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Terre et Ciel

Sursis tranquille


Sora woke up to a blank, white ceiling. He lied still, staring up at the white tiles. Slowly, he moved his eyes around; everything, save chairs, the window frame and a few metal poles, was white. The room made him think about his life. Sora felt that his life and the room had a lot in common.

"This room has nothing. It's blank…" he whispered to no one. Maybe, hopefully, the walls would listen to him; see the state he was in. "My life is nothing, just like this room." Sora closed his eyes. He felt so tired. Every time Ansem punished him, he would feel tired. The brunette figured out it was depression once he was around eleven years old. He lied there and reluctantly reminisced about why he was in this place. Sora remembered it clearly.

Three days after the worst punishment Ansem had ever administered to him, Sora still had not moved from the bloodied sofa. He refused to eat as well. Ansem would walk by and order him to get up. When Sora did nothing except stare forward, the man would call him a pathetic, worthless piece of shit and walk off. Sometimes, Sora would hear Ansem talking with the servants.

"If he refuses to eat, don't make him. Let him starve for all I care." But Sora knew; he knew Ansem really did care. He knew the reason Ansem needed him so much. Sora was the best source of money he had. Pictures of the brunette boy sold for the highest price among the other and older stars. Yes, Ansem needed, no, wanted the money. Not that that was the only reason. Ansem had two reasons for keeping the boy. Sora wasn't only a money and business magnet, but a way for Ansem to relieve himself. Relieve his sexual tension. He usually saved those occasions for punishment, calling Sora a whore and 'Nothing but a good fuck.'

But every once in a while, Ansem would barge into Sora's room, effectively waking the brunette with the sound of the door slamming against the wall. The man would then climb onto Sora and, pinning his arms down, start grinding the boy into the bed. When Ansem let go of his wrists, he would either pull Sora's pants off or move to sit on the boy's chest. Once it was decided what Ansem wanted that night, Sora had to do it and endure it. The white and blue haired man always made sure Sora would deep-throat him when getting a blow job. The boy had to swallow it all.

Some could say the brunette was a little bulimic because after nights like that, once Ansem went back to bed, Sora would run into the bathroom. Flinging the door open, he'd drop to his knees in front of the toilet and shove his fingers down his throat. He would stay there, making himself vomit until nothing else would come out savor stomach acid. Then he'd brush his teeth, wash his hands and go back to bed, sobbing. Other nights he would take another shower.

Ansem started doing those things approximately four years after he found the boy, and still Sora would cry himself to sleep. He was fourteen now. The method Ansem used on him began when he was eight. Sora couldn't help but cry every time Ansem would touch him like that. It made him feel dirty, worthless, vile. He never wanted the life he was given.

Sora knew that Ansem cared at least a little, or else he wouldn't take him to the hospital after the really bad punishment. Ansem wasn't always the one to punish him and he's never hurt him like he did this time. This time was worse because it was the tenth time he's ran away from a photo shoot that month. Sometimes Ansem would let the bodyguards, like Gamo, or some random pervert off the street that he hired do the "honors". So, the man would carry Sora in, telling the doctors that "he found him like that". That the boy had come home like that, bloodied or in pain. He would act like he didn't have a clue what happened, and Sora wasn't allowed to tell. And every time the foolish doctors would believe him; maybe because he sounded sincere, maybe because he had a lot of money. Sora betted on the latter.

So here he was. At the hospital again, a week and a half after the incident. He felt a little better. The doctors had found out why he was in so much pain below the belt and did their best to reverse the damage. Now it was up to time and his body to heal it the rest of the way.


It's been about two weeks and still no sign of the brown headed boy. Riku dragged himself to third period. He had slowly began losing hope that he'd ever find the boy again. He had been so confident, and now Tidus was mocking him. The silver haired teen sighed as he opened the door to his biology class. As soon as he stepped in…

"Did you find that kid yet?" Tidus was in his face. Riku narrowed his eyes and pushed past the boy. Setting his books down, Riku dropped into a chair.

"Sora, Tidus. His name is Sora."

The blond boy sat on the table, his back to his friend. "Yeah, well, whatever. Still no sign of him?"

Riku shook his head, silver locks swishing past his face.

"Maybe he gave you a fake name. Or maybe you dreamed meeting him." Tidus offered.

