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Rei stared out the kitchen window, absent-mindedly eating his pancakes. "At this rate we're never going to get Ollie a doctor." He told the only other occupant of the room.

Kai gave a non-committal grunt as he continued doing the dishes. He wasn't quite sure how he'd been roped into doing everyone's dishes. But, it had happened. Kai looked hopelessly at the pile of dirty plates. At least this gave him some alone time with Rei.

He winced as the pile of plates began to tilt, inexorably heading towards a spectacular crash. Not exactly the alone time he had imagined spending with Rei…

Rei continued to look blankly out the window, his fork slowly moving from his plate to his mouth.

Kai quickly finished cleaning his current plate and put it in the drying rack, before steadying the tilting stack.

"Did you hear me?" Rei asked, looking over at Kai, with a smirk. He found it amusing that Kai had lost to Johnny in what the Scotsman had termed 'the ultimate deciding contest of the century' and what normal people termed 'flipping a coin.'

Heads I win, Tails you lose.

Kai had chosen tails.

Kai had lost.

Johnny had rubbed it in, only for his...captain coughlovercough to drag him off, complaining about 'uncouthness'.

"Of course I heard you." Kai said, taking another plate off the now-steady pile. "But I can't change the weather. We just have to wait. We've done everything for Ollie that we can- the same as any doctor."

Rei nodded and stood, having finished his pancakes. He moved around the counter to find a dish cloth and began drying the dishes Kai had washed.

The stack of plates was tilting again- faster then Kai was washing- so Rei righted them.

"I hope we've done the right thing. I mean, what else could we have done?" he murmured gently.

Kai shook his head. "We couldn't have done anything else."


Enrique looked down at Oliver's corpse. "What are we going to do with it?" He asked the Oliver next to him.

The standing Oliver shrugged, his hands adjusting the bandage Enrique had tied over his eyes. "Throw it out," He suggested.

Enrique shrugged and picked up the few remains of the corpse, of which there only remained the bones and some flesh on one hand, and threw them out into the snow to land beside his fallen comrade. The remaining beetles scurried away to the dark parts of the room. Oliver smirked as some of the crawled across his bare feet, enjoying the sensation.

Enrique looked down at the corpses, "Ah, young love. So...utterly disgusting." He cracked his neck and walked over to Oliver.

The blonde guided Oliver to the bed and helped him to lie down, smirking as the last stray beetles fled from the sheets. "Young lust, however…." He said, pushing Oliver's bandage off his eyes so he could look into their fiery depths. "That I can deal with."

Oliver smirked, moving his hands under Enrique's shirt and touching the hot skin, so like their true nature.

He continued to pull the shirt up and over Enrique's head; running his hands through his blond hair, eventually gripping it and pulling the blonds head down, locking their lips together in a searing hot kiss.

Enrique smirked into the kiss, allowing Oliver a brief moment of dominance. He pulled away from the green-haired boy with a mock-look of concern. "Are you sure about this?" He asked, imitating the person he had become.

Oliver smirked, amused with the blonde's antics. He ran his hands down Enrique's chest, touching as much skin as possible. "Are you?"

Enrique grinned. "Most definitely."

"You got your answer in one, love." He grinned, chuckling lightly, a wisp of smoke drifting out of him mouth. He moved his hands down to Enrique's belt and fiddled with the buckle, pausing so the blond could remove his shirt.

Enrique stared at Oliver's bare chest, lust burning in his gaze. He placed his hand firmly on the pale surface and forced Oliver to lie still and flat on the bed. He slowly ran his hand down the centre of Oliver's chest; stopping just centimetres shy of the waistband of the Frenchman's pyjamas. Instead of continuing southwards, Enrique started drawing patterns on the plane of Oliver's stomach that dipped toward his nether regions before wandering back upwards.

The blonde smirked wickedly at the small sound of protest that evoked from Oliver.

"What's wrong, love?" Enrique said with a wicked grin, his hand dipping dangerously low.

"Please, love! Don't tease!" Oliver cried, his hands tangling in the blonds' hair.

