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A Change of Scene

Tonks had been pacing her room in St. Mungo's for about an hour. Her mother had stopped in for a few minutes before going to work. Andromeda had helped her pack the small bag of clothes, toiletries, presents and cards. This turned out to be quite a chore for even the most skilled magical packer as there was simply not enough room for all the get-well gifts she had received in the rucksack.

In fact, Tonks noticed as she crushed all the cards into the bag, the entire Order had signed a card that was readable for only her. Healers who had come poking their noses in where they didn't belong had all commented on the- blindingly colourful seemed like an understatement- card from her boyfriend, as that was how it had read to them. It had taken a few moments for the confused Tonks to realise that it had been charmed!

She had spent a particularly boring afternoon wondering how on earth the Order had persuaded Snape to sign. While the rest of them had written in brightly coloured, flashing ink, dear Severus had written in a dull, boring black.

But she had laughed at the names of her friends which had succeeded in their job at cheering her up. Their twinkling reminded her of the electric fairy lights that Muggles put on their Christmas Trees. When she had visited her Granny Tonks at Christmas when she was little, she had morphed her hair to match the rapidly changing bulbs.

The magical force required for the morphing had eventually interfered with the electrical currant and fused all the bulbs. Not that that incident stopped her repeating the performance the following year!

Her father, however, had not taken so lightly to the card. For him too, it read like a message from a mysterious lover. It had taken a considerable amount of time to convince Ted that she was single- for the mean time!

Tiring of her constant pacing the now boringly dull room, Tonks stared at her reflection in the small mirror, which was completely inadequate for full-body morphing. Her hair was a violent shade of turquoise and shoulder-length. Frowning, she screwed up her eyes and let it change at its own will. Opening her eyes once more she stared at the bright pink, spiky hair.

That was how he liked it.

Who was he? Sirius, she told herself.

'Remus,' muttered her subconscious.

She compromised by deciding on both.

What was with her sudden obsession with Remus? That was, if you could really call it an obsession. He was a good friend of hers and of Sirius's. He had mourned with her, consoled her and reassured her during the week that she had been awake.

That was it. Full stop.

"Ready, Tonks?" A gruff voice barked from behind her.

Jumping a foot in the air and spinning around to find the person whose voice box had vibrated to create the noise, Tonks almost fell over her own feet.

"Merlin! Mad-Eye! I've been in here long enough already! I don't want to be stuck in this place for another week because you've given me a heart attack!" She clutched her heart melodramatically.

Moody's scarred mouth twisted upwards into a smile. "What floor do I take you for illness due to shock?" Then he added the only two words that were missing. "Constant vigilance!"

Tonks grabbed her backpack and swung it over as she glowered at him. "How should I know? I've been confined to this," she gestured to the white-walled room that they were in, "since I woke up! I need a change of scenery!"

Her companion shook his head wearily at her and beckoned for her to move. "Will you come now? Or should I leave you here until we get back from the station?"

Within moments, Mad-Eye's wooden leg was heard clunking down the hall at a ferocious rate and his voice calling out, "Tonks! Wait for me lass!"

Before entering Muggle London, Moody pulled out his bowler hat from somewhere inside his rather voluminous cloak. Tonks whipped it off his head playfully as he drew it down over his magical eye.

"Why do you wear this thing Mad-Eye?" Twirling it expertly between her fingers, she morphed into a female version of Alastor Moody- minus magical eye and wooden leg. She at a fleeting idea that if she morphed into giving herself one leg she'd have even more trouble at keeping balanced than she already did.

Moody's normal eye widened to its greatest extent at seeing himself wearing a purple Weird Sisters t-shirt and patched jeans.

Within moments the normal, or as normal as you got, Tonks was back with pink hair and all. Fixing it carefully on the man's head she strode off again calling back over her shoulder, "Come on Moody! We're going to be late!"

Moody's shocked mutters about the 'childishness of Aurors today' were drowned out by the childish Auror in question letting out a laugh followed by, "Constant vigilance and all that! Eh?"

By the time they had arrived at Kings Cross the pair had received quite a few funny stares which had nothing to do with Moody's sinister hat. Tonks had quite adamantly refused to change her hair colour to anything that might be considered less luminous.

"Wotcher Remus, Arthur, Molly, George, Fred!" Tonks greeted everyone she recognised in list formation, in one breath.

Molly jumped at the chance to inspect her, criticise St Mungo's food and basically just molly-coddle the young Metamorphmagus. After convincing Mrs Weasley that she was now in perfect health and that she had had dinner little over a couple of hours ago.

"Love the hair," muttered a hoarse, kindly voice in her ear. "It's very you." Remus was standing behind her smiling, but it still contained a hint of sadness. Then, louder this time, he added, "You two are just in time. The train should be arriving soon."

Moody's ramblings about how Tonks' disorderly behaviour had detained them were cut off as the first students filed through the barrier, unknown to the Muggles nearby.

Mrs Weasley burst into action, taking her two children in her arms, shortly followed by Harry. Tonks and Remus took the opportunity to greet Hermione.

"How are you feeling now?" Remus asked anxiously.

"Oh, I'm fine!" The teenage girl dismissed it. "What about you? Tonks?"

The conversation went on like this, avoiding mention of Sirius, for another few minutes before Hermione was whisked away by her parents' hugs and hellos.

Harry, on the other hand, seemed quite astounded by their presence; though that didn't stop him being immensely grateful.

Arthur turned towards them. "Well- shall we do it, then?" He seemed almost nervous at the prospect of confronting these Muggles. Moony remembered the tale about how the Weasley brood had demolished the Dursley's living room vividly.

"Yeah, I reckon so, Arthur." Remus didn't have to look to know that there was a grim smile etched into the gnarled and scarred face.

Then, with a wave of grief that threatened to overwhelm him, Remus was deeply reminded of the Marauders and how they would have handled this situation with great gusto.

There were no Marauders anymore. Just him now- James was dead. Peter had betrayed them. Sirius- Sirius was now dead, leaving Moony on his own. Never since the day he had found that Sirius was innocent had he believed such a thing possible. It was only now, over a week since his departure from the world of the living, did the cold, cruel reality hit Remus with a blow.

He put it aside for a moment. There were other things to be dealt with now. What would Prongs or Padfoot have said if he had induced his son- or godson, to another summer of misery?

"I am not aware that it is any of your business what goes on in my house-" Harry's uncle was speaking. So wrapped up in his own thoughts, Remus hadn't noticed the conversation had begun.

"I expect what you're not aware of would fill several books, Dursley." Good ol' Mad-Eye could come up with something witty- a talent that had been subdued until lately. Although Alastor wouldn't admit it, many of the Order believed that he was refusing to be outwitted by a junior Auror and that age and experience were well above that!

Talk of the Devil, he thought, as Tonks opened her mouth to speak, "Anyway, that's not the point." She paused and Lupin found himself predicting the next sentence. "The point is, if we find out you've been horrible to Harry-"

Why not? He knew the exact words that she would use! "-And make no mistake, we'll hear about it," he said in that infuriatingly calm voice, that could have rivalled Dumbledore's for coolness.

Tonks threw him an utterly disarming smile.

From that moment on, the 'blackmailing' was utterly oblivious to him. It wasn't until they upped to leave that he came to his senses.

"Take care, Harry. Keep in touch." A pink head nodded her agreement.

And when Harry, Hermione and the Weasley's had all left, the three remaining Order members took off to a deserted street near King's Cross, and disappeared into thin air.

When he thought about it later, Remus was surprised that he had been concentrating enough not to splinch.

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