After the Rains: Epilogue

Author: BitterEloquence

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Dawn had come and gone with neither Kakashi or Iruka noticing.

Morning had come and was near gone by the time the sharp knocking on Kakashi's door finally roused either man and the jounin shot a grumpy look at the clock sitting on his nightstand. It read eleven and since even his sleep-fogged mind couldn't not notice the cheerful light peeking through the curtains, he could only decide it was in the morning.

Ugh….it was bright and he was tempted to drag the covers over his head again and snuggle up into the warm body curling into his own. It took Kakashi a moment to process the fact that there was a warm body sleeping in his bed but he caught on quickly enough as memories from the previous night came back to him with a jolt. It was enough to waken him enough to actually recognize that the annoying knocks on his front door were indeed real and not a cruel figment of his imagination.

Another grumble could be heard as he unhappily uncurled himself from Iruka's body and grabbed up a robe which was carelessly thrown across a chair and stumbled to the door. He opened it with a yawn and a bleary rattle of locks to glower sullenly at Genma who stood there chewing impatiently on the senbon in his mouth. "wahya wan?" The arm that rose to cover his yawn also masked his face from view.

Translation: What do you want?

Genma smirked in amusement as Kakashi poked his head out the door and glowered at him. The silver-haired jounin's typically mussed hair was spectacularly mussed with a serious case of bedhead now and that seemed to amuse the darker haired jounin to no end. "Morning sunshine,"

Kakashi contemplated the effectiveness of flipping Genma off and slamming the door in his face but decided against it since that would take more effort then he was willing to exert this hour of the morning. "What. Do. You. Want?" There, with careful enunciation he even managed to make his irritation clear as he uttered those icy words with a tired scratch to his cheek. The sleeve of his robe now his hid face from view as those wild silver strands fell in complete disorder around that hidden visage.

The lack of warmth was what woke Iruka.

That and the murmur of voices out in the other room; he sleepily raised his head to look around blearily for Kakashi. When he didn't see the other man, he sat up with a huge yawn and rubbed sleepily at his still blurry eyes. "Kakashi?"

Both men missed his sleepy mutter as Kakashi leaned against the wall, propping his arm up against the door and waited for Genma to explain why he'd so rudely awakened him before the jounin gave into the urge to throw a kunai or two at the smirking Genma. A sleepy glare given to Genma then over the sleeve of that old robe as Kakashi yawned once more into the soft material.

"We got a mission. Seems like Iruka-sensei was kidnapped or something in the middle of the night." That had Kakashi perking up and he blinked in surprise as Genma continued. "Apparently he never showed up for class this morning and when someone went to go check on him, they found his paperwork strewn all over the place and his keys lying near the door. A neighbor says they heard him talking to someone but that's about all we know."

"Fuck me!" That loud proclamation from Kakashi's bedroom had both men looking back as a furious looking Iruka stormed from the room to the bathroom. "Why didn't you set the alarm? I'm so fucking late it defies words! And where are my clothes, Kakashi I want them back now, dammit!" Genma looked like someone had just hit him upside the head with a large stick or a brick.

Of course, the fact that Iruka had been as naked as the day he'd been born when he marched past might have had something to do with that. When the grumpy chuunin stormed from the bathroom again, his lower half thankfully covered in a towel, it was a small relief….though the suggestive rubbing of Iruka's rear was doing little to help Genma's already overwhelmed brain catch up.

"Gods my back is killing me, this is all your fault Kaka-" About that time, Iruka finally got a good look at his new lover and the surprised looking Genma standing in the doorway. "Awww… hell…." He squeaked and Iruka disappeared in the bedroom faster then Korean barbeque in front of Choji.

There was the soft chink of metal as the senbon fell to the ground as it slipped from Genma's lax and shocked mouth.

Kakashi merely smirked and covered his smirk with a pale hand while lazily leaning against the wall. "As you can see, Iruka-sensei is fine so I think you can go call off your manhunt, hmmn?"

Dazed and shocked green eyes looked to Kakashi and Genma numbly nodded before a slender hand rose to rub at his eyes. "Yeah….I'll uh…see you later…" And with that, the jounin was gone, both amused and shocked at what he'd just seen. It was prime and ripe gossiping material however and he quickly headed to find both Raidou and the rest of the shinobi ordered to track Iruka down.

This was better then when a shell-shocked Kotetsu had let slip that there was more going on between the new Hokage and a certain Frog Hermit!

Once Genma had left, Kakashi shut the door and strolled lazily back into his bedroom. The human-sized lump under his covers told Kakashi where his lover was and he sat on the edge of the bed with a chuckle to pat it gently. "Relax, Iruka. It would have gotten out eventually."

"Shut up, this is all your fault." That sulky mutter came from under the blankets and Kakashi lifted the covers to grin at the furiously blushing chuunin.

"Not my fault you came storming out into the hallway naked as a jaybird." Iruka just groaned and curled into a mortified ball.

"Oh Gods…I'm never going to live this down."

"If it's any consolation, the look on Genma's face was priceless…" He tried to draw Iruka into his arms though the sulky chuunin fought to squirm away. "I'd suggest you try and play it off like you fell asleep here because you lost your keys but I'm afraid because of the way you were…er…rubbing your ass I doubt anyone would believe it." Iruka shot him a disgruntled glare and sat up with a growl.

