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Chapter 14: The Union

Can this be truly happening to me?

This magical scene in a forest, with trees sheltering us, a pine-scented wind kissing our faces, gentle ripples waiting patiently to caress our skins – and the most beautiful elf in Middle-earth, nay, in any world I may be in – standing in front of me, pledging himself to me…

Can this be real: the dreamy blue eyes, fringed by long dark lashes, set in a porcelain face that could only have been designed by One with perfection in mind… looking at me as if I was his world?

Are they finally mine now: these soft, inviting lips that part demurely to release sweet breath, pearly teeth that nibble oh so lightly on my own lips, and awaken desire in me?

Yes, the lips whisper delicately, yes, this is real, and I waste no time in claiming them… so sweet… so delicious... their taste making me hunger for more and fanning the flames of desire in me into a roar.

But I make myself slow down and take my time, for I have waited seven decades without hope – and I wish to make these moments of unexpected blessing last for me, for him whom I love and adore…

I wait and watch as he removes each layer of my Ranger attire with nimble fingers... fingers that leave a trail of fire wherever they touch me…


His bronze skin over taut muscles, his soft dark hair, his firm chest, his strong arms – they draw my fingers to them and invite my own arms around them; they are as food for my parched soul – feeding the yearning I have felt for so long but resigned myself to being without.

His arms make me feel safe, even though I am a seasoned fighter; they make me feel wanted as I have never been wanted in the near-thousand years of my life…

His eyes – burning with desire – bore into mine as he watches me unclothe him, and he does not see me blush a little as I reach the top of his leggings. It was dark at Helm's Deep when I first saw him naked as the man of my dreams – but now… he shall be revealed to me in clarity…

My fingers shake a little as they undo the laces, and it does not help that my eyes are focused on the bulge below. But now they are undone… and so am I as the leggings slide down his strong thighs and his manhood springs free.

I gasp and look up, and am immediately captured in another passionate kiss…


Mmmm… I shall never taste anything as delicious as the lips of my beloved.

But it is now my turn.

Reluctantly, I release those luscious lips from my own, for I wish to see and savor the revelation of perfection when I unclothe him. Before, it had been in darkness when I beheld him naked near the pool above Helm's Deep – but today, I wish to feast my starved eyes upon that which is precious beyond measure, offered to me beyond my wildest hopes.

My trembling fingers divest him slowly of the attire that fall so gracefully from his shoulders, to expose white, milky skin that I swear tastes creamy on my worshipping tongue and lips. His eyes glaze with desire, and I smile with pride to know it is I – this mortal – who is unwrapping this beautiful gift from Eru...

But it is not yet complete – and my lips move down, slowly downwards, to the top of his leggings – to loosen the ties with my teeth, making him squirm.


The slow, sensuous journey of Aragorn's strong hands and lips across my body, tracing their way down to the center of my passion – is music played to perfection. They find hidden strings and pluck them so that they burst into song and sing with pleasure… Notes are teased forth, and they dance around and with each other into a melody of rapture, and it builds oh so gradually, so sweetly, awaiting a refrain that will surely come…


Legolas grinned teasingly at the man and wriggled out of his arms, walking away slowly while keeping his eyes and smile locked invitingly on the bemused Ranger's face.

Every part of Aragorn's body tingled with anticipation, when the elf suddenly submerged himself in the water and was quickly lost to sight. The Ranger was both amused at the elf's antics but also impatient with want, and he growled when the elf did not reappear after what seemed to be minutes.

Legolas was still nowhere to be seen, and the man began to look around a little worriedly, but just as he was about to call out to the elf, the ethereal being surfaced slowly and gracefully like a nymph in the sunlight. His face glistening with drops of fresh water, he gracefully tilted his head back so that his golden hair floated around him like a golden lily leaf. His eyes were closed, his lips parted in a sigh, and his long, pale neck all but invited the man's teeth and lips to sink themselves into a sumptuous feast of elven skin and flesh.

Aragorn sucked in a breath.

