Chapter 9 The New Edition

Disclaimer I own nothing except the plot of the story the rest of it doesn't belong to me I wish anyway Toru and Hikaru were borrowed with permission from ThUnDeRhEaRt.

Seiya got back home in 15 minutes snuck in the house only to find no one was home which was better for him to hide the R.L in the linen closet without the risk of Serena or Rini finding it. He was also quite worried if they weren't home that means he could have.." his thoughts were cut off as he heard Rini yell from downstairs


"How long have you guys been gone? How did you guys leave without me knowing?" Seiya wondered not to look suspicious.

"15 minutes and we went out the back" Rini replied.

"Seiya, I have good news and bad news which do you want to hear first?" Serena chimed in.

"The bad" he said without hesitation.

"The baby is Darien's" Serena answered in a low voice.

"WHAT? Your pregnant I thought.." and with that he collapsed.

"Rini sweetie can you do me a favor and sleep over at a friends house so your father and I can talk?" Serena asked.

"No problem mom I'll stay at Tara's place I'll go and pack some clothes." Rini replied as then ran upstairs to pack.

"Seiya wake up sweetheart" Serena said as she patted his face with a wet cloth.

"Bye mom" Rini called from the back.

"Later sweetie" Serena called then Seiya woke up.

"Where is she going?" Seiya asked not knowing what was going on.

"Tara's because we need some time alone to discuss this." Serena stated

Tara's House

"Thank you for letting me stay Mrs. Espinoza sorry it's such short notice" Rini said as she entered the house.

"It isn't a problem besides Toru has missed you like mad and won't shut up about you." Hikaru replied. Rini blushed just as Toru walked in

"Hey Ri what's up?" Toru asked.

"Nothing much How have you been?" Rini replied.

"Alright I guess, better now" Toru replied with a wink which made rini blush even more.

"Let's go Rini!" Tara said as she dragged Rini away to her room. "Don't get any ideas Rini my moms home til 12!" Tara mentioned that with a wink.

"kk" Rini replied smiling


"Knock Knock sexy" Rini said as she knocked on Toru's bedroom door.

"Hey Ri come on in" he said as he opened the door long enough for her to walk in and shut the door.

Serena's House

"Serena I won't have you killing this child no matter who the father is" Seiya said as soon as Serena opened her mouth.

"What will we do then?" Serena asked.

"Raise it as our own or give it up for adoption whichever you want to do sweetie" Seiya replied.

"I don't want to make any decisions until Rini gets home I mean she's part of this family too and should have a say in all this" Serena stated.

"Alright then we won't bring this back up until Rini comes home later on today." Seiya replied and that was the end of it.