Enrique slowly dragged a finger up his chest, swirling it around a nipple, never truly touching it.

"Why not?" He purred, rubbing his thumb over the hard nub of Oliver's nipple, making the Frenchman gasp. He leant down to breathe into Oliver's ear, making him shudder at the sensation. "I like watching you squirm." He whispered, breathing moist air into Oliver's ear while simultaneously pressing down hard on the captured nipple.

Before long, pants had gone missing, underwear discarded aimlessly onto the floor, only moans filling the air.

The fire hadn't been able to experience such pleasures of the flesh for a long time


"I have to get Rei to see the error of his ways!"

Mathilda stared at the ceiling of Mariah's room, wondering if the other girl would notice if she tried to smother herself.

"There has to be a way that I can make him see that Kai's an ass."

"Mariah, are you sure you don't have a thing for Kai's ass?"

Mariah stuck her head into the room from the bathroom and glared at Mathilda. "How could you even THINK such a thing? You're supposed to be on MY side Mati!!"

Mathilda sighed. "I am on your side." She intoned dutifully.


"It's just that I think you might want to give this one up for lost."


"…Just a suggestion." Mathilda sighed and continued to stare at the ceiling. Mariah had dragged her into this room straight after breakfast with the promise of 'girl talk'

Mathilda had then proceeded to watch Mariah put on enough makeup to sink the Titanic and all the life boats while bitching about Kai and Rei.

"Can I go now?" She asked (Read: Pleaded) "I want to go find Miguel."

"Why? He's probably still looking at porn with everyone else."

"Exactly." Mathilda said adamantly. "I'm pretty sure that much porn isn't good for him."

Mariah rolled her eyes, a rather difficult feat when putting on eyeliner. "Lots of guys watch way more than that."

"So? Migi doesn't. And he's not going to start now."

"Too late for that, dear."

The girls heard a shout from down the hall.

"Who was that?" Mathilda said, sitting up.

"Probably just the red-head bastard and his gay freak boyfriend." Mariah spat out.

"It didn't sound like Tala, or Bryan."

"Whatever, it doesn't matter."

Mathilda yawned. "Besides, for someone in a house full of gay people you seem to be awfully homophobic."

Mariah shrugged, though Mathilda couldn't see her. "I couldn't care less, really. I just don't like them."

"Them… meaning?"



"THEM! The red haired ass and-"

"Oh THEM!!! You could have just said Tala and Bryan, you know."

Mariah pouted. "You're female- you're meant to read my mind."

"No- I'm meant to read men's minds. You're allowed to remain a complete mystery to me."

"Aww phooey!" Mariah said angrily, glaring at Mathilda as if Rei's 'sudden' obsession with a cold hearted Russian was her fault. "Why are you so mean to me?"

Mathilda sighed, "I'm not mean to you. And I don't mean to SOUND mean, but could you hurry up? I wanna go see Miguel!"

"OH Shut up! Just because YOUR boyfriend hasn't been STOLEN by an angsty preteen." Mariah said sulkily

Mathilda bit her lip. "Umm... Kai's not exactly a pre-"


Frustrated, Mathilda growled at Mariah and pushed herself off the bed. "No, Mariah, YOU shut up! All you ever used to talk about was 'Rei this' and 'Rei that'. Now, not only do you do that, but you whinge about 'Kai this' and 'Tala that' and I'm starting to get SICK and TIRED of you're HOMOPHOBIC TENDENCIES!"

Mariah shrunk back against the wall. "But Mati! It's gross! And Rei was made for me-"


Matilda took a deep breath. "You know what? I can't deal with you now. I'm going to find Miguel. Talk to me again when you've gotten over yourself."

Mariah watched as her best friend stormed out of the room and scowled. "Bitch." She muttered half to the door Mathilda had slammed and half to her own reflection in the mirror. "You Fucking Bitch!"


Miguel blinked as he suddenly found himself with an armful of Mathilda. "Um…?"

Mathilda shook against him. "Don't worry. I'll be fine. Just...just don't worry."

"Mati, are you crying?"

