BALACENIA: OH GOD. SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams while running around in circles* MUMMMYYYYYYY. *increases speed till legs become a whirl and tears fly freely from irises*

READER: COME BACK YOU! YOU'VE BEEN M.I.A FOR THREE YEARS ALREADY! HOW DARE YOU! I SWEAR YOU'RE GONNA JOIN THE CARCASS MOTEL* TODAY! TODAY I TELL YOU! *chases with a gigantic, human-sized sword that looks familiarly like a certain half-demon's.*

BALACENIA: NOOOOO. PLEASE! HAVE MERCY! *grabs leg and peers up pleadingly* If you kill me now, you'll have no more chapters! That's the main reason why I'm here!

READER: *Places sword at Balacenia's neck* I can always get someone else. *evil glint shines in eyes and a smirk resembling a lunatic's lifts a side of the READER's lips.*

BALACENIA: NO! T.T!! The new writer doesn't have my ideas! Er er… The new writer doesn't have the same writing style as me! The rest will be able to tell it's not me! *Desperately thinks of other things to convince the scary reader*

READER: The new writer will definitely be more diligent than you. And the readers don't cherish you, they just want a new chapter. Which you've taken freaking three years to post. *flames burn in scary eyes*

BALACENIA: *suddenly recalls* That sword's fake right! Just like that pen knife you used to threaten me with in the second part of Chapter seven! It is, isn't it! HAHA! I AIN'T SCARED ANYMORE. *stands up and places hands around the contours of my body, beaming confidently.*

READER: *raises eyebrow amusingly* Fake? *Swiftly slices the nearest grass bush into half* Fake?


(An unearthly scream is released from a certain author.)

Carcass Motel*: A slang of how people say 'death' or 'die'.

Lost Desire.


Grown up.


Reaching the foot of the steps, Kagome suddenly turned with a bright smile, "Let's go say bye to Kaede!" And cheerfully went off to the stated place.

Stunned by her sudden request, Inuyasha stood in his spot, blinked several times as he registered the information before heading off. Pushing away the thin hay-constructed curtain that blocked the entrance, he entered the tiny wooden house. Kagome acknowledged him with another small smile. Kaede waited for him to take a seat before continuing, "Are you sure you want to look for the others?"

Kagome responded with a determined nod, "I want to see how all the others are… After all, they must be worried about me…" She explained with a small smile as the eagerness in her eyes dimmed for a moment when the dreaded memory surfaced in her mind.

She suddenly turned towards the silver-hair teen beside her and flashed a grin, "Besides! I've got Inuyasha here. I should be fine." She assured the worried old lady.

Kaede scrutinized the said figure in doubt as one of her grey eyebrows rose, "He's rather useless as a human actually." She finally concluded after a moment's silence.

Insulted greatly by that comment, he slammed the wooden table with one hand and let out an outburst, "What did you say, old hag?!" Before glaring at her heatedly with fury blazing in his piercing yellow irises.

Now both grey eyebrows rose, "If he carries on like this in this world, he won't last long."

Kagome had to hold Inuyasha back just so he wouldn't launch towards Kaede, giving a sheepish smile, her pink lips separated, "I think we'll go now! Say bye, Inuyasha!"

"I HOPE WE NEVER MEET AGAIN! OLD HAG!" And that was how he bid farewell while being pushed out of the hut by the raven-haired lady.

Taking a bow and two bags of arrows just in case, she looked towards Inuyasha who was staring at the weapons in curiosity. Kagome suddenly regretted bringing him here. He did not even know how to defend himself.

All of the sudden, the image of a tentacle piercing through him flashed across her mind. Her eyes widened in trauma before she grit her teeth tight and shook her head, "No. I won't let that happen again."

Thrusting a sword in his direction, she gave a small smile and jerked her head once towards the weapon in her palm, "You'll need it." She said softly.

Looking towards the sword with his silver eyebrows raised, he took it and inspected it for a moment, smoothing the black sheathe with his index finger, he gave a boyish grin, "You're serious, aren't you?" And strapped it across his chest, leaving it to dangle at his back.

She gave a smile that flaunted her straight white teeth, "Will you stay with me throughout?" She questioned hesitantly, clasping the strap of her arrow bag tight.

A boyish grin appeared again as his yellow eyes sparkled with a slight devilish look in them, "I'll try. I didn't sign up for this, you know. You dragged me in."

