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Lost Desire…

Chapter 1


Kagome sat at her desk staring emotionlessly into space. She then slowly walked to her drawer beside her bed. She opened it and took out a locket. It was gold in colour and was shaped inot a heart shape. She opened it and stared at it. A tear then fell and dripped onto the locket's glass surface. The locket belonged to Inuyasha, who died threeyears ago. Kagome Higurashi was eighteen now, the same age as Inuyasha when he died. The members had splited up after they found the last shard and the sacred jewel was whole again and safely guarded by Kikyo.

She could not accept that Inuyasha was truely dead.Looking at the locket's two pictures, her and Inuyasha.It brought back good and bad memories... Especially the time when Inuyasha died.


"Naraku! I'll never forgive you for what you've done!" Inuyasha shouted angrily as he drew out his tetsusaiga and pointed it at Naraku.

Naraku was floating in mid-air, with tentacles, claws and lots more of other disgusting things coming out from underneath his baboon cloak. All of Inuyasha's group was standing in front of him. Inuyasha, Kagome,Shippo, Sango and Miroku. All of them were glaring fiercely at Naraku.

They then started fighting. Kagomestood there waiting for the opportunity to strike. A tentacle came at Inuyasha at lightning speed, he stared at the tentacle, 'I can't dodge it!' suddenly an arrow shot at Naraku's tentacle.

Inuyasha turned and saw Kagome standing there holding a bow and preparing to shoot another arrow. "Annoying woman. I shall kill you." and another slimy tentacle came right at Kagome She stood there too shocked to move.

She knew it was it for her.It was goodbye to her and the world.She did not know where to run nor hide. She closed her eyes as the tentacle came at her. Blood gushed out and splattered onto her clothing and fair skin.She felt no pain though, she slowly opened her eyes. She stared at the person standing in front of her in shock. Inuyasha was shielding her and the tentacle had went right through his heart.Tears welled up in her eyes, "INUYASHA!" she shouted loudly.

"Ka... go... me..." Inuyashe replied in barely a whisper.

He collapsed onto the ground and died right in front of Kagome's eyes. "INUYASHA!" she shouted as she went towards him tears flowing down her cheeks.

She cried uncontrollably she then shouted as she looked up at Naraku, eyes filled with hate, "I shall kill you Naraku! You jerk!"

She then kept shooting arrows at him not stopping at all she just kept shooting. With the help of the others then defeated Naraku and got the very last shard. After fighting, she kneeled down beside the cold and lifeless body of Inuyasha. Before his body was burnt, Miroku gave the locket to her, "Here, take this, Kagome. He wanted to give it back to you in the first place..." He then walked off sadly.

End Of Flashback

She looked at the locket in her hands and held it close to her heart. She felt that there was no meaning living in Feudal Era so she came back to the Modern world as staying in Feudal Era would only bring bad memories. She cried once again. She has been more quiet, and emotionless after Inuyasha had died. "Kagome! Dinner!" She heard Sota shout form downstairs.

She did not reply to him, just hurriedly stuffed the locket back inot her drawer and went down. She went to sit down beside Sota and Buyo pounced onto her lap and purred lazily. She just patted him and started eating. The dinner was eaten with no words. Kagome then went upstairs silently once again. "I'm really worried for Kagome. She's been like that for three years already. She's slowly becoming a zombie. She hardly talks nowadays..." Kagome's mother said to Sota.

Sota sighed and replied, "She just can't accept what has happened... I hope she'll hgo back to normal soon..."

"But... It's already been three years! How long does it have to take!" Kaogme mother replied anxious.

Sota stood up and shrugged his shoulders and took his bowl to the kitchen. Kagome lied on her bed looking up at the ceiling thinking. She turned leaned to the right and then to the left. She finally sat up again and decided to pack her bag for tomorrow. After packing she turned off her light and fell asleep. The next day, she was awakened by the annoying ring of her alarm clock, she opened her eyes sleepily and turned off her alearm with a hard bang. She stood up and walked towards the toilet. She rinsed her cup and started brushing her teeth, her eyes half closed. She then rinsed her mouth, washed her face and wnet off to prepare for school, even though she was rather reluctant to go.She then began to comb her unkempt midnight black hair. She slunged her bag over her left shoulder and went out of the house. She slowly walked down the path leading to the school. She sighed and continued walking. When she was about to walk into the school, she thought she caught a glimpse of familiar whitish silver hair. She turned and nobody was they, 'Maybe it's just my imagination.' and she entered the school grounds.

