Hey everyone. A friend and myself wrote this fan fic and we hope you like it It's no the Serebii forums but I decided it would be great if some others could read it too. Hope you enjoy.

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Contest of the Heart

Chapter One: A whole new Region

The sun was high above four travellers walking a steep hill to reach a new destination and adventure. These 4 travellers were Ash, Brock, Max and his sister May. They were walking steadily towards the Hoto region located over the hill they were struggling to get up. The Hoto region is a new destination for these 4 travellers and they recently finished travelling in Hoenn. The Hoto region didn't contain any gyms but Ash, Brock and Max were looking forward to getting something to eat. May's mind however, was on the big Contest located right in the center of the town. They hill managed to come to a stop as they reached the top where they looked over the beautiful landscape of the first town in the Hoto region, Alvetaro. May looked over the town in excitement as her gaze shifted to a huge building in the middle.

"Wow, there is the contest hall!" May had exclaimed happily.

"It's really big isn't it May?" Ash asked her grinning at her happiness.

May turned to look at them as she replied. "That's only because the competition is huge" she giggled.

Max shifted his glasses. "Are you nervous?" he asked simply.

"Hmmm" She sighed as she turned back to the view of the Contest hall. "Not really. I've really learned a lot from my previous competitions"

"So a region with just contests?" Brock asked smiling with a little emphasis on just.

"Yep. Three contests, but they're a lot harder than the ones in Hoenn so I might not do so well" May answered lowering her head after her last remark.

Ash, Brock and Max noticed this and wanted to raise her confidence. "Don't worry May" Ash said to her boldly.

"Yeah, don't be so sceptical May, you've done so well in your contests" this came from Brock.

Max walked up to her. "You're going to do great May" he said smiling.

May looked down surprised that her brother was being so supportive. She smiled confidently. "Yeah!" May exclaimed as she tightened her fist and raised them up to her chest. Her friends just continued to smile at her as she contained the look of assurance.

"Now let's eat!" Ash suggested cheerfully. With that, they all headed down to a food store where they bought some small items to eat.

They arrived at the Pokemon Centre at nightfall where they walked into the eating area. They all sat down in the seats where they all focused on eating, all except May. She seemed to be more interesting with looking outside the window though hardly anything was visible. She seemed to not be looking at anything but she was deep in thought. Something outside caught her attention as she snapped back into reality.

"What's wrong May?" Ash asked concerned

"Nothing, I'll be right back" May said as she got up and began to walk out to the lobby.

Ash, Brock and Max shifted from eating their meals and watched her walk out to the lobby of the Pokemon Centre.

"What's with May?" Brock questioned.

"Must be that time of the month again" Max replied with a smirk and a look of disgust.

Brock just gave a weird look in Max's direction while Ash looked confused.

"What are you talking about?" Ash inquired.

Max opened his mouth ready to speak but Brock stood up and stopped him by saying "Don't make it worse!" He returned him sitting position while they all resumed eating.

May stepped outside the Pokemon centre and looked around to see what caught her eye. She suddenly heard something behind the tall bushes so she slowly headed over to observe what was making the noises. She slowly made her way closer to the bushes when she heard a faint voice. As she stepped even closer, though still in front of the tall shrubs, she began to recognize the voice.

"Drew?" May questioned herself a little too loudly as someone at that moment emerged from behind the bushes.

May had guessed right, it was indeed Drew. The green-haired 'ego-centric' as she often found herself quoting, rival of May in her contests.

"Hi My, nice to finally see you again" Drew spoke quite sincerely though he still contained his legendary smirk on his face.

"Drew, uh…what are you doing here?" May enquired innocently feeling a little eager.

Drew did his trademark hair-flip as he responded "I was practicing a new strategy until someone intruded"

Drew said smugly now transfixing his eyes directly at May as he finished his sentence. May then felt a little taken aback by his response.

"I thought I heard something so I went to inspect when I heard a voice-" May was suddenly cut off by Drew.

"Inspecting aye? Curiosity killed the Delcatty you know" he commented.

May just wanted to get off the subject of 'spying' on him. "New Strategy? Does that mean you'll be entering the Alvetaro contest?" May questioned simply and at the same time she couldn't help feeling excited if he was.

"Of course!" He stated as a matter-of-factly. "So I presume you'll be competing?" Drew brought up with a sincere smile construed with a smirk.

