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The room smelt of sulfur. Dark shadows danced on blood red walls, cast there by the light from the fire. In a high backed chair in front of the fire a hunched figure sat, staring into the flames.

The figure sighed and stretched, basking in the flames. He never had acclimatized to the Russian weather and so found that a fire was the only way to stay even remotely warm. He relaxed into the chair again and contented himself with staring at the flames; trying to see pictures in the fiery depths.

He suddenly broke into a coughing fit, which was followed by loud cursing. He looked to the ceiling and growled before looking into the flames.

"I hate you"

The flames flared up at this comment before settling back down into the grate. The man chuckled at this display of defiance. "You aren't free yet." He relaxed into the chair and allowed his feet to be warmed by the fire. "Not yet..."

He coughed again, this time it was harsher. "What am I going to do with you?" he mumbled. "I won't last much longer. And when I am gone, you must be contained. But by who?" He pondered, coughing again.

The flames gave no answer as he stared into them. He hadn't expected them to. It was sad that this was the place that he would spend the last of his days. He closed his eyes, trying to picture himself as he was in his youth, trying to remember the fierce pride he had once held while doing this job but all he could remember were the endless lonely days of an old man.

His thought turned to his family. Once he had a wife, but she had been...taken long before they could even think of having children. He thought even more. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters that had scattered all over the world. However he had only seen the family of one of his brothers recently. And that was because he wanted to meet his nephew.

Unfortunately his nephew hadn't been with them at the time. He was participating in some sort of sporting tournament. The man couldn't remember what sort of sport it was but he knew that his brother was proud of his son for being in the elite of his sport.

But that had been years ago. The boy would be... how old now? He was 11 when his parents visited, that he could remember. And they had visited about 7 years ago. So the boy would be 18 now. He grinned to himself. Just old enough to inherit. Perfect.

He felt, rather than looked, for the pen that he knew was on the table beside the couch. He found the barrel of it and picked it up, transferring it to his left hand before reaching down once again to find a notepad. Before his task could be passed on he had to at least warn the boy.

He put the nib of his pen against the paper and wrote in curvy writing, Dear, then stopped. He found that he couldn't remember his nephew's name. Oh well. I'll remember it later. He scrunched up the piece of paper and threw it into the fire. The fire crackled menacingly for a moment, then died down. He chuckled, and then started again. To my dearest nephew, then he paused. What to write next?

He glared at the pen he was holding like it was its fault that he didn't have the words for what he needed to say. He held his pen poised over the paper and tried to force inspiration. He failed miserably.

The fire crackled merrily now. It seemed happy that he couldn't write. He hissed at it and it died down. He looked back to the paper and tried to think. I am sorry to say that I have never met you. And now, more then ever, I wish I had. I wish…

He glared at that hateful word. 'Wish'. If wishes were horses beggars would ride. If wishes came true he wouldn't be here. He wouldn't have to be writing this letter. I wish that you didn't have to read these words but you must. You must read them like I must write them

I find that I... He paused again. Should he tell the boy what to expect straight away? No. He'd never come to the place if he knew. I find that I have caught a terrible disease and it means that I will die within the week. He looked at the words on the page and let out a heavy sigh. The truth hurt.

The flame crackled away, not the least bit upset that its master was withering away before it. Why would it be? It had caused the disease that at this very moment was consuming the old man in front of it from the inside.

By the time this letter reaches you, I will no doubt have passed on to the next life so with this letter I send my Will. He looked at the desk and at the papers across it. He knew the Will was in there somewhere. He just wasn't too sure as to where.

Bracing himself, he stood up and began to make his way over to the desk. He needed to find that Will. If he didn't the flame would win. If he didn't he would not be the only one to be struck down by it. Even though he had been trapped in this house for so many years he could not bring himself to leave his duties. He had a responsibility that he needed to fulfill.

He searched through the papers. He wasn't sure what half of them were, they just somehow ended up on his desk. He sighed angrily at the papers and randomly grabbed one. Which just so happened to be the Will. Finally! He thought. Now to finish off the letter.