Miguel looked to Claude, who he'd been talking with before Mathilda barreled into him. Claude shrugged at him.

"I'll leave you two alone. See you later, alright?"

Miguel nodded his thanks to Claude and steered Mathilda off towards their room. Claude sighed at their retreating figures and walked towards the kitchen with the intent of finding himself some food.

"Avast Ye! Stand and Fight like the mangy cur that ye are!"

Claude blinked as he walked into view of Tala brandishing what looked like a fluro blue… Claude rubbed his eyes and looked again, convinced that the lack of sleep from the night before was affecting him.

"I said stand and fight! Or is the sight of me merciless dildo enough to strike fear into ye cowardly hearts!"

Yes. That WAS a fluro blue dildo. Claude shook his head in disbelief and looked at the other occupants of the room.

Rei was just barely standing courtesy of Kai holding him upright to face Tala who was still brandishing his… weapon.

"Where the hell did you get that?" Rei asked as he gasped for breath between fits of laughter.

Kai tried to set Rei upright and loosened his grip, causing Rei to fall down on the floor, still pissing himself laughing.

Kai shared a perplexed look with Bryan as Tala switched his focus from terrorizing Rei to Kai. "ARGH ME HEARTIES! Swash Swash Buckle Buckle." He all but yelled, accentuating each worth with a thrust of his… sword.

Snorting lightly, Claude turned away from the Pirate-Tala filled chaos, heading once again towards the kitchen. His stomach grumbled unhappily at him and Claude sighed, looking out of a window as he passed it to see the grounds around the manor, covered in a fine layer of snow.

Stopping momentarily, he turned and studied the image that he saw. Surrounding most of the manor's yard was a dense forest of trees, now dusted in snow like tall dark cakes dusted in sugar. But what caught his interest, was a small sign of life just before the trees began. A small black blob was curled in the snow, quivering lightly. Even as Claude looked at it, it uncurled, revealing itself to be a rabbit, and bounded into the forest.

Claude shook his head. Weird. Very weird. He decided as he entered the deserted kitchen. He blinked as he noticed the severe lack of people. He had been positive that he would find at least two vultures hanging around the kitchen in hopes of some poor soul fixing them food.

He smiled slightly at the mental image that thought provoked as he opened the cupboards and began to dig through them in search of sustenance.

"Hello? Help!" Claude quickly spun around, looking for the source of the voice.

"Hey, where are you?" Claude yelled. He heard a light thunk noise coming from the dining room.

"...I'm not sure."

Claude quickly walked into the room and sighed as he spotted Oliver.

"Ollie? Shit, are you ok?"

The Frenchman paused in his actions to look around vainly for the voice. "I'm not sure." He said, reaching out to hold on to the nearest object for support, the chair at the head of the table. "Who is it?"

Claude quickly crossed the room and took hold of one of Oliver's arms. "It's Claude." He said in what he hoped was a reassuring tone of voice. "How the hell did you get down here? Your room's on the floor above us!"

Oliver shrugged, the movement causing the sleeve Claude was holding on to to ride up, allowing Claude's hand to touch the bare skin of his arm.

Claude snatched his hand away. "Jesus! Ollie, are you ok? You're burning up!"

Oliver smiled vacantly in Claude's general direction. "I'm fine. I recall walking past something warm earlier, perhaps a fireplace. I'm sure it's just heat from that."

Claude raised an eyebrow, before shaking his head. "Where's Enrique? I could swear he was watching over you. Almost like a hawk." Claude laughed a little, before looking to the ever silent Frenchmen.

"Enrique went to go get something for me from our room. But I don't think he found it because he didn't come back for a while. So I decided to go find him."

"And got lost yourself." Claude sighed. "Here, I'll help you get to your room. We might find Enrique on the way."

Ollie nodded and reached out for Claude's hand. "Thanks." He said simply.

Claude nodded, forgetting that Oliver couldn't see him and took the Frenchman's hand. "I just can't help but wonder how you managed to get down those stairs without killing yourself."

Oliver smiled vacantly. "Just lucky, I guess."

