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Footsteps echoed across the ocean, three solitary figures ran through the sand, wind blowing around tiny particles, stinging any uncovered skin. Skidding, Sora stopped an the old, rickety shack. "Come on! The stairs are in here."

Running up the creaking stairway, the three burst out into the open again. Heartless swarmed the bridge. Sora stifled a gasp as Behemoth loomed up from behind them, horn shimmering as a magical attack formed in the air. Dodging spheres of darkness, Sora summoned Oathkeeper and turned to face the gigantic monster.

"Sora!" Riku yelled over the wind. "Don't bother with him! All the Heartless will disappear when you seal the Keyhole!"


"Look," Riku said, exasperated, "I don't have time to explain it all now, but it's different for the Islands. Just do it! Leon and I can hold them off."

Nodding resolutely, Sora sprinted toward the palms, jumping over hissing Heartless. The familiar, warm sensation flooded over him as he neared the Keyhole. Pointing his blade at the bent tree, Sora closed his eyes and let the magic gather as shimmering stars swirled around Oathkeeper's tip, illuminating the dark evening. A thin, laser-like beam of light struck the center of the tree. A soft clicking sound. Then, silence. Turning Sora realized that every last trace of the Heartless had been obliterated. Trees stood tall, grass healthy and green. Magical.

" did you do that?"

The boy in question looked at Sora. "I didn't. Kairi did."


Chuckling again, Riku noted the flummoxed look on Sora's face before continuing. "When I was possessed by Ansem, he unconsciously gave me some of his knowledge on darkness. Kairi- the Queen Of Hearts, now- her presence on the island helped prevent Heartless. The light from sealing this Keyhole has been magnified so that's it's more powerful, wiping out any Heartless in it's path. And it's path here...was Destiny Islands."

Sora still looked confused, but for a different reason. "Kairi's...a queen? I thought she was a princess!"

Shrugging, Riku closed his eyes. "Don't ask me what a Queen Of Heart is. I just heard it from Ansem."

"See, why didn't he put useful stuff like that in his stinking report!" Groaning, Sora plopped down on the sand and laid down spread eagle. "Wake me up when any of this stuff makes sense."

"You idiot..."


"Yuffiiiiieeeeee!" Tidus whined. "Will you let get out of bed yet?"

Busting around like an old mother, Yuffie snorted at him. "You passed out earlier, in case you don't remember."

Wakka bounced his Blitzball, boredom etched across his features. "Ya, I think he faked it so that Selphie would give him CPR."

Tidus spit out the foul medicine that Yuffie had given him, coughing and hacking. "What the- you sicko!"

Wakka cracked up. "Admit it! You think she's hot!"

"I- uh..." The blonde felt his cheeks burn. ", shuddup"

Wakka wagged his finger at Tidus. "Now, let's not think any dirty thoughts, Tidus."

"That's it!"

Throwing back the soft, wooly blanket, he leaped at Wakka, tackling him to the ground. Yuffie yelled, trying to break them up, once more cursing testosterone and an array of teen hormones.


"Looks like the storm's let up."

Nodding, Leon stepped though the doorway out into the knee-deep snow. "There's Kairi."

Riku addressed Sora, the slightest trace of a smirk evident on his face. "We'll let you talk to her alone." And with that Leon and Riku exited through the Second District- probably to go through the alley to the back entrance.

"Idiots..." Sora mumbled. "Who does Riku think he is anyways..." He looked at Kairi's small silhouette against the white of the snow-covered backdrop. Now he felt awkward. What do I say... He scratched the back of his neck, embarrassed even though he was completely alone. Except for the waiting figure of Kairi.


"What if he doesn't feel the same way?" Kairi mumbled to herself in a feeble attempt to sort out her thoughts. "I don't even know how I feel. It could just be our hearts, that we're connected. isn't love." Kairi's subconscious screamed in protest. Admit it. You love him. "They say that teenagers can't love."


Sora took a deep breath as he walked toward Kairi, heart pounding. Why am I so nervous! It's not like he was talking to a stranger. Jeez...

He stopped about six feet away from Kairi, hearing her voice. She was apparently talking to herself.

"They say teenagers can't love."

A sword pieced Sora's heart. She didn't feel the same way. He should just go in the house now. Forget anything ever happened.

"Than what is this...feeling inside me now? I don't even know what to think...each day was just waiting for him to come back. Now I'm just standing here like an idiot." She stopped suddenly, her voice growing quieter. "That's probably why he took so long to come back. He found someone else. Not like a girl from Destiny Islands is some great catch or something."

Sora couldn't believe his ears. What was she saying? Kairi was beautiful- inside and out. "Kairi..."

The redhead turned quickly, startled. And saw him. They both stood there for a moment, only a few feet separating them. But it felt like miles.

" long have you been here?"

"Long enough to know-"

Kairi cut him off, bringing her clasped hands close to her chest. "P-please...Sora...y-you probably found someone else. I don't resent you for it...I don't know what I was thinking! You-you deserve better." She took a deep breath. "Sora, wherever you go...I-I.. .I just want y-you to be happy."

Looking down, Kairi tried to stop the tears pricking the corners of her eyes. Please God...just make the hurt go away. Her coat sagged down off her shoulders, the cold pricking her bare arms. She clasped her hands tighter, fingernails digging into her skin as the tears started to fall. No...I can't cry...

The next thing she felt was soft, warm lips upon her own.

Kairi's eyes popped open in surprise, then she let her brain shut down as she closed her eyes slowly and unconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Sora's arms rubbed the small of her back as he pulled her closer to him, the fabric of his sweat jacket touching her skin. Warmth flooded her body. As they slowly broke apart, Kairi closed her eyes and let her head rest upon his chest as Sora stroked her hair softly. His husky voice whispered into her ear.

"I'm happy right where I am."


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