Title:Daddy of Mine

Author:Neko Enchantment & Trio Spade

Beta: Kime

Summary: An accident under the full moon leads to something more when Inuyasha finds out about a gift he was left with. Will this new relationship last? And what of Inuyasha's condition? MP



Rating: M

AN:All characters and idea's of the Yu Yu Hakusho world do not belong to me. Storyline and plot are mine, alone with any original characters though so do not use without my permission please.

Authors note:

Well here's the preggie Inuyasha fic and don't worry I'll be continuing 'A Brother's Love' despite some protests that have been sent.

This fic takes place after all the shards from shikon no tama have been collected.

Daddy of Mine

It had been three weeks since the 'incident.' Kagome and the others didn't know it had even happened,and Inuyasha was working on forgetting, as his brother was most likely trying to do as well. All the others knew was that he was moodier then usual. They didn't know the reason, and when they questioned Inuyasha they got snapped at. So they left it alone.

How the incident with Sesshoumaru and himself had even taken place was beyond Inuyasha. They both couldn't stand each others presence. If they were near each other for more than ten second they wanted to kill each other. Yet somehow they had managed to sleep together, then leave without so much as calling each other a foul name.

Of course they were now avoiding each other like the plague, wondering what the hell they were thinking. Sesshoumaru hadn't attacked them for three weeks. Unusual for him because he wants Tetsaiga so bad.

Along with his crabbiness over that, Inuyasha also had been feeling queasy all morning which made his mood even worse. Inuyasha dropped down from his tree and ran toward the village intent on getting Kaede to figure out what was wrong with him.

Inuyasha spotted Kagome chatting with Sango about getting married to Hojo soon, but only spared them a fleeting glance before continuing on his way.

Kaede gladly took a look at Inuyasha running various test by giving Inuyasha different potions, and putting a single hair in each to see what color it turned. Each potion remained its original color.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with you Inuyasha." Kaede said.

"There has to be, I've been feeling sick all morning!" Inuyasha said with a frown.

"What are your symptoms?" Kaede asked.

"Well I feel nauseous, especially in the morning, I'm hungrier than usual, and I noticed I'm really moody, and there are a couple of others." Inuyasha said.

"Would the others be having to go to the bathroom more often, back pains, and sudden flashes of tiredness?" Kaede asked, hoping Inuyasha would say no.

"Yeah, you on to something?" Inuyasha asked.

Kaede quickly got another potion asking Inuyasha to put a single strand of hair in the bowl that held the potion.

"If you don't figure it out soon I won't have any hair left to put in the potions." Inuyasha muttered.

Kaede ignored him watching the potion intently. Gasping when the potion turned from a milky white to a dazzling blue.

"What! What is it?" Inuyasha demanded, not liking the gasp from Kaede.

"Your pregnant.." Kaede murmured.

Inuyasha gapped at Kaede.

"Pregnant? But I'm a boy I cant be…Pregnant.." Inuyasha said.

"Don't tell me you haven't heard of the 'Chico Embarazo' gene?" Kaede said.

"Yeah I've heard of it." Inuyasha said.

"It seems not only do you have the gene but…." Kaede trailed off.

"Yeah….I have to go away for awhile.." Inuyasha said in a dazed sorta voice.

"Why?" Kaede said.

"Dog-demons can get dangerous when they're pregnant." Inuyasha said, as he left the house taking off toward the forest.

A couple of days passed, Inuyasha moving farther away from Kagome and the others, leaving false tracks just incase they decided to follow him.

Inuyasha stumbled to a halt, one hand over his mouth, the other over his slightly bigger stomach. Inuyasha ducked into the bushes emptying the contents of his stomach onto the forest floor. Dog-demons pregnancies were slightly different each time. They could last for nine months like a human pregnancy, or they could last five or six months.

By the way his belly was growing, it looked like he was going to have a six month pregnancy at most. Leaning against a tree, Inuyasha waited out the bout of nausea before continuing on his way.

Inuyasha skidded to a halt underneath an apple tree. Jumping up and grabbing a few before continuing his cross country run. Inuyasha munched happily on the apples. Apples seemed to settle well in his stomach and he had been having an immense craving for them.

Inuyasha only stopped running when the sun began to set, not including bathroom, and food breaks. He settled at the edge of a cliff watching the sun set, placing one hand on his stomach protectively, before leaning his back against a tree and falling to sleep.

Authors Note:

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