she did in grate length and detail. She told them all of what had happened during the war between humans and the Neko-jins. She also told them of how all the females save her had been whipped out along with three generations of cubs. Lastly she told them of what she thought about Kenshin. As she explained it, to everyone's surprise and Aoshi's un-shown joy, she pulled out a small mirror and allowed Kenshin to finally see his eyes. He gasped and nearly through the mirror.

"But, I'm human!"

"No Kenshin, you're a Neko-jin trapped in a very powerful glamour. Once you except this then you will be released from its hold." Kizu said softly. Her eyes watching intently as her son pulled Kenshin into his lap to comfort him.

"Think about it Kenshin. You are able to use Hiko's Neko-jin sword tekneak and still be alive. You also posess our sixth sense. You might think its your 'warriors spirit' but its not, its your Neko-jin blood." Kizu tried to explain. The confused, thoughtful look was painful to watch as Kenshin tried to peace it all together. But he was not given any real time to do anything when Kaoru stood in a blaze of anger.

"I want you out! All of you insane freaks! I don't want here at the dojo!"

"Shut up ya hag! This is Kenshin and, well his family!-" Kaoru cut Yahiko off before he could continue.

"No! Get your things Kenshin then leave! It was bad enough having to deal with you being gay, I could take the ridicule for that, but I will not have a fucking 'DEMON' capable of caring it spawn in my home!" Kaoru did not see it coming. Aoshi moved so fast, his mother even faster.

"Aoshi Shishou-Shinomori!" The deep roaring growl that came from his mother stopped his claws right in front of the bitches face. He drew back his clawed hand and turned to look at his father who stood behind him with a firm hand on his shoulder.

"Don't you ever even DARE to talk to my son in-law like that again. Next time I wont stop my son." Kizu hissed as she turned her attention to the shaking wench behind her.

"Get out of my house now!" Kaoru screamed.

"SHUT UP YOU INCOLENT BRAT!" Hiko's thunderous roar shook the entire dojo. He stepped forward and grabbed Kaoru by the front of her kamona and hauled her up to his face.

"We will take Kenshin aright, and we will leave you with nothing!" Hiko growled.

"Shishou-sama, Kizu-sama. . ." The three Neko-jins turned at soft braking voice of the read head. Kenshin seemed all too small and innocent for Aoshi's liking. He moved from behind his mother till he stood in front of Kenshin. He pulled the shorter body close to him and held Kenshin in a firm embrace. He brought a hand up and cupped the back of Kenshin' head, letting the ririoni press his face into his shoulder.

"It will be alright Koibito, you and I will be together." Aoshi whispered. He kept them there till he knew that Kenshin was stable for the moment. Stirring Kenshin, Aoshi took them inside to collect their belongings.

Hiko watched them both protectively, approval of his sons actions clear in his eyes. He blinked once when a soft hand rested gently on the arm holding up a shaking Kaoru. Looking at his mate he snorted before dropping the bitch like a sack of garbage. Taking pleasure in the yelp of pain that came when she hit the floor. Hiko watched his mate turned to the still cowering men on the floor.

"I know that once this sinks in, you two will be supportive of Kenshin and try to help him." At Sano and Yahiko's nods she continued. "I will send you a letter stating our residence so that you may come and visit Kenshin. I also ask you to pass all the information given to you to day onto any other respectable friends of Kenshins." Just as she finished Aoshi walked out still stirring a distraught Kenshin. With sad eyes Aoshi looked up at his mother. She gave a sigh and moved to hug Kenshin.

"It is alright, you belong with us. It will all work out." Releasing Kenshin, her and Hiko lead the way to the gate. As the reached the last two steps before the gate they heard someone shout.

"Hey wait up for us!" It was Yahiko. Him and Sanoske where moving quickly to catch up.

"Sorry it took so long, but we needed to grab out things." Sano said with a smirk. Kizu watched with a warm smile as Kenshin looked up at the two in front of him.

"What you actually thought that busho spoke for us too? You must be thick to think that we would just abandon you like her!" Sanoske stated as he held his bag.

"Yay where your friends Kenshin, though thick or thin!" Yahiko agreed. Kizu smiled it would be. . .refreshing. .to have these two back at home.

"Well since we are all here, shall we proceed home?" Kizu said gently as she leaned into Hiko's side. The panther wrapping his arm around her shoulders and his tail around her waist. The group walked out of the dojo, Kenshin being the only one to look back sadly as he whispered his good bye.

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