That Fateful November Day

I was ready to die,
I hated my life.
And in my family;
There was so much strife.

My grades were failing,
I would never succeed.
My brother left home;
He was only sixteen.

My dad took to drinking;
My mother was dead.
I tried to have faith;
But lost hope instead.

I had lost it all,
My hopes, my faith, my dreams,
So, I climbed to a rooftop,
Where I wouldn't be seen.

I was planning on jumping;
I had nothing to live for.
I had no will to live;
I had it no more.

No one would miss me,
No one would care.
No one would cry,
Because I wasn't there.

I had no purpose,
I was just a dead weight.
Nobody needed me,
I would never be great.

And just when I was getting,
The nerve to jump off,
Somebody called me,
I gasped and I stopped.

"Mary!" He called,
"This isn't the way,
"You don't want to do this;
"Don't throw your life away."

For a moment I stopped,
How did he know?
I hadn't told anybody,
That I was ready to go.

I screamed, "Go away!"
Tears were streaming down my face.
Now, I was scared; really scared,
My heart quickened its pace.

"Talk to me," He pleaded,
His eyes; desperate and sincere.
Silently, I think;
"He doesn't understand; he wouldn't care."

As I stood on the rooftop,
My foot in mid-air,
He tells me to stop;
He's tells me he cares.

"You don't understand," I tell him,
"No one's ever cared.
No one would be troubled,
If I suddenly wasn't here!"

"I'd care," He tells me,
He takes a cautious step closer,
"And you've got a purpose,
You hear me? A purpose, Mary Dozier."

I begin to tremble,
As I look down at the ground,
Tiny cars and people,
Are moving all around.

"I'll never amount to anything," I cried,
"That's what people say.
And you know what? I think they're right;
So, I'll make this my last day."

"You don't want to do that,"
He speaks up again,
"You could have a real life;
Not everyone can.

"If you do this, Mary,
And leave us here today,
So many would care,
And that includes me."

No one had ever told me,
That they cared for me before.
So when he said those words,
I began to cry some more.

I let him pull me away;
Away from the edge of that roof.
He wraps strong arms around me,
And says, "People do care about you."

"One day you'll get married,
And have children of your own.
And, Mary, when you do,
Love and care will be shown.

"I know you'll tell your children,
How much they mean to you,
You'll tell them how you care,
And you'll tell them the whole truth.

"And the truth is, Mary,
That everybody is unique.
Each person has a purpose,
That's what you need to believe."

And do you know what?
That man was right.
Everybody has a purpose;
Someday we'll all take flight.

Today I am happily married,
With five children of my own.
I show them love and care;
Both desperately need to be shown.

Today I travel all over the world,
With my story I tell others they're loved,
And it saves so many people,
From doing what I would have surely done.

If that man had not come along,
That fateful November day,
Then, I would not be here with you,
I would not be able to say;

That I want to encourage you to speak,
Into somebody's heart; some light.
Those words, that love, could be significant.
You may even save a life.

Written on: July 23, 2005

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