A Brother's Love

Ayame Souma and Yuki Souma were brothers in name only. At least, that was what Yuki would claim. And for the longest time, it was the truth for both of them.

Yuki grew up under the harsh treatment of Akito, head of the household. Often locked up in a dark room and whipped, Yuki could not understand the treatment, nor could he ask for help. After all, the one time he tried, he was ruthlessly brushed off by his elder brother.

But Ayame grew up and realized the error of his ways. Wanting to establish that connection they never had, Ayame pursued Yuki's attention relentlessly, much to the exhaustion and amusement of Hatori and Shigure Souma, best friends of the flamboyant man. They tried to help in their own ways, offering advice. Of course, Ayame always took each word to heart and to the extreme, and instead of becoming close to his brother, drove a wedge deeper in between them.

And while he didn't mind, so long as Yuki actually paid attention to him, Touro Honda fretted about that seemingly never closing gap. She, too, tried her best, trying to help Ayame reach out to Yuki, as she knew that Yuki was barely willing to meet Ayame halfway.

However, an incident was about to happen, that none of them imagined ever would. They were a cursed family, and that tragedy seemed the worst of all, never being able to hug someone of the opposite sex that wasn't a cursed a member. They believed that nothing even more evil could touch them. After all, despite the curse, they were still the Soumas. They had money, they had power. They had the education, and they had the training that would keep them strong against everyone but Akito.

But it was those that often held that pride that would fall the hardest, and the damage would be the greatest. And it would be up to the rest that would have to pick up the pieces and do their best to piece that person back together, without cutting their fingers on the shards.