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In this Heart

Waking, Attempting to Visit and Obscene Amounts of Coffee

To be perfectly honest, Nymphadora Tonks thought she was dead. How could anyone feel so much pain and be alive? But then, people said pain was a way of telling that you were alive. Maybe she was burning in Hell, she thought. That would hurt.

She let out a pitiful moan. Thinking made her head hurt!

"Nympha?" a voice beside her asked hopefully.

Cracking an eye open Tonks saw a blurry vision of Andromeda Tonks- a very tired looking Andromeda Tonks at that- her mother sitting in an uncomfortable hospital chair nursing a cold cup of coffee in a disposable cup. Well, that solved the mystery of where she was.

"Wotcher Mum," Tonks croaked, voice hoarse. Rubbing her eyes she studied her mother. Andromeda did indeed look exhausted and drawn but tears of joy were trickling down her already stained face.

The youngest Tonks tried to sit up but to no avail as the pain that wracked her body increased ten fold. Lying back again she surveyed the room. It was privet; no doubt the Order had made sure of that. She wrinkled her nose in distaste at the colour of the walls. White, all very boring. The place was littered with coffee cups and stank of their contents. Her father Ted Tonks was sitting sleeping in a chair, one of the offending items balancing precariously on his knee. Andromeda shook him awake.

"Wha-?" The cup toppled and the brown liquid spilled over his robes and the tiled floor below.

Swearing under his breath he stood up, whipped out his wand and cleaned his robes with the muttering of a spell. Andromeda tugged gently on him and gestured to the bed where his daughter was grinning at him. He started at the sight of her awake and slipped on the wet floor as he tried to make his way over to her. Ted landed hard on the floor with a thump on his rump. This made his daughter laugh and his wife shake her head woefully.

Grinning at his little girl he asked, "How are you feeling Sweetheart?" She raised her eyebrows at him. "Stupid question, I get it," he pulled himself off the floor.

Andromeda launched into explanation on what had happened, anticipating her offspring's questions. "Albus Dumbledore told us that you had been hurt during business," she emphasised the word. She now knew all about the Order but was wise enough not to mention it in a public building, "but he wasn't able to tell us what had really happened. It was Remus Lupin who told us the entire story." She took a deep breath. "Was Bellatrix really the one who- who hurt you?" She watched her expectantly for an answer.

Tonks closed her eyes. Remus told them? Well, at least he was alive, hopefully unhurt. But who else was in the same condition? As for her, yes, she knew it was her Auntie Bella who had left her in this sorry state, but she was aware that her mother was clinging onto a thread of hope that her sister could be redeemed from her evil ways.

"Yes, it was Bellatrix Lestrange." Tonks had never been one for tact. Her mother gasped and she heard her father let out something resembling a growl. Now she asked her own questions. "What about the others? Did everyone get out alive?"

Opening her eyes again she caught her parents exchange a nervous look with mournful faces. Not good, screamed a voice in her head.

"Nymphadora…" began Ted. Definitely not a good sign. He never called her by her name. It was always 'Sweetheart' or 'Love'.

Tonks braced herself for the worse.

Remus Lupin strode down the corridors of St. Mungo's looking like a man with a mission. Each of the three days since the incident in the Ministry of Magic he had walked up to the fourth floor of the hospital. Why?

Nymphadora Tonks. The name spelt trouble, usually because the young woman behind it was so clumsy and was always tripping over her own feet. But not this time, this time Tonks had been admitted to the Spell Damage ward because the incident had been a lethal fight.

This time yesterday Tonks had still been unconscious, her parents by her bedside, watching their only daughters every breath. Now Remus knew the way to the privet room, he didn't even need to stop and ask what number it was.

Turning the final corner he approached Room 86657 he noticed the door lay ajar. Peeking in, he saw a man throwing coffee cups into a bin hovering beside him while he waved his wand, stripping the bed and muttered something about not getting a pay rise.

"What's going on?" Remus's voice had gone strangely hoarse and his heart pounded painfully against his chest.

The man turned round and said gruffly, "What does it look like? I'm having a tea party? Well, a coffee party," he dropped another cup into the bin.

"But Tonks? The girl who was in this room before, where is she?"

The cleaner grinned maliciously at Remus's obvious distress. "How should I know? Probably kicked the bucket, so to speak, just like everyone else!"

It was a rare occurrence when Lupin wanted to punch someone so badly. Now was one of those times. Striding out of the room he broke into a run. Almost sending an old woman flying as he darted down the stairs, he received several angry glares or remarks, but they brushed off him.

By the time he had reached the help desk he was out of breath.

"Yes sir, how can I help you?" The young witch was blond, filing her nails, reading a magazine on beauty tips and was wearing a fluorescent pink blouse that almost blinded poor Remus. Looking up at the panting man who was wild with terror she said with a falsely kind voice, "Okay sir, let's get you back to the mental ward."

She tried taking his arm and leading him away but he shrugged her off babbling, "Room 86657- Spell Damage- Nymphadora Tonks- What? Where?"

Thinking for a moment on why this man was having a mid-life crisis and listening to his almost incoherent ramblings helped the witch get the gist of what was going on. She let go of him and searched for the Metamorphmagus. "Tonks… Tonks… ah! Here we go!"

Remus was drumming his fingers on the desk expectantly. "Well…?"

The woman sighed and snapped, "Privet Room 65 on the fourth floor. When you get up the stairs go to the end of the first corridor on your left then turn right. Fifth door down. Can't miss it."

Calling out his thanks, Remus Lupin once again strode through St. Mungo's like a man on a mission.

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