He made his way back to his chair and sank down into the cushions before sitting up and taking hold of his pen again. As you will see I have left all of my possessions to you and you alone. You may not realize it now but it is an enormous responsibility on your part. I dare not say any more in this letter because I do not wish this information to be seen by anyone else but you. Instead you can find the answers to your questions by

Searching the many halls and rooms, both physically at the manor, and mentally
You will find what you seek in the room with the candle watched over by your ancestors
The fire within is not what you seek but the light without.
It will illuminate your way where the flame cannot

He sighed as he finished off his instructions. He knew that they would be near impossible to decipher but it was the only hope that he had of telling his nephew about the legacy he'd inherited. If he wrote anything too plainly it would have prevented the letter from leaving the house. It was better for the boy to have some clue rather than no clue at all.

Rubbing his temples, he tried to think of the name of the boy, soon to be man, which he was leaving everything to. It had something to do with the name of the manor too, but what he couldn't seem to remember.

He sighed and relaxed in his chair, glaring at the fire crackling merrily in the grate. "This is your fault, you know. If I hadn't had to look after you I would have been able to spend more time with my family. And then I would know who he is." The man folded his arms and continued to glare. But then again, if I didn't have to look after it I wouldn't be sending this letter

He sighed heavily and looked deeper into the flames. "Reito Manor...the Frozen Manor...Reito...Rei...REI!"

He smiled in pure delight as he remembered his nephew's name. The fire hadn't taken everything from him. Almost everything, yes, but not everything. He positioned his pen over the paper and began to write again. I know that this seems confusing, Rei, but I can only hope that you will understand it sooner rather than later.

I ask that you come to Reito Manor as soon as you can after receiving this letter. It is extremely important. He looked to the flames that danced behind the grate. Was it just him or were they getting brighter? He shook his head and looked over his letter.

He couldn't think of anything else to write so at the end of his letter he simply wrote Your Loving Uncle, Vladimir. He sighed as he read over what he had written. It wasn't much, but it would have to do.

He smiled at the fire. "It looks like you lost your chance."

The fire flared at this, making Vladimir chuckle. "You may have gotten the better of me but that won't buy your freedom"

He looked up the ceiling, and to the shadows that danced across it. "You will have a new master now. And I wish him luck."

Looking down again, he murmured, "I wish him all the luck in the world." He placed the letter into an envelope and began writing another letter to his nephew. This was the letter that would explain the true significance of his inheritance. This was the letter he was unable to send.


1 week later

"REI! Ya got mail, buddy"

"Really! What does it look like?"

"Well, it doesn't look like fan mail. Or a bill."

Rei Kon walked into the room and took the envelope from Tyson. "Thank God for that. I'm broke." He studied the envelope but couldn't recognize the handwriting on the front. "I wonder who it's from?"

He sat down on the couch and opened the envelope. Two pieces of paper sat snugly in it. Pulling out the first one he started reading, brows creasing in confusion, before his eyes widened and he started to pale. Sitting on a couch across from him was Max. Kai was sitting next to him. Kenny was somewhere else in the house and Tyson had just collapsed next to Max.

Tyson leaned forward. "What's wrong Rei?" He asked, a faint tremor in his voice. His Chinese friend hardly ever looked ruffled, let alone sacred. Whatever was in that letter had to be bad news.

"I...I just found out that I have another uncle."

The others looked at him in shock. "Really? That's great!" Max told him, breaking the silence.

"It would be great but...he...he's dead or nearly dead." Rei said, looking up at the people surrounding him.

"What? How on Earth could you know something like that? " Tyson asked him incredulously, before he remembered the letter in Rei's hand. "Oh, does that letter say so?"

Rei nodded mutely before setting the offending pieces of paper on the table.

He pulled the other piece of paper out. It was an official looking document. "What's that Rei?" Max asked, leaning forward to try and get a look at the paper. "A Will." Rei said simply.

"Why would an uncle you've never heard of send you his Will?"

The neko-jin shrugged as he scanned the document. "How would I know?"

