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Daddy of Mine


That was just creepy. The smile that Sesshomaru had given him earlier was just plain creepy. Smirk yes, grin ok, but actuly smiling? What the freaking hell! Sure, Inuyasha had seen him smiling as he laid listening to the pups, but he had been barely awake and groggy as all hell. Disturbing as it may be, Inuyasha had to agree with himself, Sesshomaru did look so much better smilling. He chuckled slightly as he shifted his weight to roll onto his other side.

After that relaxing bath, Sesshomaru had insisted that Inuyasha went and laid down. He had argued for a moment before he tiredly gave in. Unfortunately, now he was awake, and quite happy to stay right where he was on the soft bed. The main problem being it allowed him time to think, and that was bad. He thought about his friends.

He had left suddenly while they slept without so much as a note. Kagome and the others were going to be furious with him. He sighed, nothing he could do about it now though. Maybe Sesshomaru would do him a favor and send a letter telling them where he was and that he was perfectly fine. Yeah, that was it! He could even ask if they could visit! . . . .

Inuyasha became crestfallen at this. Sesshomaru whouldn't let a bunch of humans into the castle that weren't there as help. He heaved a sigh as he gently stroked his bulging belly under the robe that Sesshomaru had wrapped him in after their bath. The babe's were settling down now that he wasn't running around. He hadn't relized how hard it was going to be travling while pregnat. He also didn't relize how active his pups were going to be at three months.

Thinking about his pregnancy, Inuyasha raised the hand he had tucked under his head and began to tick off time to try and figure out how far he was.

"Hmmm, I have been through about 1, 2, -"

"You're nearly four months along."

Inuyasha yelped at the sound of his brothers voice, jumping to sit up on the bed, he glared at the older Inu. Inuyasha had been trying to count out how many new moons he had been through and had not hear his mate come in. His glare softened though, when Sesshomaru came closer and wrapped strong arms around him.

"Three months, two weeks, and two days to be precise." Sesshomaru stated. Inuyasha sighed as he leaned into Sesshomarus warm chest.

"Damn it, I feel like I should be like six."

"Your carrying twins, the feelings are going to be doubbled." Sesshomaru explained.

"You can count my size into that factor too." A small smile twiched at the corrner of Sesshomaru's mouth at his mates growth.

"I think my pregnancy is going to be a short one."

"How so,"

"Our pups are so active. I don't think they sould be so soon." Inuyasha's brow knitted together at the thought, as Sesshomaru moved to sit next to him. He watched as his mate fixed some pillows against the head board before leaning against them, and pulling him to lay on his mates chest between his legs. Inuyasha became comfortable immediately. It was wonderful to be able to talk to Sesshomaru like this. Not to mention talk about his pregnancy and what might be going on.

"They are probably taking after you."

"Hu? What do you mean?"

"When your mother was pregnant with you she had been worried. About halfway through her third month, you started to become active early also. She was afraid that she would deliver you too early but she carried you the full nine human months." Sesshomaru paused as he strocked the top of Inuyasha's head. "You will more than likely carry them for the full nine."

Inuyasha nodded. It was nice to hear about his mother, even if was only a little bit. That thought seemed to continue before looping back to his friends and the family that they had become. The more he thought about them the sadder he became. The sader he became, the harder it was for him to supress the urge to cry, till finally tears began to fall. Silently, the droplets slicked their was down Inuyasha's cheek and onto Sesshomaru's clothes.

The scent of salt and his mate had been the first thing to penetrate his haze of calm, and alert him of his mates quiet tears. The second had been the feel of the silk robe he wore becoming slightly damp with the moisture. worriedly, he reach a hand down and tipped Inuyasha's face up so he could look clearly at him. After searching his mates face he found a deep sadness and the need for something he could not place.

"What is it that troubles you my saiai tsugai no aite?"1 Sesshomaru questioned gently.

Inuyasha felt his face warm with the endearment. He wared with himself, debatting if he should tell his mate, ask if his friends could come and visit, or just say it was a unprovoked mood swing. Lieing was out of the question, he suck at it, horribly, as a certain monk had once told him. But he couldn't ask, not till he really knew how things were going to work, being mated to Sesshomaru and all. Telling straight out what was wrong seemed like a bad idea also, he didn't want to hurt his mate's feelings after all. Inuyasha gave up deciding just to do all three and call it good.

"Your pups are just making me a little moody. I guess I miss my companions a little, I left without telling them anything." Inuyasha confesed.

"I'll send Jaken out to fetch them for a visit in the morning." Sesshomaru stated. No other questions were asked as he gently wiped the tear trails from younger Inu's soft cheeks.

Inuyasha blinked. Sesshomaru had just stated that he was going to let a bunch of 'humans' come and visit. Brows furrowed, Inuyasha scrutanized Sesshomaru's face. Even going as far as to bring a soft hand up and check for temperature.

"I think our pups are affecting my hearing. I thought I just heard you say something about letting humans come and visit." Inuyasha whispered.

"I did. You are lonely here and need to tell your companions that you will no longer be travling with them."

"WHAT! I can't do that! I'm the only one strong enough in that group to take the major brunt of Narku!" Inuyasha hollered as he raised up looking down at Sesshomaru, who gained a glare as he looked directly into Inuyasha's eyes.

"That is precisely why you won't go. Revenge or not, I will not have my mate put in any form of danger, Especially with pups to care for." Sesshomaru said strongly as he moved his hands down to rub Inuyasha's distended belly gently. Inuyasha calmed down and laid back down.

"You need to rest and it is becoming late." Sesshomaru whispered. Ending their discussion, he moved the both of them around slightly so they were in the center of the bed before covering them up. Inuyasha wanted to protest, to say that this discussion was not over, but. . . he was getting tired.

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1 Belovid mate