This is not a chapter but rather a note.

I have read the whole story all over again and found myself not satisfied with the way I handled some characters. I also made some mistakes in the plot. To add to this, the fact is that my grammar has improved dramatically and that I now use a spell check program.

For all those reasons, the story is being rewriten. In order to learn of how the story will continue (as well as read the changes to the plot), please read "Beginning of the End? REVIVAL".

As for now, this version of the story is now "completed". I am leaving it on the site for all those of you who might want to continue reading it once in a while.

I thought you would all appreciate that I told you about it rather than leave you all in the dark about the original version's status.

I sincerely hope that the Revival version will please all those of you who liked the original! Thank you for your reviews and comments, everyone!

Have a nice day everyone.