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"Heero are you sure your ok? You've been sick all week." Duo asked with deep concern for his best friend as he sat Heero's breakfast in front of him. Duo sat down with his plate as his lover, Wufei sat with his.

"I'm fine." Heero gritted out through clenched teeth as he sat in his chair with his arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Heero, I believe that spending your entire mornings throwing up and then the rest of the day nauseous and pale, is definitely considered not being fine. You should see a doctor." Wufei stated dryly as he watched the ex-pilot closely.

"I'm fine. I don't need to see a doctor."

"Heero," Duo sighed, "Wufei and I are just worried about you, the wars been over for a year now, you don't need to wear that mask of yours any more." Duo gased at Heero, trying to gage his temperment. Deciding to let the conversation drop he finished with, "You don't have to see a doctor but at least try and feel better and eat."

Wufei had taken Duo's hand underneath the table and was gently massaging the back of it with his thumb. He knew that Duo was concerned for his friend. They had always been close; Duo having the uncanny ability to read Heero perfectly and understand what was going on behind that shield of ice.

Heero opened his eyes and gave a light glare at Duo and his lover before sitting up in his chair. He picked up his fork and speared some of the light fluffy eggs that Duo had made for him. Just as he was bringing the fork full of eggs to his mouth, he dropped it. One hand cupped his mouth while the other wrapped around his stomach as he vaulted from his chair and made it to the kitchen sink just in time. Duo was up behind Heero in a shot, turning the water on to rinse the sink out so Heero wouldn't be looking at the mess he made. Duo stood next to Heero giving him support and rubbing his back as he continued to drain the contents of his stomach into the sink.

"Oh fuck what I said, Fei love, call Sally and see if she can see Heero today. This has gone on long enough." Duo ordered over his shoulder.

"Already on it." Was Wufei's response as he grabbed the phone off the wall.

Heero stopped heaving but stayed over the sink a little weak and shaky as Duo cupped water in his hand and gently splashed it on Heero's face. Trowa and Quatre walked in about this time, attached at the hip as usual.

"Oh dear, Duo, is he ok?" Quatre asked as he brought a hand to his lips at the sight of his two friends at the sink. Concern for his ailing friend clear in his voice.

"No he's still sick." Duo stated some what exasperated over his shoulder.

"We can take him in now Duo." Wufei informed, after coming back from hanging the phone up.

"Take who, where?" Zechs' soft baratone asked as he stepped in into the kitchen.

All the pilots, including Zechs had been invited by Quatre to live with the small blond in one of his many estates after the war. Zechs had been very surprised at this gesture and turned the young pilots down at first. But after a bit of forced persuasion on Relena's part, did the platnum blond give in and moved in with his younger counterparts. Reelena had been right though, she had made it clear that it was probly the best thing he could do. Living with the boys would give him security and people he could closely relate to after the war. The boys themselves seemed to not mind him at all and had befriended the prince in only a matter of hours after helping him unpack.

"Heero's still sick, we're going to take him to Sally's clinic." Duo informed, as he handed Heero a hand towel to dry his face with.

"He hasn't seen a doctor yet?" Zechs asked, concern for his friend and housemate clear in his voice.

"No, Zechs, I haven't, now leave me the fuck alone." Heero growled giving everyone his patent deadly glare before doubling in on himself.

"Duo would you like me to drive?" Zechs asked completely ignoring Heero.

"No, but thanks Wufei and I can do it." Duo gently declined as he helped Heero up and out to the car, as Wufei grabbed his keys from the key rack.

The drive to Sally's clinic wasn't a long one, but it was filled with plenty of grumbled death threats and the occasional idle threat of moving out. None of which were taken seriously by the couple that rode with him. They soon pulled into the parking lot and managed to get Heero to willingly get out of the car and go into the cozy little clinic.

Once they were in the room, Heero sitting atop the examantion table stripped of his clothes and put into the flimsy paper gown, while his two soon to be evily torchered 'friends' sat together in the provided chairs, did Sally come in. She wasted no time in drawing several viles of blood and continuing with a full physical exam. It took all Duo had not to laugh when Sally asked Heero to cough for her. The tick he had under his eye as he did as told was nearly hysterical.

"So Sally, can you tell us why Heero's been spewing his guts out every morning?" Duo asked concern for his best firend evident even through his smile.

"As far as all is considered he is perfectly healthy. . " She replied tappering off at the end.

"What are you not telling us Po?" Wufie all but demanded.

"He's perfectly healthy for a person about a month pregnant." She replied a little too calmly.

