Destiny Islands- almost a utopia. Almost.

Kairi sat on the beach, watching waves lap up the sand then recede lazily. Sighing, she traced a pattern in the sand. Ever since she and Sora had been separated at Kingdom Hearts, there had been a depressing air about her. Not even Tidus had failed to notice- a surprise since Tidus was usually too busy sparring with Wakka or Riku to notice anything. It had been almost a year since that day- she remembered it crystal clear.


Blinking, Kairi opened her eyes. Where was she? And why was it so dark? Yuffie better not be playing one of her tricks again... Then she heard a voice.

"Kingdom Hearts! Fill me...with the power of darkness. Supreme darkness!"

"You're wrong." Kairi gasped sharply. She knew that voice.

"I know now, without a doubt- Kingdom Hearts is LIGHT!"

Suddenly, a blinding light filled Kairi's field of vision. In the light, she saw Sora, Donald, Goofy, and someone else- obviously evil by the look in his golden eyes and Sora's drawn Keyblade. Gradually, the man seemed to dissolve in the light until there was nothing left but a small shimmer.

Then she noticed the door. It was amazing- at least a hundred feet tall and twenty feet wide with a shining white exterior. Its gold handles glinted, complemented with two colorful stained glass windows about seventy-five feet up. Sora, Donald, and Goofy ran to the door frantically.

What are they doi-

Then she noticed the darkness seeping out of the crack between the two double doors. She wanted to leap up, to help them close the awful door before the darkness came spilling out, unleashing more terror. But she couldn't move.

Pushing the door frantically, Sora grunted with exertion. Then, one by one, they stopped, staring inside the crack.

"The Heartless!"

Kairi felt a cold fear low in her stomach. Not Heartless. Oh, please no. Not after everything-

"Hurry!" Redoubling their efforts, they pushed at the door with all their might.

"I can't..." No! Kairi screamed inwardly. You can't stop now! Not after all you've gone through!

"Come on, Sora!" Riku? It was Riku's voice. But..how had he gotten there? He couldn't have been behind the doo-

He was. Behind the door that was in all of that awful, overwhelming darkness.

"Together we can do it!" Nodding, Sora pushed, groaning with the effort of closing the colossal doors. Suddenly, two enormous Heartless rose up. Although enormous didn't really do them justice.

"It's hopeless!"

Then, just like that- the Heartless dissolved. A short figure leapt up, light shining all around it.

"Your Majesty!" Majesty? What in the-

"Now, Sora! Let's close this door for good!" Sora? How did he know Sora's name?

"Close it, quick!"


"Don't worry," the figure spoke. "There will always be a door to the light." Kairi couldn't believe her eyes. Riku was going to shut himself in with the Heartless.

"Sora, you can trust King Mickey."

Glancing over his shoulder, Riku shouted urgently. "Now! They're coming!"

King Mickey held up a Keyblade. "Sora, let's close this door for good!"

Holding back tears, Kairi watched Sora retake his efforts, pushing madly to close the huge doors. They creaked, slowly closing until a loud thump echoed. Holding up his Keyblade, Sora stood back as the magic gathered. Then a huge flash of beautiful white light.

Kairi closed her eyes, the light temporarily blinding her. When she opened them up again, the door was gone. Sora was standing there, looking at the ground. Then, he sensed something. Turning around, Sora saw her.

Sora, I-I'm...

Then she broke off the thought as Sora came racing toward her.



And then, a huge rumbling sound followed by a jar. Kairi fell toward, instinctively grabbing Sora's wrist. A tug- Sora was being pulled away. It was then she noticed the sand swirling around her feet.

"Kairi! Remember what you said to me- that you were always with me? Well, I'm always with you too!" Another jar. Kairi held on as her arm was stretched to the limit. "I'll come back to you!"

Sora's hand was starting to slip.

"I know you will!"

Then, Kairi lost her grip. And Sora was gone.

Sitting cross-legged on the beach, Kairi couldn't stop a solitary tear from sliding down her cheek.