"You are beautiful, Legolas," he said softly. In a daze, Aragorn made his way to the elf and looked longingly upon the profiled face tilted upwards, studying its fine features. He traced one finger along the contour of the elven jaw to its chin and down along the smooth neck, mesmerized by the creamy skin and graceful lines.

Legolas gasped and opened his eyes that were beginning to cloud over with his own desire. Under the water, the elf's arm circled the waist of the man at his side, and he smiled up at him, making the man forget his own name.

"Thank you, Aragorn, for leading me here," he breathed. "This feels good... this feels so mmph –"

The elf's words were muffled in the fierce kiss that came from Aragorn's demanding lips. The man was devoid of all senses except his ravenous hunger for the taste of the elven mouth beneath his. He rested the back of the elf's head in the crook of his left elbow and pulled it closer to deepen the kiss, wrapping the other hand around the elf's smooth torso. The little moans from Legolas spurred him to greater heights of passion, and his right hand began to caress the elf's jaw and throat before moving down to the shoulder and one taut nipple.

He pinched the nipple and felt the elf gasp. Wasting no time, Aragorn began to consume the sweetness of Legolas' mouth, branding it with his tongue and teeth. He felt the elf's arm tighten around his waist and dig his fingers into the flesh, while the other hand threaded its fingers through the dark hair of the bent head.

Aragorn broke off the kiss and plunged his lips against the fair skin of the stretched throat, nipping it in various places and sucking on the skin where the elven jaw met the delicate ear. Breathing heavily, Aragorn licked all along the throat toward the depression between the elf's collar bones, and paused there to run his tongue in the depression.

The little whimpers from Legolas encouraged Aragorn, and he moved his mouth downwards into the water to grab one of the submerged elven nipples with his teeth and lips, sucking on it without breathing in.

"Aaahhh, Aragorn…" the elf moaned, writhing beneath the man's teasing tongue and hands. His hand moved downwards from the man's waist.

Aragorn brought his head out of the water and breathed, enjoying the glazed look in Legolas' eyes. He grinned and moved in front of the elf, wrapping both arms around the fair being. "Now, finish what you started at Helm's Deep," he ordered huskily.

Legolas grinned, and taking a deep breath, he sank into the water and started teasing the man's stomach and abdomen, grazing his teeth gently along the smooth skin, making the Ranger squirm helplessly. Aragorn groaned, his fingers digging wildly into the elf's back and hair, going mad with the sensation of what was happening underwater.

Legolas came up again for air, and at the sight of the man's wet lips, the elf seized them, moaning Aragorn's name into the kiss. The man growled and kiss him back roughly. So passionate was the kiss that Legolas thought he would just melt and dissolve in the swirling water...

But he controlled himself and soon left the Ranger's lips to sink once more into the wetness below... Aragorn began to move, wondering how long his beloved could stay under water.

His silent question was soon answered when Legolas came up spluttering and catching his breath. He had been under a longer time than any human – but not long enough for Aragorn's liking.

"Estel, if I were but a fish," the elf declared in a tone of apology, which made the man laugh and capture the elf's mouth again.

Breaking off the kiss, the man cupped the elven face in his hands and said: "We cannot be what we are not, but there is more than one way to finish the business." Leaving the elf no chance to utter a rejoinder, he scooped the light form easily in his arms and waded quickly back to dry land.

He gently lowered the dripping elf onto the blanket he had spread on the grass before they entered the pool – and before the elf would say or do anything, the man had straddled him, holding him captive with his weight.

Aragorn's eyes grew tender as they gazed into the blue ones looking up at him, and a serious expression came over his face.

"My love," he said hesitantly, "I wish to… would you… may I…"

The elf's fine eyebrows knitted in puzzlement while he waited for the man to utter what was obviously a question. "Just say it, Aragorn," he prompted gently.

The man drew a deep breath and asked his question in a rush. "I know I do not deserve you Legolas but I wish to be one with you would you let me?"

