Chapter 12: Buffy

The demon held Spike by the neck lifting him up, Spike wanted to get in an all out brawl with the demon, he knew he could take him, one demon was no problem, two, well he could probably take two but he was surrounded by a whole gang and while Spike liked to play against the odds he knew that they had a plan to follow. Then the demon blew apart as the demon was blown away by a rocket launcher, Spike took a minuet to regain his composure then stood back up to see Xander walking his way with the rocket launcher in hand, Willow was right behind him. Soon Willow and Xander were standing next to him. Sure a rocket launcher was a bit overkill, but it was definatly intimidating.

Spike: "Cutting it a little close there, don't you think?"

Xander: "What… you're not dead are you… well, I mean you are but…"

Willow: "Guys, remember the big scary demons?"

Spike: "Oh, right."

They all regain focus and look on at the rest of the demons who are currently staring at them.

Spike: "See that, we've killed your leader, and two other demons earlier, you're three men down… Now, are you going to leave our town?"

One demon steps forward, however the rest remain frozen in place not sure what to do. The demon picks up a piece of debris and walks within five feet of the three of them when Willow uses her magic to make what he was holding fly out of his hand and Xander aims the rocket launcher. The demon turns and runs as do the rest of them, they quickly get on their bikes and ride away as fast as possible.

Xander: "Guess they didn't know it was empty."

Spike: "Guess not."

Spike is the first to turn and leave and walk in the direction of the Summer's house where Dawn, Anya, and Tara are waiting. He thinks about everything that he's been through to bring him back to this point, and then he's pulled back into the depression he felt those three months when Buffy had been dead. Spike knew now that there was nothing that he could have done to prevent her death, but he could also remember everything that would have happened between them if she had come back, and that with the fact that he now had a soul to bear this pain with; it hurt more then ever.

-Summer's home-

Spike walks through the front door, then Xander and Willow walk in behind him, the rest of the gang is there as well, and they make their way one after another into the kitchen.

Spike: "Dawn, you hurry on up to bed now, ok."

Dawn does as he asks and Spike finds himself walking into the kitchen after the rest of the scoobies, they turn on a light, Willow and Tara sit at the counter and Xander and Anya stand behind it. Spike stands hovering in the doorway. Xander is looking down at his feet when Spike walks into the room and it appears to him as if they have something they want to tell him. Anya pokes Xander in the side and he finally looks up at the vamp.

Xander: "Uh… Spike we wanted to…"

Spike: "Save it…"

Xander: "No, we… we wanted to th- we wanted to tha-"

Anya: "Oh, for heavens sake, we wanted to thank you… for stopping us, we realized that bringing Buffy back would have been wrong and possibly catastrophic and yadda yadda yadda, so we're thanking you. "

Tara: "You were right… w-we had no right to mess with the natural order of things, even if… we thought we found a loophole, but we still shouldn't have."

Willow: "You really think she's in heaven."

Spike: "I know it."

Willow just nods then, Spike understands the silent gesture and the loyalty she had to her friend, Spike looks at all of them; none of them really hated him, he knew that it was mostly just an act. It was something they said to fall back on incase he ever stepped out of line, but in reality he knew that he could count on them. Then they were are all startled by a bright light that filtered in to the room, it was as if someone had turned on the sun in the middle of the living room and its rays flowed into the rest of the house, but only for a moment, in a flash the light was gone, but they had all seen it. After a moment of blinking they all slowly got up and started to walk towards the source, the living room. When they got to the edge of the stairs Dawn came rushing down.

Dawn: "What was that?"

Spike: "Dunno' But, m' gonna find out."

Dawn gets behind Spike and he proceeds to walk into the living room. When Spike moves the door out of the way and takes his first step into the room what he sees is an angel. It's Buffy, and she's glowing in bright white light, she hovers a few inches from the ground, and Spike just stares at her with amazement.

Spike: "Buffy."

She smiles at him, and everyone behind him is speechless, the lights around her dim slightly as she lowers to the ground, then as her feet touch the floor the glowing stops all together and she is corporeal. She walks forward to Spike and looks at him looking her over with every emotion on his sleeve. She touches his face and gives him a small kiss on the lips, whispers thank you then backs away to stare at everyone.

Dawn: "Are you real?"

Buffy: "Yes, Dawnie… it's really me."

Dawn rushes forward past Spike and hugs her sister; a few tears roll down both of their faces, and soon everyone in the room has tears in their eyes. It seems so surreal to see her standing in front of them, but they accept it, and amazement fills their senses along with question.

Dawn: "Are you going to go away again?"

Buffy: "no… I'm here to stay; I promise I'm not going anywhere."

Willow: "How?"

Buffy: "It's a long story, I'm supposed to be here, but it's good that Spike stopped you from bringing me back that would have been too soon."

Xander: "You were in heaven."

Buffy: "Yea… but now I'm here."

Anya: "Do you want anything."

Xander: "Yes, Pizza, Buffy likes pizza I'll get Buffy pizza."

Buffy: "Guys, I'm alright I promise, I know it's all confusing, and I promise I'll answer all your questions soon… but I am kinda tired, can we all talk in the morning?"

Xander: "Yea, of course Buffster, we'll be here bright and early tomorrow."

Buffy: "Good."

Xander walks forward and gives Buffy a hug he whispers 'I'm so glad you're back' then Anya does the same and they leave, eventhough Xander wanted to stay and make up for lost time, he just knew that she was alright and this peaceful feeling allowed him to leave without a second thought. As the front door shuts quietly Willow and Tara also step forward for a hug and then retire upstairs, the same peaceful understanding taking over them; Dawn and Spike are still standing in the living room.

Buffy: "Dawn, why don't you head up to bed as well… I have to talk with Spike for a moment."

Dawn: "I wanna stay up with you."

Buffy: "Dawn, please."

Dawn reluctantly gives Buffy one final hug and then vanishes up the stairs, Buffy looks back at Spike, then she turns and walks over to the chairs and sits in one, Spike walks over and sits in the one across from her. Their positions are familiar to both of them, it's where they sat when Buffy had first come back, Spike reaches out and takes Buffy's hand and they just sit for a moment.

Buffy: "I remember, Spike… I remember everything just like you do."

Spike looks up at her and deep into her eyes, they are quiet for a moment just thinking about everything that happened and where they were. The soft lights from the lamp light up their faces and everything seems calm and peaceful.

Buffy: "It's weird, like I have two sets of memories, one in which I crawl out of the grave and then another which is now, or different scenarios from when I died, and when you died… but then here I am. It's a little wiggy."

Spike: "Just why are you here?"

Buffy: "I was supposed to come back all along, just not the way I had before."

Spike: "So what happens now?"

Buffy: "We just go on living, it's kinda like a second chance, we can fix how messed up everything was before… I want to thank you, for the choices you made, for stopping my friends, for trying to save me, and for protecting Dawn, it means a lot to me."

Spike: "So are we the only ones who remember everything, what's to come an' all that?"

Buffy: "Yea, but our other memories are gonna fade a little, they'll always be there, just not as clear, it's to keep us from getting too confused… but Spike, the feelings, they're still there… I love you."

Spike just smiled.


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