"Students!" A teacher shouted loudly trying his best to quieten the class down. The classsat back to their own places and kept extremely quiet. You could practically hear a needle fall onto the ground.The teacher cleared his throat and spoked loudly, "We have a new student in class today."

A student walked in arrogantly, folding his arms and glaring at them. "He's Inuyasha. He'll be in your class from this day onwards."

Kagome immediately perked up she thought she had heard the name, 'Inuyasha' she turned to face the arrogant boy standing in front of the whole class. "Inuyasha?" she said to herself.

The boy standing in front of them had silvery white hair and golden yellow eyes. His hair was short. He wore a white t-shirt on the inside and a red jacket on the outside. He wore jeans andblack walking shoes. (You know, those 'converse' type shoes which are flat based?) All of the students stared at him and starting discussing among each other about why was his hair white, and his eyes in such a wierd colour. Kagome did not care about thta she was only shocked at who was standing in front of the class. Confusion was in her mind. She had thousands of questions but no answers. "Inuyasha, you'll have to wear your uniform by next week. Now, go take a sit." The teacher said to him.

He walked off without saying a word and sat down beside the window. 'Inuyasha? The Inuyasha?' Kagome kept thinking.

She stared at him for one whole lesson. 'Why is his hair short? How did he end up here? Where are hiscute little doggy ears? Is he a reincarnation? It must be. He's dead.' she thought to herself.

She spent the whole lessonsearching for answers for her questions. "Okay! That's the end of this lesson.I forgotten to tellyou students something. Inuyasha needs a guide to guide him around the school. Any volunteers?" The teacher spoke loudly and confidently to the class.

Dozens of hands shot up to the air waving around eagerly, some of the girls even shouted, "ME!"

Kagome decided to raise up her hand too. Since she wanted to know about THIS Inuyasha andbeing his guide may help her. "Kagome Higurashi." Theteacher said as he pointed at her.

The girls whined dissapointedly. Kagome smiled and nodded her head. 'No... I don't need any dumb people to guide me around this dumb school. I'm can get around easily myself.' Inuyasha thought to himself folding his arms.

"Keh!" He then said out loud turned his head away from her and to the left.

Kagome felt angry at first by his arrogant reaction but happiness soon overwhelmed her. She smiled happily to herself. During recess Kagome showed him around the school. After the guide, Inuyasha just walked off proudly without even saying a word of thank you.

'If that Inuyasha had the necklace right now... I would have said sit to him!' Kaogme thought to herself angrily as she stomped to her recess.

After school, during lunch, Kagome saw him sitting in the corner of the canteen cross-legged eating his bowl of ramen. She walked towards him holding her bowl of hot 'udon' she just bought. She sta beside him. He turned away not looking at her, "You have already show me around the school so what why are you still lingering around me. It's not like I know you very well or something. You just some annoying school girl like all the others in the class." Inuyasha said ot her still not looking at her.

Kagome clenched her fist and teeth tightly trying her best to not shout at Inuyasha for saying those words to her. She then remembered a particular sentence, 'I don't even know you very well.' "You don't remember me." She muttered softly.

"Of course, I don't. I've never met you how can I remember somebody I've never met before?" Inuyasha said as he slurped up a few strands of ramen.

She stared at him, 'He doesn't remember... he must be the reincarnation... but how? Wait a minute. Feudal Ear and the modern world are a few hundred years apart! That must be the reason! That was what happened to me and Kikyo!' She thought to herself. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Inuyasha asked her.

Kagoem snapped out of her thoughts and smiled at him, "Oh! erm... nothing..." She said cheerfully.

Inuyasha continued eating and Kagome continued staring at him. Inuyasha suddenly slammed towooden chopsticks onto thetable and shouted pissed, "Will you stop staring already! How is a guy supposed to eat at peace with a person staring at him like that!" and glared at her.

Kagome wa staken back by his rudeness, "Well... SORRY! I didn't know it affected you so much! I'll stop staring at you then! Happy!" She shouted back at him.

Inuyasha kept silent and then began to stuff the ramen noodle into his mouth quickly. Kaogme also continued eating shovingthe udon into her mouth in anger.


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