Chapter 8 - Final Chapter

Draco was hanging off of Blaise, using him as support as they walked through the halls and back to the Common Room. They had just spent almost five hours alone in the Room of Requirement, doing many things. Draco was walking slightly odd due to the horrible ass cramps that Blaise had given him from those five hours. Blaise didn't mind that Draco was using him for support and dragging him down with him, because he had just had the greatest time of is life with this man. He felt slightly guilty that he had worn him out so badly, but that was a sign of a great time. Blaise laughed as Draco slipped his hand under the arse of Blaise's pants.

Blaise didn't want to leave the Room of Requirement. He would've loved to stay in there for forever with Draco, staring into the eyes that were once so cold, but were set on fire with lust by Blaise. He never wanted to stop stroking the perfect, blonde hair that Draco had, and never wanted to stop tasting Draco's soft skin that felt so nice on his tongue. But if they didn't return soon, people would start noticing.

"Blaise?" Draco said, staring at Blaise with a lovely gaze. Blaise fought the urge to pin him to a wall and yank his pants down right there. "We have to do this again sometime." Blaise quickly nodded and turned his head to realize that they were now in front of the Slytherin Entrance. Blaise gave the password and the entrance opened, and Blaise dragged Draco through the entrance hole.

"Blaise! Draco!" shrieked a girl's voice. Blaise turned his head towards the source to see Jamie running at him, followed by Pansy. "God, Blaise. What did you do to him?" Jamie asked, looking at the swaying Draco.

"I fucked him into an oblivion, that's what." Blaise answered shamelessly. Jamie nodded while Pansy looked at him like the dementor riding - Well, you know by now. She looked at Draco, who nodded with a silly grin. Blaise grinned also, holding firmly onto his shoulders so that he wouldn't faint.

"I wouldn't let him sleep after his first time." Blaise laughed. "So he's very exhausted." Draco nodded again, the silly grin gone from his face. "Draco? I'll let you go to bed if you give me a nice, big, French kiss in front of everyone." Draco was suddenly very alert. He looked around at all of the people that were now staring at him, because Blaise had said that very loudly. Draco cleared his throat and looked at Blaise. Blaise thought he was about to smack him until he felt the warm tongue in his mouth once again. Draco's hands were on the back of Blaise's neck, his thumbs resting on his ear lobes as he didn't stop kissing him. Blaise had to pull away from him so they wouldn't start blowing each other right there. Blaise licked his lips and said, "Gets better every time."

"This is so wonderful!" Jamie shouted, jumping up with glee as Pansy stood, glomping at the two of them.

"Well, Draco, it's official. You're a flaming homo." Pansy said snobbishly. Blaise glared at her.

"You're damn right, Pansy. I'm fucking burning. Now if you don't mind, I'm tired, and so is Blaise. We're going to go sleep in the same bed now, good night!" Draco waved and dragged Blaise up the dormitory steps with him.

"You're fantastic!" Blaise exclaimed, grabbing on the front of Draco's shirt when they reached the dormitory. They were alone. Blaise pushed Draco backwards onto his bed, and he crawled on top of him. The both moved so they were on the pillows again. Blaise stripped himself and stripped Draco, knowing he was to weak to do it himself. Draco didn't move as Blaise took the blanket out from under him, got on the bed beside Draco, and covered them both with the blanket. They moved into a position so they were both on their sides, Blaise's chest pressed against Draco's back, his arm draped over him, legs intertwined.

"Goodnight, Draco." Blaise whispered.

"Goodnight, Blaise."
"I love you." Silence followed this remark as Draco held his breath.

"...I love you, too, Blaise."

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