At that, May smiled confidently "Yeah and just because it'll be harder that doesn't mean It'll stop me" she finished clenching her fists in determination.

"Well you certainly have improved from your first attempt. I predict you'll do very well" Drew complimented kindly which was emphasised by a smile on his face.

May was slightly shocked at his comment. 'Is he aware of what he just said, and that he is being…nice?' she asked herself. Drew noticed she wasn't responding so he decided to break the silence.

"Well, until you're up against me that is" he mentioned resuming his stuck-up persona.

After hearing this May fell over anime style thinking 'I should have known he's not that nice'.

Drew sniggered a little at May's position "You know, if you're this clumsy in the contest then you won't even make it past round one" Drew stated.

May began fuming at his comment as she pushed herself back up into standing position. "Not only will I make it past round one, but I'll beat that smug look right off your face" she yelled forcefully defending her pride. It must have been effective as Drew's next comment was complimenting her.

"With that fiery attitude, you may just be a challenge"

May smiled victoriously. She decided to continue playing the strong opponent in hope to continue her confidence against Drew.

"You may as well not even sign up" she grinned in confidence closing her eyes while crossing her arms. She opened her left eye to analyse his face as he though of a response. To May's surprise, Drew had both eyes closed as well along with his smirk of a contemptuous sense.

"I have already entered" he replied opening both his eyes only to see May with a face representing a mix of shock and surprise.

"Already?" was all she could manage to say as she returned to her former position.

"Yeah, this morning no less. Don't tell me a great trainer like you hasn't registered yet?" Drew said sarcastically already aware of the answer.

May panicked slightly frantically searching for a witty comment to counter his last remark with but she remained without a response. "Uh…well…" she stuttered trying to make conversation. She dropped her head in defeat and embarrassment.

"The contest is in two days and you haven't registered yet, why does that not surprise me?" he said arrogantly.

In a stage of ambivalence, May just dropped the question unaware that it was aimed to be rhetorical. She clenched her right fist and angrily brought it forward simultaneously with her left foot. "Well I'm going to register right now Mr. I'm-so-great-at-everything!" May informed irritated.

With that she stormed off in the opposite direction to enter the Pokemon Centre lobby. Only had she walked 20 feet away did she hear Drew calling out to her.

"You're a great Co-ordinater you know?" he said sincerely.

May pauses as she heard this. She rapidly turned around only to see Drew smiling as he walked off in the other direction. It was slightly windy but May didn't know if I was the cold air that made a shiver creep up her spine. She couldn't help but smile as she blushed at the situation. The cold breeze brushing against her face made her realize that I was indeed cold so she headed back inside. Drew took one last glance at May in the distance till she had walked into the Pokemon Centre.

"You're much more than a great co-ordinater May, I just wish you knew that" he finished.

He hadn't planned on where he was going to stay the night, so he decided to rest in one of the Pokemon Centre rooms. He advanced in the other direction and walked more slowly as he saw May walking through the lobby.

May walked back to the eating area only to find her friends weren't there. She thought for a moment on their possible location, when she though the most logical place for them to be is in their room. She exited out to the lobby and strolled across the room into a long corridor where the room doors where located. May glanced at the silver numbers imprinted on a newly painted door presenting the colour of cream.

"Room 8, here we are" she said inserting the key Nurse Joy had given to each of the team.

The door sounded as May opened it. The light remained on though Ash, Brock and Max were asleep and snoring. May, starting at the scene just sweat dropped at the fact that they got to sleep this fast.

She removed her gaze from her companions to the analogue clock hanging at the top of the right white room wall. It read 10:14. May yawned and agreed that she needed some sleep. There were 2 double story beds in the room which was adequate for the team. Ash was on the top buck, left side while Brock was directly underneath him. Max was located on the right side, top bunk so the bottom level was free. She was pretty much grateful for that since she didn't have the strength to climb even to a top bunk. While settling down on the bed, she remembered what Drew had said to her.

"You're a great co-ordinater you know?"

May pulled the blankets over herself to warm up. 'Why did he say that? She wondered, resting her head on the provide pillow. 'What did her mean?' All these though filled her head. Different possibilities were constantly being played out in her mind, like a real-life puppet show. Sleep finally overcame her and stopped her thoughts on the event that occurred earlier on as she slept a peaceful, dreamless sleep.