Heero's Baby

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blah thinking blah flash back

It had taken a few minutes to get Heero calmed after Zechs had finally got him to sit down on the bed, but he had managed it. Zechs understood why Heero was so distraught over the idea. The boy had never been in a relationship before and to have this little fluke thrown at them after a drunken fling was no way to ensure the young brunette that Zechs wanted to continue a stable relationship with him.

"Heero do you remember much of that night?" Zechs asked as he thumbed through one of the pamphlets that Sally had given Heero. Zech swore that there had to be at least 60 of the stupid things scattered all over Heero's bed.

They had spent the last couple of hours going over all the information together. Zechs had managed to get Heero to relax and rest against him. The blue eyed brunette's head resting happily on his chest as they read support booklets.

Heero blushed at the question. He might have been intoxacated but he sure remebered everything, even to the last little detail, well it wasn't that little, far from it. . .


Heero gave a light hearted laugh as he lead Zechs through the front door and up to his room. The blond leaned half-heartedly against him, happy to be in the presence of the man he had fallen for a long time ago.

"Wow, the perfect solger can laugh!" Zechs said in aw that such a lovily sound had come from the stotic man. He watched as the rosey blush on Heero's face darkened slightly, only this one was not brought on by alcohol. Not knowing how to answer Heero, just laughed a little more.

"Hmm, lovily. You should smile more often." Zechs purred as Heero and him made it through his bedroom door, shuting it once they were in. Heero steered Zechs to the bed where he deposited his load before colapsing next to him.

"Heh." Heero sighed as he relaxed next to Zechs.


Heero looked up at Zechs. His face was serious and it seemed that he needed to say something so Heero gave his crush all his attention.


"Would you spend the night with me?"

Heero gave that small little laugh that Zechs seemed to like so much. What a silly question!

"Of course Zechs-kun!" He smiled. What was so wrong about cuddling up together and sleeping off the effects of alcohol? Besides him and Zechs weren't too drunk. Just enough to get themselves looser then they normaly were.

Heero looked back up at Zechs and saw the happy, warm smile on his face. He did not protest at all when the taller blond wrapped his arms around him gently and pulled him up to the head of the bed. Heero enjoyed the warm cuddling feeling it gave him to be wrapped in Zechs' arms. He even cuddled closer to the firm chest next too him.

He was just to adorable not to kiss, in Zechs apinion. He slipped a delicate hand down, grasping the boy's chin gently and raised Heero's face too look at him. The blond slowly leaned in, watching Heero closely. He really wasn't drunk, buzzed yes, drunk. . not by a long shot!

Zechs moved in closer, pursian blue eyes blinking innocently at him til he found his target. He pressed his lips to soft, full lips that donned Heero's mouth. Zechs felt the boy beneath him shudder as the spike of pleasure ran down his spine. Encourged by Heero pressing his lips firmer to Zechs' and wrapping slender arms around Zechs' neck, Zechs deepened their first kiss.

The blond ran the tip of his tounge arcoss perfect lips, asking for entrance as one hand made its way down. Heero gasped when said hand began to toy with his harding nipples under his blue tanktop. Zechs did not miss his opportunity, quickly slipping his tounge into Heero's mouth. Heero was reduced to soft moans as Zechs ran his tounge through his mouth, coaxing Heero to duel with him. Heero gave a soft whine as Zechs pulled away, breaking their kiss.

"Shh, It's alright Koishii, there is more to come." Zechs cooed as he moved down.

With trailing hands, Zechs made his way to the fastenings of Heero's jeans, the bulge he found making him smile. He made quick work of the button and zipper. Untucking Heero's tanktop, he slowly, teasingly traced his hands back up, slipping the piece of cloth off of the slim, muscular body.

Zechs lowered himself down ontop of the man below him, locking their hips together, he began to rock. The firm gentle writhem elighted soft gasps of pleasure from the beautiful form underneath him. Bending his head down, Zechs captured one of Heero's harding nubs of felsh in his mouth. He thought that Heero would have come right then by the deep sultry moan that escaped the Asain boy's throught.

"Oh Zechs, I. . .I've ne-never felt-" Heero gasped out, Zechs cutting him off with a deep kiss.

"You've never been with another?" Zechs asked pausing to raise up just enough to look Heero square in the eye.

"Nuh-uh. Never, your my first." Heero admitted blushing.

"What precisely do you mean by 'your first'. . ." Zechs asked raising a brow.

"Certainly you've touched yourself before."

"No, never had the urge to." Heero admitted looking down. He seemed so much like a lost lamb, and in all sense he was. Oh you do not know how much this means He-koi. With that, Zech wasted no time in pleasuring his koi.

Swift hands moved too Heero's hips, lifting him up gently and pulling down jeans and spandex boxers. Zechs couldn't help but chuckle. Once he had free range of the beautiful fey creature under him he went to work, making the boy melt to the matress.

Standing, Zechs stripped quickly, wanting to be rid of the constricting fabric and wanting nothing more than to feel his companion's heated flesh against his own. Laying back down on the bed, he placed his head between firmly muscled thighs, kissing, nipping, licking, and teasing the flesh he found there. Zechs made his way up slowly, delighting in the way young flesh trembled under his touch. It did not take long for him to reach his prize.