"Very lucky. I mean, Tyson fell down those stairs, and he could see- oh crap! I meant no disrespect!-"

"It's fine." Oliver said, smiling vacantly at Claude. "I'm going to have to live with...being blind now, so don't apologise. And Tyson fell down those stairs because he had little luck."

Claude raised an eyebrow. "But he's won a lot of beybattles."

"Dragoon has more luck than Tyson." Oliver joked, gripping Claude's hand a little tighter as they reached a staircase. "Can you move over to a banister? I'll need another grip here."

Claude quickly moved. "That better?" He asked.

Oliver bit his lip as he reached out for the banister. "You know, I wish this could be like Daredevil."


"You didn't see that movie? I think it was based off a comic book but I never got to read it. It's about a blind guy but he can still see with some kind of sonar, or something."

"Sounds kind of cool. I should watch it, I haven't seen that many movies, wasn't allowed to."

Oliver took his first cautious step up. "Really? That fairly sucks." He said conversationally, before he tried for his second step.

"I know! Though I did get to see that Pirate Movie a little while ago. It didn't make much sense though…"

"Pirate Movie? You do know that it's a trilogy, right?"

"Seriously? I thought there might have been a back-story."

Oliver chuckled and shook his head. This proved to be a bad move, as he was attempting to take another step at the same time, slipping a little with a yelp before Claude steadied him.

"Easy there. Don't want you getting hurt. Well, more than you already are...I'll shut up now."

"It's ok. Stop tiptoeing around the subject. I've gotten used to this, you should too."

Claude sighed heavily anyway, assisting Oliver up to the top of the staircase, luckily without any other problems.

"So your old room?" Claude asked, scanning the corridor. "What have you left in there?"

"Both Enri and I left our everything in there. We weren't really thinking about things like clothes last night." Oliver said lightly as he allowed himself to be steered toward 'his' old room.

"Oh." Claude said shortly, an uncomfortable silence settling over the pair. "...Does it hurt?"

"It did at first." Oliver said shakily. "It hurt so badly, but now, now I just feel numb. Numb all over..." He said the last part more to himself than to Claude.

"Oh. I've never had to deal with anything THAT painful. I guess I'm lucky in that regard."

"As lucky as Dragoon?"

"Not quite that lucky."

They had nearly reached the room by this point, easily recognised by a small stain on the floor just in front of the door, from when Oliver had been moved from one room to another. It could also be smelled from a distance. It smelled like rusted metal, obviously from the blood in the room, but now, Claude noticed, it also seemed to smell...smoky. Almost like someone had burnt something earlier, although that may have just been Tala and Bryan. With what they were known to have, Claude wouldn't be surprised if Tala had brought candles and somehow burnt something. Probably something important. Like hundred year old curtains, for example. Poor Rei.

Claude wrinkled his nose at the smell. "Are you sure that Enri hasn't already gotten all your stuff?" He asked, semi-desperately. He didn't particularly want to enter the room. He, thankfully, hadn't seen it the night before but imagined it hadn't got better with age.

"Positive, he probably got distracted by watching Emily bend over... Or anyone bend over for that matter. It is Enri." Oliver said with a rueful smile causing Claude to laugh nervously.

"True." Claude brought Oliver to a stop in from of the door and, steeling himself, tentatively reached for the handle.

At first touch, the handle was burning hot, and Claude had to quickly pull his hand away before he got burnt.

"What's wrong Claude?" Oliver asked, tilting his head slightly.

"The handle was hot. Really hot." Claude said, clutching his hand to his chest and glaring at the handle.

Oliver smiled directly at him, and, reaching out, grasped the handle and easily opened the door. Immediately after it opened, the smell of blood and smoke got worse, along with an underlying scent of decaying flesh. Claude immediately drew back from the door, but Oliver took a deep breath of the smell and wandered into the room.

"Claude? Come in, please, and help me find what I need."

