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Chapter One: Dreams of the Past

It was when she caught even herself staring off dreamily in Transfiguration that Hermione knew something was wrong. It wasn't often that she allowed her mind to wander; even less often did her mind wander to the opposite gender.

Since Ron has gotten so tired of waiting for her, she realised, he had begun dating a sixth-year Ravenclaw. She hardly saw him during the day anymore, except in classes. At night, in the common room, he and Harry exchanged stories of their love lives, for Harry was dating Ginny Weasley. Hermione found this quite interesting, considering Ron's reaction to anyone dating his younger sister.

But Hermione herself had not dated since Viktor Krum, and they had lost contact about a year or so ago. Hearing tales of happiness from the boys, she was beginning to feel very lonely.

Angry with herself, she allowed her mind to turn elsewhere, and found herself soaring over the lush green mountains that surrounded Hogwarts. No, this wouldn't do!

There was no reason to allow her mind to wander in Transfiguration! She shook her head furiously, unfortunately just as Professor Hayrung strolled by.

"Any problems, Miss Granger?" Professor Hayrung asked. Since the death of Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall had taken over the role of Headmaster, so Eliza Hayrung had been brought in as Transfiguration Professor.

"No, no, Professor," Hermione shook her head and began to focus on her work again. Next to her, the boys sniggered. Of course, they still sat next to her – where else would they get their answers?

"There truly is a first time for everything," Harry gave her a wicked grin.

Hermione felt her face go red, so she quickly buried herself in the set work, anxious for the bell to go. She was worried as to why she let herself slip; she just didn't do that!

Still worried, she made her way to Potions at the bell. Three days after Harry had killed Lord Voldemort, Professor Snape had returned to the Order's Headquarters, accompanied by Fawkes and Remus Lupin. Lupin had found him in a muggle junkyard, unconscious with Bellatrix Lestrange standing over Snape, screaming about him for being a traitor and saying that he should have done the Dark Lord's bidding without the help of the Imperius Curse. She has used the Cruciatus Curse, again and again on Snape's weak, shaking body.

Unable to do anything else, Remus had killed her, and brought Snape's unconscious body back to the Order's Headquarters.

Five days later, Snape woke up. He thought they were still in war, and even more so, that the war had just begun. The last thing he remembered was returning to the service of Voldemort, upon the orders from Dumbledore. A recent addition to the Order, Mitchell Riley, who was excellent at Legilimency, had searched Snape's mind endlessly, only to find that Snape's last conscious memory was indeed Voldemort standing over him, saying the controlling Imperius curse.

Destroyed by what he had done under the Imperius curse, Snape had spent the summer recovering and trying to rest his mind. To help with this, he had returned to Hogwarts, to do what he did so well.

He returned to teaching Potions.