Tears of the Dragon

Beta: Kime

Wufei was shoved down onto his knees roughly as metal cuffs were locked around his wrists and pulled taught over his head by the chains that were attached. Cuffs were added to his ankles as he was held down by one of the slave seller's guards. The chains to the ankle cuffs were pulled taught so he could only move his feet a few inches and couldn't stand up.

"Your a pretty little thing aren't you? We'll get a good penny for you" The slave master said grabbing his chin roughly.

The slave masters lips crashed down on Wufei's own cruelly. Wufei struggled trying to pull his face away. He was held firmly by his chin by one of the slave masters dirty hands, the other tangled itself roughly in Wufei's loose black hair that hung down to his shoulders.

The slave master yanked Wufei's head back cruelly by his hair making him cry out in pain. The slave master took advantage and swept his tongue into Wufei's mouth. The hand on Wufei's chin kept him from clamping his jaw down. Wufei made a noise of disgust in the back his throat continuing to struggle futilely.

Finally just when Wufei thought he would pass out from lack of oxygen the slave master pulled away and released his chin still holding Wufei's head back by his hair.

"Yes you are a pretty little thing…maybe I should keep you for awhile. at least I can have a little fun with you before you leave. Yes I think I will…my name is Xellos little pretty so you know what to scream" he breathed in Wufei's ear.

Wufei's eyes widened as he struggled to push the man named Xellos away. Xellos released Wufei and preceded to rip Wufei's cloths off even as he struggled. Once stripped of all his clothes, Xellos came back to the front of Wufei grinning cruelly.

His hand once again yanked his head back by his hair and he delved Wufei's mouth. His other hand ghosted down Wufei's back making him shudder. Wufei stiffened and struggled even harder when Xellos hand went down to his rear separating the cheeks and playing with Wufei's entrance.

Wufei squeezed his eyes shut and continued to struggle. Xellos pulled back from Wufei's abused mouth, a trickle of blood ran down Wufei's chin from his split lip. Wufei opened his eyes and glared at Xellos, his only answer to Wufei's glare was a chuckle before he slammed three of his fingers into Wufei's opening.

Screaming in pain Wufei thrashed tears pricking his eyes. Xellos pulled his fingers out causing Wufei to whimper in pain. Xellos stood and unzipped his pants and slid them down showing his erection. Yanking Wufei's head back and holding Wufei's mouth open with the other Xellos used Wufei's mouth thrusting into his mouth making Wufei choke.

He continued to thrust not giving Wufei a chance to breath making him get light headed and sag in his bonds. Xellos released Wufei's mouth knowing he wouldn't have enough energy to bite him. Xellos groaned his release and pulled out of Wufei's mouth who started coughing, cum and blood dripping out of his mouth.

The chains to his wrist cuffs was loosened enough to allow Wufei to be on his hands and knees, not that he wanted to be there. Xellos knelt down behind him and positioned his renewed erection to Wufei opening and rammed into him.

Wufei screamed and tried to get away Xellos grimy hand holding him still by his hips. Tears of pain streamed down his face as his whole body trembled. Xellos continued to ram into him causing Wufei to scream every time. His screams echoed well into the night.

Whaaaaaaaah aaaaaahh aahh

I so sorry Wufei I had a good reason it part of the plot. Wufei fans Don't kill me please.

Don't worry he's going to be saved…by who I haven't figured out. that where you'll all help.

It could be..



both of the above



both of the above


all five pilots