The elf almost laughed at the man's nervousness, but the look of want in Aragorn's eyes – and the fact that he had respected the elf enough to ask first – made Legolas feel a great surge of love for him, and he answered: "There is nothing I want more right now, my Estel, my Aragorn, my love – I give myself to you."

A huge sigh of pleasure left the man's lips, and he smiled broadly while reaching for the container of salve he had brought.

"This salve is used for healing," the man explained while scooping out a generous amount onto his fingers, "but today, my love, you shall find out what else it can be used for."

The elf suddenly sat up and slender fingers grasped Aragorn's, abruptly stopping their movements, and the man looked up to see the elf swallowing nervously, a hint of fear in the blue eyes.

"What is it, sweet one?" Aragorn asked gently. "Are you afraid?" There was a tinge of disappointment in his voice, but if Legolas wished to wait, he would comply with whatever the elf decided. Then – as he realized what this hesitation might also mean, a sense of panic washed over him, and he felt his tongue cleave to the roof of his mouth as he forced himself to ask the question: "Have you… have you… changed your mind… about… bonding with me?"

"No!" the elf replied immediately, to the man's immense relief. "No, Aragorn, do not ever think that! It is just that… that…" Legolas was clearly struggling to put his misgiving into words, and Aragorn – now reassured of the elf's commitment – found himself smiling amusedly and waiting patiently.

The elf finally sighed and blurted it out. "When I was an elfling, the healers used a salve on me, and it smarted. It burned terribly. If… if you are going to use it where I think you are planning to use it, it will… it will hurt… will it not?"

The blue eyes looked at Aragorn so plaintively that the man could not resist capturing the elven lips in a quick, comforting kiss. When he released them, he smiled at the worried face before him and explained: "Your healers must not have used the kind of salve Lord Elrond has developed. This one – " he said, holding his hands close to the elf's nose, "uses an oil base, and is completely mild. Smell it."

Shyly, the elf sniffed the salve on Aragorn's fingers, and was comforted by the sweet fragrance of it. There was no hint of anything that threatened to burn his skin, especially where he thought the man's fingers might go.

"I would not use anything that I thought might cause you pain, meleth," the Ranger asserted. "Trust me. I love you." His tone seemed to have driven his message home, and he was rewarded with a smile and a nod from his beloved as the elf lay down again.

Keeping the blue eyes locked on his own, the man reached down...

Aragorn positioned himself above his beloved, and in the space before he joined himself to the elf of his dreams, he poured his heart into the words he uttered: "I love you, Legolas, and my body, heart and soul belong to you even as I claim yours." With that, he crushed his lips onto the elven ones and became one with him.

The trees witnessed their dance of love that day, and smiled as they moved in rhythm, gentle with care and hard with passion. Then at last – seven decades of hidden want, suppressed need, and lasting love exploded, rocking them both with exquisite pleasure, the spasms lifting them till they felt nothing – no earth nor grass nor wind – nothing but each other, suspending them on a plane of pure and utter ecstasy – where two had truly, finally, become one.

And only after the swirling, vibrant colors of their peaking had subsided and paled into gentle, restful pastels, and their names – each cried out by the other in the fever of passion – had stopped echoing among the trees, did they descend back to earth – slowly, slowly – to lie in peaceful contentment, cradled by the confidence that they would belong only to each other. For long, long years afterward, it was the memory of these moments – when they first fulfilled a desire of a lifetime – that warmed them when they were apart, and saw them through rough times when regal duties took their toll and made them forget, for a while, their hard-bought union.

They lay together in the warmth of the sunshine and the cool shade of trees for hours, talking and touching and sharing more passion. That day, Aragorn, too, gave himself to his betrothed in turn, and they loved till the shadows grew long and their bodies called for more than physical pleasure. And only then did they rise and bathe again to dress and make their way slowly back to the Rohirric camp below.

As they walked, hand in hand, they basked in the knowledge that this love of theirs and the strength of their union would be the only guide they needed to all their future actions.


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