Tentatively, Claude stepped over the threshold of the door, suddenly feeling both hot and cold at the same time. He shivered and observed the room. Blood covered much of the sheets of the bed, which lay messily on the bed. He also noted that the blankets held scorch marks, though he could recall no one speaking of fire in the room, and there were no candles, nor a fireplace anywhere in sight. The ceiling still held its mysterious twin stains directly above the bed which Claude had been told of early this morning.

Oliver was currently standing in the middle of the room.

"Ollie?" Claude asked nervously. "I don't see any bags… Are you sure no one brought them to you last night?"

Oliver snapped out of his reverie. "Hm? Oh, the bags…" He said vaguely, reaching out to take hold of the decorative bedpost on the end of the bed he stood next to. "I don't really think we have to worry about that." He said with a slight grin.

Claude frowned. "What?" He asked, looking behind him at the open door and the inviting corridor beyond. "But you said-"

"-Shut the door would you?" Oliver interrupted, his hand moving down the bed corner.

"Um… I don't-"

"I'll do it then." The Frenchman said irritably, waving his free hand impatiently at the open door behind Claude.

Claude looked over his shoulder when he heard the door slam, eyes wide in shock. "Ollie?" He asked, turning around and starting when he saw that Oliver was no longer in the centre of the room but less than a centimetre from his face with the blindfold he had been wearing removed, revealing Oliver's intact eyes shining with an inner fire.

"Good guess." Oliver said with a cruel grin, thrusting the piece of wood he had broken off the bed deep into Claude's stomach. "Not good enough, though." He whispered into Claude's ear as he twisted his improvised stake and pulled it out, covering Claude's mouth with his own and smothering his scream.

Oliver smiled into the kiss as he was covered with his companion's lifeblood. He pulled away and licked his lips, feeling a renewed strength filling his stolen body. "Thanks for the help." He said wickedly, leaning down to lick the small trail of blood running from the corner of Claude's mouth.

The fire sat back to enjoy the sight of Claude's eyes as the light slowly died in them, only moving to occasionally sample some of the warm blood that flowed freely from his wound.

Claude's corpse fell to the floor with an echoing thump and Oliver grinned victoriously, before looking at the door. Seconds later it opened, Enrique quickly stepping inside before closing and locking the door behind him.

The blond moved to Claude's dead body, looking it over disdainfully, before smiling at Oliver.

"Nicely done. Although..." he looked again at the body. "You could have been a little more creative. He didn't have a very elaborate death."

Oliver sniffed. "He didn't deserve an elaborate death. He was insignificant, and worthless. I doubt his presence will be noticed to have gone missing for quite a while."

Enrique smirked and held out his hand. "Does it really matter if he is?" He asked.

Oliver smiled and reached to take his counterpart's hand with his own blood-covered one. "Do we have enough to keep them here?" He asked as Enri pulled him up easily.

"Not quite. But close." Enrique said, releasing Oliver's hand and absent-mindedly licking the blood that had transferred to his own hand.

Oliver smirked as he watched Enrique, the beginnings of lust once again beginning to stoke the fire inside. "Your turn next, love"


Rei shuddered suddenly from where he sat, leaning against Kai. Something decidedly wrong and horrible had just occurred, but he didn't know what.

Kai looked at him, confused. "Rei? You cold?"

Rei shook his head and sighed. "No. Not cold. someone was walking over my grave."

"ARR! You got shivers cos ye were shiverin' in yer boots! SHIVER ME TIMBERS!!" Tala yelled from across the room, now weaponless as Bryan had confiscated his weapon shortly after Tala had started threatening Rei with it. There were times when even Bryan didn't trust Tala not to do something...stupid.

Rei smiled at Tala's antics, the warmth and comfort of the room and the people in it working their magic to calm him and dampen the feeling that had struck him. "I'm ok."

He assured Kai sleepily as he settled back into his previous position. "Just fine." He sighed as his eyes began to close.

Rei looked up when Miguel walked into the room, holding the hand of a slightly disheveled Mathilda. "Hm?" He asked intelligently.

"Have any of you seen Claude?" The blonde asked with a smile. "We've been looking for him all over."

Tala coughed not-so-subtly. "I'll bet."

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