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The Highlight Reel

"Whoa! Look who's here!" Jerry "The King" Lawler yelled.

"Well, King, Chris Jericho did promise tonight's Highlight Reel would be an explosive one," Jim Ross (good ol' J.R.) pointed out.

"He was right!" King replied.

"Introducing my spectacular guest, the lovely Stephanie McMahon!" Chris Jericho announced.

"Lovely? Is this the real Chris Jericho speaking?" J.R. wondered.

"She is lovely... Puppies!" King exclaimed.

Stephanie made her way down the ramp and up the steps at the side of the ring, wearing a tight black leather cat suit and some black heels.

Being the gentleman that he was, Jericho separated the ropes and held them for Stephanie as she stepped between them. She stood in the middle of the ring and allowed the surprised fans the chance to look at her new, hard-defined body, which they did appreciatively.

"First off, let me just tell you that you're looking hot!" Jericho said.

Stephanie sat down, mic in hand. "Thanks. Now why don't you pull your chair a little closer to mine?"

This caught Jericho off guard. "Er, ok," he agreed. He pulled his chair closer to hers, so close that it wouldn't take much effort to reach out and touch her, which he so badly wanted to do.

Even after all that time she'd spent away, the attraction was still there. She felt it stronger than ever now as he sat closer to her.

"That's better," Stephanie told him as he settled into his chair.

"Now Steph," Jericho began, "You contacted me about being a guest on the show... What's up?"

"Well, Chris," she said, touching his arm. She had to force herself not to pull back at the little jolt of electricity she felt when she touched him. "I have a proposition for you."

"A proposition, eh?" he asked. Her hand was burning his arm. She was so hot!

"That's right," she told him. "See, I know that in the past I was never quite nice to you."

"You were a bitch," he said plainly. She looked offended, and he saw the hurt that flashed in her eyes. "I mean, you acted like a bitch," he corrected himself, "but only because of that jackass you were married to."

She smiled at this. "That's what makes this so different. Hunter is not a factor anymore."

He'd wanted to hear those words for a long time. He'd wondered if she'd ever get over the man, and if she did, would she ever notice him the way he wanted her to?

"Well, that's good to know. Now you can move on to better things," he finally said. "What do you plan to be doing now that you're back on Raw?"

"I'm a little upset that you had to ask," she teased, her hand still on his arm.

"Steph, you're an enigma. No one can figure you out, not even me," he said.

"True, I'm a total mystery," she admitted. She batted her eyes coyly and continued, "But if anyone here on Raw can figure me out, it's you, Chris Jericho."

Jericho's heart raced. "What are you trying to say?"

"I think it's obvious," she said. "I wanna be your valet...and more."

"Wow, King, did you hear that?" J.R. asked. "She wants to be his valet!"

"Sounds like Stephanie wants to hook up with Jericho," King said excitedly.

"I dunno what to say, Steph," Jericho said. "I mean, this is quite a shock."

"I don't see how it's shocking. I mean, you know I've always had a little thing for you, ever since that kiss we shared long ago at King of the Ring," she said. She stood up in front of him and softly touched his face. "Say yes."

She silently prayed that he would not reject her, and he didn't. How could he, with her hand caressing his face?

"Yes," he said. He stood up as well, then grabbed her hand and raised it in the air. "Everybody, you're now witnessing the beginning of a beautiful partnership!"

"Very beautiful indeed," she agreed. "Now if you'll excuse us, we have some catching up to do..."

"Wonder what that will consist of?" J.R. said as he watched Jericho and Stephanie exit the ring and walk slowly up the ramp looking at each other with weird smiles on their faces.

"I can imagine, J.R., and I'm sure you can, too. She has a thing for him!" King said.

"Remember, you saw it here on the Highlight Reel!" Jericho told the crowd, just before he and Stephanie disappeared through the curtains...