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Tears of the Dragon

Wufei watched Duo with a frown. He just couldn't understand how Duo could be so happy all the time. Shaking his head Wufei decided to ignore Duo's weird actions and continue to read his book. Taking one last glance around the room to see what the others were doing. Wufei felt his cheeks heat and jerked his gaze away from Trowa, and Quatre who were kissing on the couch.

Wufei turned his gaze to the window a couple of inches to his left. Wufei shifted his weight on the cushioned window seat, watching the snow beat the window. He had been here for a week and a half, and his new master had yet to do anything he didn't want. And against his better judgment he was starting to relax around Heero and the others.

Though he still hadn't gotten used to how 'affectionate' they were to each other…which was understandable. One minute they would be sitting innocently doing something or other, the next they would all be in a make out session. They were all friendly to Wufei treating him like an equal. But sometimes he would catch one or the other staring at him with fierce intensity.

Sometimes he didn't know what to predict with them, he just couldn't keep two steps ahead like he always could. The only one that was vaguely predictable was Duo. Turning his head back to his book. Wufei suddenly realized Duo had stopped chattering a hundred miles a minute.

Wufei looked up but quickly snapped his attention back to his book, his cheeks stained red. Duo had joined Quatre and Trowa on the couch. Wufei blocked out his surroundings and disappeared into his reading. Not noticing the time passing, Wufei rested his head on the glass. Saying in his head he was just going to take a slight break. His eyes fluttered closed and the book fell gently in his lap.

Heero looked up from his work when Duo burst out laughing from his position on the couch. Quatre was relentlessly tickling him while Trowa looked on with a smile. Trowa's shirt was unbuttoned showing off his chest. Quatre stopped tickling Duo and leaned back against Trowa. Duo was breathing hard his cheeks flushed from laughter. Quatre leaned down and bit down gently on Duo's chin.

Duo's hand came up and cupped Quatre's cheek so he could pull him gently in for a kiss. Trowa leaned forward and started nibbling on Quatre's ear; Quatre let out a soft moan.

Heero turned his gaze to check on Wufei, Heero broke out into a gentle smile. Standing up smoothly Heero walked over the window seat Wufei was sitting on. Brushing aside a few stray strands that had escaped the ponytail he had done to keep his hair out of his face. Heero looked at Wufei's sleeping face. He looked so peaceful; he wasn't tense and ready for flight at any moment.

Heero gently scooped Wufei up without disturbing him and walked back to the couch he had been sitting on. Positioning Wufei in his lap Heero leaned back and stroked Wufei's back. Heero gently slipped off the hair band that was imprisoning Wufei's beautiful hair. His hair flowed smoothly to his shoulders almost like water.

Heero ran his hand through the loose locks, it was as soft as silk. The couch dipped and Heero looked up to see the others joining him. Duo leaned over and skimmed his lips over Wufei's soft cheek. Wufei stirred his eyes opened slowly. He blinked in confusion and looked around, opening his mouth to ask why Heero was holding him but he didn't get the chance as soft lips took his. Wufei's eyes widened when Duo gently kissed him. They all smiled when Wufei blushed and turned his gaze away.

" Hey if this snow clears up soon why don't we go for a sleigh ride." Duo said excitedly.

The other's nodded taking the sudden diversion for Wufei's sake. They all smiled again when Wufei looked relieved he wasn't the center of attention anymore.

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