She chuckled, "You did the moment you agreed to jump into that well with me. So no excuses of running, you hear? Besides, aren't you curious to see how you were in the past?"

Eyebrows knitted as he appeared deep in thought, "Is it worth it?" He suddenly inquired after the silence as his head snapped up.

Happiness vanished from her brown eyes and pain took over, "That depends," Forcing a smile she continued, "Let's go!"

Walking along a desolated forest that seemed to consists of no other living creatures besides the trees and them, Kagome was busy trying to remember the directions Shippo gave her to the new village he was going to live at after Naraku's death. She looked at the split path which they had stopped at, with a finger pointed outward, she scratched her head, leaving a silky black hair ruffled, "Was it this path…," She pointed to the left, "Or this path?" Her finger went to the right.

"Damn, you mean you don't know?! What type of local are you?! I thought you always came here! We're lost before we're even halfway through our journey!"

Turning towards her partner with irritation upon her features, she placed a finger to her lips, "Shush! I'm trying to think! You can't blame me! I haven't been here for three years!"

Staring at her unconvinced, Inuyasha folded his arms and waited impatiently, but obeyed the request of keeping silent. Desperately trying to recall, she said unconfidently, "I think it should be… This path?" And her index finger pointed to the right.

Muttering under his breath as he followed behind her, "You better be right. Or this will just be an absolute waste of time."

Kagome was absolutely right, because before them, stood a humble village with several people pacing back and forth along the lanes. She gave a proud smile, "My memory didn't fail me!" She cried happily.

Walking in she looked around to ask a person for a certain fox demon that lived here, spotting a young lady she ran towards her with a smile, "I'm so sorry, but is there a fox demon named Shippo living here?" She inquired politely.

Shocked by the oddly-dressed young lady before her, the kimono-clad girl did not appear to have heard her question because she gave a small apologetic smile and appeared to have an expression of incomprehension. Kagome repeated her question patiently. Her mouth shaped an 'o' before she replied, "Shippo! Yes, yes! He lives here!" She replied with a smile.

Giving her detailed directions as she animatedly pointed left and right whenever needed, she gave a bow when she finished. Bowing back gratefully, Kagome thanked her and waved her farewell as she left.

Running back to where Inuyasha was standing, waiting for her with a bored expression, she gave a satisfied smile, "I know where he is!" And grabbed for Inuyasha's hand, dragging him along.

Ending up in the middle of yet another forest, she looked around for that familiar pint-sized, adorable little fox that used to cling on to her everyday. Spotting only a solitary figure that looked hardly like anyone familiar, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "She told me Shippo was here…" She muttered, still looking around.

"Are you sure you even got the place right?"

She looked at him, furious that he had doubted her once again, "Yes! She told me Shippo was here! She told me he'll probably be here because he always came here!" She exclaimed with full confidence.

"Ka- Kagome?" A voice suddenly came from behind, sounding clearly shocked.

She whirled around upon hearing her name and was staring directly into a pair of green irises, those green irises became filled with shock, "Kagome! It really is you!" The figure exclaimed in surprise.

The green irises looked familiar before she looked down and spotted a familiar fox tail, "Shippo?! You're Shippo?! But but, you're the same height as me! Aren't you supposed to be…," She had to bend down to indicate his height, "This tall?"

"It's been three years, Kagome! I would've grown by than! And fox demons grow kinda fast… (Author's Note: This has no leads or whatever, I just came up with it, I hope you guys don't mind… XD)" Shippo exclaimed.

She smiled and hugged him tight, "Ahhh!! I missed you so much! You've grown so much! Too bad I can't call you adorable anymore…" She commented with a pout of pity.

He grinned, "You can call me handsome if you want!" And chuckled.

Kagome chuckled along before she suddenly recalled amidst all the happiness, "Ah! Shippo! I came here to meet you with a purpose!" She went back to Inuyasha's side, whose expression was one of confusion.

"Inuyasha?! You're alive?! B-B-But! I-I-I-I-I! You were clearly dead! The-The-They burnt you till you were ashes?!" His mouth fell agape as his green irises widened in horror, "ARE YOU A GHOST?!"


READER: *glares* You better continue. Or I won't just bring the sword. I'll bring the owner along too. *familiar evil glint in eyes again*

EEP. *gulp*

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