Heero, who had already been somewhat dizzy, began to sway at the news. Seeing this, Wufei moved beside Heero just in time to catch him before he fell from his perch on the table. Wufei slowly moved Heero back from the edge and held him to keep him from falling one way or the other.

"How can this be Sally? I'm a male. . . I'm not supposed to bare children. Tell me what the FUCK is going on!" Heero demanded, his voice slowly raising in tone. Duo began to pace about trying to figure out how this could be happing. When nothing was forthcoming he stopped and moved to the other side of Heero, where he rested a hand on his best friends shoulder.

"C'mon Sally, how the fuck could HEERO become pregnant?" The braided boy asked with a lopsided grin, this must be a joke, yep Sally was just pulling a fast one on them.

"I'd like to find out." Sally said as she moved to stand infront of Heero. She pulled the tray that had a different aray of medical instruments on it, over closer to her along with a stool. She stepped on a peddle at the base for the table which raised the back for Heero to lay against. She then pulled a set of stirrups out of a draw that was on the base of the bed. She attached them to the end of the table before patting them and signalling for Heero to put his feet up in the craddles. Heero eyed her.

"I am not a woman, there is no way I'm going to put my feet up like one." Heero said pointedly.

"Sure you are, you just don't know it yet." Sally smiled, "Come on or I'll have Duo and Wufei here put you in them." Sally said, crossing her arms over her chest.

Knowing that she would have his friends do it, Heero raised his legs slowly and put his feet up in the stirrups. With his arms crossed he sat there looking off to the side, a nice rosey blush powdered over his cheeks as he decided that this was worse then when Sally had him cough.

Heero was unprepared for the feeling of cool metal poking about down 'there', and made sure to voice his opinion as he ripped his feet from the stirrups and closed his legs, cupping himself.

"PO!" He shouted in anger, his blush even darker than before, big mistake.

"HEERO YUY! YOU WILL SIT STILL AND LET ME FINISH EXAMANING YOU OR I WILL HAVE DUO AND WUFEI HOLD YOU DOWN!" The older woman warned, shaking a gloved finger in his face.

Heero gave an audible gulp as he gingerly placed his feet back into the stirrups. He bowed his head as the blush that graced his face deepened, letting his bangs cover his eyes as he hugged himself. This was so humilating. He sat there very still and very uncomfortable as he felt the movements of the tool. Hero looked up when he felt a pair of gentle arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him into a caring embrace. Duo smiled down at him trying to get his buddy to calm down. Heero gripped the sleeve of Duo's shirt tightly as he buried his heated face into his friends chest. Sally came up again taking off her gloves and setting the tool in a basin of sterile water til it was sent to be sterilized.

"Looks like J did it again," She paused to write her findings down in Heero's file, "You have a womb implant and all sings of it confirm the blood and urine test to be true. . . your going to have a baby." She finished with a soft gentle smile, her voice calm and soothing as she gave him the confirmation that they had wanted.

Heero sat up in the stirrups, his eyes wide and mouth open as he processed the new information on his body.

"I have a WHAT!" He bellowed after what his doctor said sank in.

"You heard me Yuy. A womb implant. Now, go get dressed and I'll give you some pamphlets to read on this." Sally said as she gave him a gentle pat on the leg.

After getting dressed again, Heero came out of the cajoined bathroom looking very depressed and lost. Duo had stood next to the door wating for Heero to come out. He was holding the pamphlets that Sally had brought them while Heero had been getting dressed. Wufei was standing on the other side of the door in deep thought of what was to happen next.

"I want to leave." Heero mumbled as he walked over and out into the room.

"In just a minute," Wufie said softly as he looked up. He turned to face Sally as she came in with a copy of what all Heero would need to do to prepare for the baby, and how to take care of himself along with a schedule for doctors visits. "Po. . . If Heero even remotely thinks of this, it might be a good idea to know if he could have an abortion or if it's to risky." Wufei asked, a sad look on his face at the thought.

"No, I would not recommend it. . . He'd be at a very high risk on an abortion table. The blood lost that can occur if his body does not recover properly from having the abortion could kill him." Sally answered.

Duo had moved over to stand behind Heero. He drapped an arm over the distraught ex-pilots shoulders, holding him and offering as much comfort to the brunette while Wufei moved to lead them both back to the car, unconsciously rubbing the small of Heero's back as he moved him along.

"C'mon Heero let's go home now, thank you Sally." Duo cooed softly. They left Sally's offices and headed home.

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