"It hurts dammit." Sadly, the pain in his rear was of no fault of Kakashi's, or rather, it wasn't his fault in the way it would no doubt be rumored however. Kakashi had been trying to grope him the night before after their steamy shower and that had startled Iruka enough for the chuunin to slip and fall in the water on the floor…

That particular explanation lacked the juiciness of the rumors no doubt beginning to spread already thanks to a certain loud-mouthed senbon-chewing jounin

"How long till you think the Hokage hears….?" That chagrined and dismayed tone of voice compelled Kakashi to cup the side of Iruka's face and guide it up enough for him to kiss the chuunin.

"Oh I'd say about fifteen minutes. Get up and get dressed. We'll go explain what happened and try and salvage what little of your reputation still remains untarnished." Another lingering kiss and Iruka was more tractable as Kakashi pulled the covers back from that tanned form and moved so Iruka could scoot off the bed.

"Tarnished, huh?" A bemused smile was gifted to the jounin as Iruka crawled from the bed. Kakashi stepped outside long enough to fetch Iruka's now clean and dry uniform and he tossed the pile of clothes at his lover.

"Yep…don't worry, a few weeks in my company and I'll have sufficiently ruined your reputation. I'm a bad influence you know."

"I noticed. A day into things and you've already managed to make me late for work. "A chagrined look was tossed at the clock as he quickly yanked on his various under-things and uniform. For a man known for being lazy, Kakashi could get dressed in a hurry as well and he was done about the same time as Iruka though he'd yet to pull up the mask which would hide him from the rest of the world.

"Do you….regret last night?" Gods, that was harder to ask then he'd thought possible. Kakashi swallowed nervously and lied to himself by mentally stating that he didn't care either way. Sex was sex and while the sex had been great, it wasn't anything to get excited over…right? Iruka looked up in surprise as that hesitantly asked question met his ears. Those dark eyes were wide with shock and were anything but coy as he stared at Kakashi for an instant in flustered dismay.

"Are you kidding me?" Was it even possible for Iruka to lie about his feelings? It would appear the chuunin was either unable or unwilling to mask his intentions. It was oddly refreshing to watch the creep of color across his cheeks and know it wasn't some coy or planned attempt at innocence. "Look, you're annoying as hell sometimes and drive me up a wall but if you think I regretted what happened last night, you really are an idiot." That fierce reply was also oddly endearing and Kakashi found himself unwillingly charmed by that fiery comment and he swept in to kiss Iruka passionately in answer. The chuunin returned it just a passionately and by the time they parted, both were breathless and had all but forgotten their original intentions to seek out the Hokage.

"We…need to go." Kakashi panted out softly, his breath hot and moist across Iruka's lips as he tried to convince himself to break away from the desirable chuunin. Iruka nodded dazedly and stepped back with a sigh.

"Let's go…we can…er…continue this later. After I find my keys of course," Iruka raked a hand through his hair, finger-combing it out for lack of anything else…judging by Kakashi's unruly mop of silver hair, the chances of the jounin having a brush or a comb for that matter seemed slim to none.

"Oh? Didn't you hear? They found your keys near your doorstep apparently." Kakashi put in silkily with a mischievous smile as he drew up his mask. Iruka's eyes narrowed slightly and he eyed the jounin for a long moment though Kakashi merely smiled in that 'I'm so innocent' manner of his.

"You don't say." The doubting note in Iruka's voice only had Kakashi chuckling on the inside as he moved to capture his lover's hand in his own. "That's mighty convenient…"

"Isn't it though?" Kakashi wondered mildly as he drew Iruka towards the door and beyond. "Come on, Iruka, let's get to the Hokage and save what's left of your reputation." Now that they were outside of his apartment, Kakashi knew he wasn't allowed to be as openly affectionate with Iruka and as he locked the door behind him by clicking the lock, he squeezed the chuunin's hand on last time before letting it drop. Iruka looked around and when he saw the coast was clear, a gentle nuzzle found Kakashi's cheek before he drew back to a more acceptable distance.

"Did you grab your keys?"

"….oh shit….."

"You didn't….." Iruka could only stare at Kakashi with wide and disbelieving eyes. Kakashi laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "You did….didn't you…" A chagrined look from the chuunin then as he shook his head. "Idiot…." This was said with an affectionate smile as wry amusement touched Iruka's eyes.

"But a lovable one, hmmn?"

"Heh,come on, we'll go see Tsunade-sama and then worry about getting you into your apartment. I think we should both invest in like a potted plant or something to hide a spare key under."

"Nah, oldest trick in the book…" Kakashi grinned and leaned an elbow on Iruka's shoulder as they walked towards the administrative building where Tsunade's office was. "Maybe you should give me a copy of the key so I can come molest you in the middle of the night…er…I mean watch it for you." That lascivious leer could be seen even through the thin material of Kakashi's mask and Iruka shoved him away with a snort.

"Pervert," Their affectionate teasing would last the entire trip to the Hokage's office and Kakashi silently acknowledged that the day had started out on a definite positive note.

Even if he had woken up before noon which was usually a check-mark in the negative column.

Of course, considering he'd woken up next to Iruka, that was bound to start the day off on a good step no matter what time he woke up and the silently promised himself to try and test that particularly theory tomorrow and as many days as it took to prove it to be either true or false.

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