Riku shook his head again. "I was definitely awake stupid. And why would he do that?"

The boy frowned at him, then shrugged. "I dunno Riku. Maybe he doesn't want to see you again?" Tidus sniggered. "Maybe he's really paranoid and was afraid you'd stalk him."

Riku glared at Tidus's back, then looked away. "No…"


The silver haired one didn't have to look to see who was coming to try to squeeze the living shit out of him. He gave a faint laugh. "Heheh…Kairi…"

The girl came over to sit next to her ex. She fiddled with her hair, smiling, and flirting. "What are you guys talking about?"

Tidus kept his back to her. "Oh nothing, just how much uglier your face gets each time I see it. Geez, what an eyesore." The boy turned to grin at Kairi, who in return, glared at him. In an attempt to get Tidus to leave, Kairi put her hand in his face and turned to Riku.

"So, Riku, what do you wanna do today after school?"

The teen raised a brow. "Go home, why?"

She pouted, trying to look cute. "Well, today's Friday, and I'm free…" she trailed off.

Riku looked at her,raising his eybrows, knowing what she was getting at, but acting like he didn't. "…and, so?"

The auburn haired girl frowned. Surely he knew she was trying to get him to ask her out. Riku wasn't dense. "Would you like to go out somewhere with me?" she cooed.

Riku opened his mouth and raised his head up. Kairi looked hopefully at him. "Oh! Well…nope, no, sorry." He smiled at her.

"Smash(1)." Tidus whispered, still on the table.

"To your seats everyone!" the teacher called. Kairi narrowed her eyes, annoyed with Riku and thoroughly pissed at Tidus. She moved to her seat, still watching him. Sure they were ex's, but that didn't mean she didn't want him back. Riku was the hottest guy in school; she and all other girls knew that. Kairi had the silver haired beauty for herself but lost her grip on him; well, gave him up. Her eyes narrowed further. She would get him back before any of those bitches tried to step up. She would make sure of that.

"Okay class, open you r books to page 394. We'll be learning about microorganisms today."

The class groaned. Riku rolled his eyes. 'Why should I think about microorganisms when I can think about a whole organism named Sora.' He folded his hands together under his chin and smirked.

Kairi continued to watch him. She tried to see what Riku was smirking at but the teen seemed to be staring at nothing. Her eyes scanned the room. 'All these girls are part of my competition. Riku will be mine again.'


Sora plucked at the hospital bed sheet. Those things were always so stiff and starchy. He'd pull it up in a little and the sheet would stay up, making a tiny tent. The brunette dully watched the sheet tent as he pulled it up then smashed it back down in a continuous, drole motion. Everything about the blank room was his life, including the sheet even. He would build himself up; Sora pulled the white cover. Just so Ansem could break him down; he squashed the cover.


The boy's head snapped up and he looked at Ansem. The man walked from the door to the side of the bed, pulling up a chair. He sat down then looked at the boy. Something was amiss, Sora could tell; Ansem didn't look very happy. The brunette eyed the man, waiting for him to speak.

"The government has passed a new law." He paused. Sora nodded, showing that he was listening. "About school."

Something about the law was rubbing Ansem the wrong way. Meaning that something in it affected what he wanted. "It says all children under age 18 are required to attend school. Public school. It's supposed to promote social characteristics. They sat there are too many lonely and disturbed people out there turning into criminals."

Sora understood now. Ansem didn't like Sora being around many people; it gave him a chance to rat the man out. So, having to go to public school instead of being home schooled meant he couldn't monitor what Sora would say, and that ruffled his feathers, so to speak.

"Okay." Sora lied back down and turned away from him, trying to hint that he was tired. He lay there, silently, waiting to hear Ansem leave when something grabbed hold of his cock. He gasped and his eyes snapped open to stare fearfully into Ansem's orange ones.

"You know what that means, right? If you tell anyone…" he squeezed the boy's member harshly. "You'll regret it." He released him and walked to the door. Sora swallowed and started on the task of controlling the tremors that began when Ansem touched him.

The man opened the door. Looking up, he remembered one more thing he needed to tell Sora. "You'll be going to Paopu High as a freshman starting Monday." With that said, Ansem walked out, leaving the boy to his thoughts, fears, and uncontrollable trembling.


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