"What's his name? And what did he leave ya?" Tyson asked. Max elbowed him in the ribs.

"His name was Vladimir Kon. And it looks like he left me practically everything he owned." His eyes widened as he read further down the list. "Including his home, Reito Manor."

Tyson's eyes widened. "Reito Manor? Rei-to…" He burst out laughing. "That's classic! Look, next time that you try to fool us please try and think of a more original manor name. You really had me going you a while."

"I'm serious."

"That was really go- huh?"

"Reito Manor. Now where have I heard that before?" Kai said. The other looked at him in shock.

"Holy cow! Kai said a sentence!" Tyson said pointing at Kai. Kai ignored him.

"It says here that the Manor is in Russia, so you might have seen it. After all, you did grow up there."

"Hn. I know it's more than that though." The Russian frowned in thought, before shrugging. "I can't think of what though. It's probably not that important anyway. So what are you going to do with it? Sell it?"

"He asked me to go to the house first. As for selling it...I don't know. I might keep it. It would be nice to have somewhere I can go."

"What? You don't need somewhere to go!" Tyson told him indignantly. "You can just stay here! It's not like we don't have the space. Not since…" Tyson trailed off. His Grandfather's death was still a touchy subject for him.

"It's not that I don't like it here Tyson. Far from it, I love it here. But by the looks of things the Reito Manor has been in the family for generations. I'd like to be able to live in a house where my ancestors have lived. I mean, the dojo has been in your family for years, so it's more special for you. This estate belongs to the Kon's. It's special for me. Besides, I can probably keep it and stay here. Use it as a holiday home or something."

"But you didn't even know it existed until today. How can it be special to you? You haven't even seen it. And how often are you going to go on a holiday to Russia anyway? Can you even speak Russian for that matter?"

"No, I cant speak Russian. And I doubt that I'll be holidaying there much. And I haven't seen it. But I feel that I'll want to stay there. I'm going to go anyway, even if it's just to see what its like."

"But why?"

"Because I do ok? Anyway, you're all welcome to come." Rei said looking around the room at all of them, his gaze lingering on the slate haired boy sitting beside him. He caught himself staring and quickly turned his gaze back to the Will. "It says here that it's near Moscow, so it'd be just like old times."

"Hey! We should invite some of the other teams! If that's ok with you Rei?" Max said, starting to become hyper at the thought of a party.

Rei sighed. He used to think that growing up meant that you become mature. In Max's case that was obviously a misnomer. "Yeah, sure. I just hope that there's enough rooms."

"It's a manor of course there'll be enough rooms."

"Ok. Who should we invite guys?" Max said, literally bouncing in his seat. Tyson was watching him out of the corner of his eye, a blush steadily coloring his cheeks.

Rei stood up abruptly. "I don't care who you invite. I'm going to arrange our flights ok?" Saying that he left the room.

Tyson stared after the neko-jin. "What's up with him?"

Max shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with that letter?" He leaned forward to snatch it off the table only to be stopped by a hand gripping his arm. He looked up and met cold crimson eyes.

"Don't you know it's not polite to read someone else's mail?"

"Oh. Sorry. My bad." Max said. "C'mon Tyson. Lets go get some sugar, then think about who to invite!" Max said, dragging Tyson out of the room. That left Kai. And the letter.

Kai sat with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He opened one only a crack. The letter was sitting innocently on the table. He closed his eye and shook his head. Not polite. Don't do it.

His hand involuntarily reached toward the letter. He snatched it away quickly. He couldn't do that to Rei. The Chinese boy needed to have some degree of privacy. If he wanted that with his letter he would have taken it with him, his inner voice reasoned.

But it's to him ONLY. He argued back. You're his captain. You need to know about your team. That includes their feelings. Damn. His inner voice was using rank again.

Kai guiltily looked around before picking up the letter and scanning its contents. He frowned as he finished reading it. What was this Vladimir guy going on about? And now he expected Rei to inherit his house? Who knew what was there? And why did Reito Manor sound so familiar?

Kai sighed and replaced the letter on the table. I guess I'm going to find out.

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