Raising up and cocking his head at the right angle, he ran his toung over the brunette's shaft. Fighting not to touch himself as Heero's pleasured moans and cries made their way straight to his groin. Zech swirled his tounge around the crown of Heero's shaft, lapping at it relentlessly, loving the sweet taste of the boys pre cum. He wanted more. Dropping down in one swift motion he took in all of Heero's equisit shaft.

"Oh God Zechs!" Heero moand loudly. Zechs chuckled deep in his throught, the vibrations stimulating Heero even more and causing the prone boy to shudder and gasp in pure pleasure. Zechs began bobbing his head up and down at a quick pace. Strong hands finding their way to tangle in platinum locks.

"Please Zechs. . . .Please. ." Heero whimpered. It was too much, Zech could not go without any longer. He jumped up, abandoning the blow job, to claim that beautiful kiss swolen mouth. While tounges wared with each other, Zechs locked their hips together once again, letting Heero grind his want into him.

Zechs reached one long arm to the night stand where he fumbled with the small draw, pulling out a tube of warming lube. He broke their kiss, bringing strong hands to slowly still Heero's erotic writhom.

"Heero, I won't lie, this might be a little painful at first." Zechs confessed, trailing kisses down Heero's neck.

"Do you still want to continue?"

"Yes." Heero answered heatedly.

Zechs held one of Heero's legs, putting it over his shoulder as he put a nice amount of the lube on his fingers, coating them. Setting the lube aside, Zechs captured Heero's lips, distracting him as he rubbed a little lube from his fingers around Heero's exposed entrance. Heero moand heavily and began to rock, wanting more as the lube began to warm him.

Feeling that Heero was ready, Zech pushed his index finger all the way in, in one smooth motion. Heero threw his head back and gasped. The gel automatically starting to warm him, making him even hotter.

"More. . ." He gasped rocking against Zechs fingers. Zechs licked his lips trying to keep control. He pushed in his midle finger to join its twin inside Heero.

"Ohhh, yeeessss." Heero moaned deeply. When Zechs added this third and final finger in, Heero arched up a passionate wail coming from his lips.

"Zechs now, please I need you now."

Zech was happy to oblige, pulling his fingers from the boy beneath him, he made quick work of lubing himself, the warmth of the gel making his member throb even more with want for the boy. He let Heero's leg slide off his sholuder. The blond grabbed one of the thick pillows, lifting Heero's hips he placed it underneath him. Zech bent forword and captured Heero's mouth once again. Guiding his cock to the tight ring of muscle, he began to push forward.

"Grr, oh. . .Oh. . .Zechs. .Yes!" Heero moand. So vocal you have become, my silent one Zechs mused, trying to keep his mind off the fact that Heero was so tight and ready. He did not stop til he was all the way in. once he was seated to the hilt he paused and waited to make sure Heero had adjusted to him. But Heero couldn't take anymore teasing. With a swift move of power he flipped them over so he was ontop, buring Zechs even farther.

"Oh GOD!" Heero all but screamed as Zech hit his prostate. Heero began to ride Zechs in abandon. Moving fast and hard calling out Zechs name each time.

"Thats right Heero. Make it your new mantra. . .mmmm" Zechs moaned. The deep tone of Zeches voice driving Heero on. Zech followed Heero's pace, slaming up when Heero came down, making sure that he hit the Asain mans pleasure spot each time. When Zechs felt himself coming close to the edge, he grabbed Heero's dripping erection and pumped it in time with their thrust. With the warming lube and the dubbled pleasure, Heero could not hold on. He was pushed over the ege for the first time.

"ZECHS!" Heero yelled before falling forward and biting down on his partners shoulder. With only a couple more thrusts into Heero's constricing opening Zechs came, arching them both off of the bed before dropping them down to rest happily. Zechs allowed Heero to catch his breath before slipping out of him.

Zechs looked down to see his partner nearly asleep in his arms. This is what he wanted. Heero to be happy with him. He reached under them and managed to cover them with the sheet. The next thing he knew he was asleep, joining his love in their dreams.


Heero blushed deeply at the memory.

"Not much beyond the fact I enjoyed it and . . . " Heero cut off.

"And what babe?" Zechs pushed for Heero to continue. The look on his koi's face stated that he rembered it all and happily.

"Babe?" Heero looked up, puzzlement clear on his face. He watched as Zechs cheecks took on a nice shade of pink as he continued to 'read' the pamphlet infront of him before clearing his throught of the slip. Ah what the hell, Zechs thought before taking the plunge. He looked Heero straight in the eye, all seriousness holding Heero's gaze with his.

"Heero, I have to confess somthing to you. Now don't say a word till I'm done," He instructed firmly before he continued, his face and tone softing,"For the longest time I have been deeply attracted to you. And truth be told, the night I got you pregnat, I wasn't drunk in the least. Buzzed, oh hell yes, but still sober. I had wanted to ask you this that night but, well I turned chicken and settled for acting hammered." Zechs took a breath before starting a new "I'm going to ask you now what I should have then, Heero Yuy, I want you to be my. . . Lover. . Will you honor me by being my lover Heero?" Zechs asked softly as he moved a delicate hand to Heero's cheack, caressing it softly.

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