Alright, I'm going to try this story again. I started it, but deleted it after getting bored. So I shall try not to this time and keep going! Warning, first time writing a Harry Potter story, and of course I had to make it a Hermione/Draco one, because I love that pairing. Also warning that this is if "Harry Potter and Half Blooded Prince" didn't happen. So I guess it's a bit of a AU fic. ANYWAY…..hope you enjoy it! Review please!


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"Get the door!" Draco Malfoy yelled after swallowing a bite of his ham sandwich. The chimes rang and echoed through the empty halls again. He threw his half eaten sandwich down on his plate. Muttering something about never finding good help, he made his way to the entrance hall. Once again the chimes rang throughout the halls. "I'm coming!" He screamed at the door, worried that it might be something important for his father.

Draco reached the door and pulled it open. "Yes?" he asked in a bored drawl. "What do you want?" He stared at a man who looked to be in his early 40's, and wearing outlandish wizard clothes of green, blue, and gold. When Draco looked up into the man's face, he became startled. I know those eyes, he thought to himself.

The man looked behind Draco and was scanning the room. "Are you Draco?" he asked with a heavy Irish accent.

"Yes…" He answered uncertainty. "What do you want?" He asked again.

The stranger seemed to stare at him with astonishment before his cloak flew around Draco….


"Honestly, Harry!" Hermione screamed as her book flew from her hands. At the particular moment she was reading about the use of Pygmy sweat to reduce major swellings, Harry was demonstrating a spectacular save that Bill had done that summer while playing Quiddich at the Burrow and kicked her book away. She walked over to pick up her copy of Everyday Injuries and Magical Remedies scowling. Brushing dirt off the cover she glared at Harry as if he had just kicked a kitten across the train compartment.

"Err…sorry 'mione" he said sheepishly.

"Yeah, yeah, I bet you are." She plopped back down in her seat. As she did the sun reflected off of her new Head Girl badge and made it glimmer, instantly raising her dingy mood.

"You know," she began in a dreamy voice, "I honestly didn't think I would get it." Ron and Harry both rolled their eyes and began talking hurriedly about tryouts this year, trying to cut her off. So Hermione began reading again with a huff. She glanced over the top of her book at them.

"So who do you think is Head Boy?" She asked, venturing at a conversation that she could relate to.

"We already agreed it's Malfoy," said Ron with a snort. "I don't understand that. Sure he gets the best grades under you Hermione, but he shouldn't be Head Boy."

"Yeah, I thought they picked Head Boys and Girls by their grades AND moral," interjected Harry.

"Well, Snape probably built him up to Dumbledore." Hermione said after flicking a page over.

"Oh I can just hear it." Ron brought his hands together in his lap and looked up as if he was talking to the headmaster, his eyes going wide and dewy. "Honestly, headmaster! Young Draco spends every minute of his spare time tending for abandoned children and reading to the blind, and if he's not doing either of those then he's off gathering flowers to add a bit of color to the dingy Slythern dorm rooms!"

Harry barked with laughter while Hermione gave a small smile and a shake of her head, but they were interrupted by a small owl tapping at the window. Ron opened the window and the owl flew inside, it gave a quick glance at the trio and Hedwig, as she puffed up in alarm, before flying out the compartment door. They looked outside and witnessed 2 or 3 more owls coming into compartments along the train.

"Bet it was Neville's gran saying that he forgot something," said Ron knowingly.

A loud bang made them all look up at their compartment door. As a small ball of fire flew past the window emitting feathers, Harry was the first to open the door with Hermione right behind. As she walked into the hall she was pushed onto the ground. A surprised Draco Malfoy was on top of her. She watched him close his eyes and push himself away from her. When he opened them he glared, his red eyes burning with pure hatred.

"Don't EVER touch me you filthy, vile mudblood. You disgusting piece of trash. Don't ever come near me again." He pushed Harry away and stormed off.

"Well nice to know he's doing well." Harry reached down a hand to lift up Hermione. "Really, Hermione you don't have to cry, it was just Malfoy being himself."

She stood up in confusion. "What? I'm not crying." She reached up to feel her cheek and felt a small bit of wetness. Her mind flashed to his red eyes. "Malfoy was crying." She whispered to herself.