This is only going to be about the second party from The Lost Age, the characters are so much easier to work with. And I like 'em better. One pairing up till now: Picard X Sheba. 'Cuz I think it's cute. Besides, I'm not centering around romance anyway. Disclaimer: I don't own Golden Sun, and I don't own Harry Potter. HP is for next chapter.

Magic Mix-up

chapter 1: leaving Weyard


Felix opened his brown eyes. It was early in the morning in the strange forest he was in. The small clearing was covered in mist. Slowly, he turned his head and looked around. His sister Jenna and his other allies, Picard and Sheba were still asleep. Their breathing resounded calm and quiet in the air of this blissful dawn.

The brown-haired warrior smiled when he heard his sister silently muttering under her breath. It reminded him of all the times she had been dreaming, of all the times she'd stop mumbling and then wake up, unaware of her ramblings.

A little further, the youngest member of his party, Sheba, had snuggled up to the oldest one. Picard had his arm around her, warming and protecting the small blonde. Lying like that, one wouldn't think that these two were two battle-hardened warriors.

But they were, just like him and his sister. It was the reason they were here. Felix hoped that his decision had been right. He reflected on the few days before they had left Vale.


It was late in the evening. The soft twilight glow of Sol sparsely shone down upon Vale.

'Hey, what's wrong with you!' Jenna pouted. 'You really have to tell me what's up with you, you've been walking around like you've got a fire in your pants for almost two weeks now! And you're so easily angered lately. I admit I forgot to feed the chickens this morning, but that's no reason to shout at me like that!'

Felix sighed. His anger at his sister immediately dropped a few levels. She was right. He wasn't himself. But he didn't really dare tell her, she might be frightened. Since they had returned from Mars Lighthouse, he hadn't felt at peace with himself. In the beginning, he had tried to relax and enjoy being home again. But he had this strange feeling that just couldn't be neglected. Something was wrong, somehow, somewhere.

He was sure Picard felt it, too. He knew the Lemurian's little quirks better than anyone else. Well, except maybe Sheba. But she had too much respect for him to go mind-digging.

He had seen the Admiral walking up and down the deck of his ship, lost in thought. Sometimes he'd stand still and look up at the sky and shake his head sorrowful. When Felix revealed himself, he'd always act like there was nothing wrong, but he couldn't fool his friend.

'Hey bro', are you all right?' Felix looked up. Jenna seemed really concerned. He made his decision. Together, they'd been trough a lot, she deserved to know what bothered him.

'I'm sorry, Jenna. You're right, I'm acting like a jerk lately...No, don't interrupt me now, OK? It's not your fault if you think that. It's not anyone's fault. It's just... You see, since I was swept away in that storm I've lived the live of a warrior. It wasn't easy adapting to the cold of Prox, and to add to that I had to learn to defend myself against monsters from outside the village. Then I came back to Vale with Saturos and Menardi, which started the whole mess. And since Mars Lighthouse my powers are getting out of control, my energy is overflowing!' Slowly, Felix' tone became more agitated and louder.

'Even for Isaac and Garet it's hard to get used again to actually living somewhere permanently. Jenna, I just... I can't do it anymore. I need to do something, anything to release this power within me. I'll go crazy if I don't get out of this town soon!' he stopped.

In silence and her gaze downcast, Jenna contemplated. Felix waited without saying a word. Then, she looked him in the eyes. Felix jerked back in surprise. It was as if something had put a tiny sparkle of life into her irises. She smiled mischievously.

'Well, brother-mine... I understand. I guess it's just harder for you to hide your true feelings. We all feel that way. I've known you for a long time, bro. I knew it was something like that. I just needed to be sure.'

Now Felix was surprised. She had known?...

'We're all having trouble containing our power. When I try to light a candle, it feels so good casting the spell that I have to be careful not to put the house on fire. I feel it too. Something's fishy, and it's pulling me out there. I spoke to Sheba before she left with Picard; she says it's not from here.' Felix gave her a puzzled look. '' 'Weyard. It's from some other place we don't know about...yet.' '...yet?...' Felix inquired.

Jenna giggled. 'I know you don't talk a lot, but you know, a conversation is more than just repeating the last word said.' Felix blushed. 'Never mind. I meant that Picard has gone back to Lemuria to investigate. They've got this huge library there, he was sure he could go and take a look there. He says there's this weird theory of a world beneath ours.'

'Of course there is. The underworld, no?'

'No, not that one. It's deeper, and they say it's much bigger than Weyard. Weyard is floating above the surface of that world. It's the place you go when you jump off the edge of the world, I heard.' Felix nodded, letting the idea sink in. 'Makes sense. Continue.'

'Apparently, a few aeons back, someone from that world, they call it 'Earth', like our element, came to visit. He had found out about our world and found a way to get here. He said that Weyard is invisible from down there, and that it's protected by a parallel dimension between our and their world. And there's more, like the...' 'Wait a minute...' Felix interrupted her ramble. 'Just how do you know all these things?' Now Jenna smiled. 'Got me there. Unlike you, I kept writing letters to Lalivero, and Sheba answered them. She went with Picard to Lemuria to help him searching, and she wrote me everything they found out.'

'And you didn't tell me...'

'Well, no. We wanted to keep it a secret before we were absolutely sure about it. We didn't tell Isaac and the rest anything, either. Besides, we thought you'd think it's a stupid idea...'

'Hell, no! Now we can go and find out what's going on down there. That feeling's been nagging us all for so long...It must mean something.'

'It does mean something, Felix.' a soft, flowing voice called out from the shadows. Felix turned around to see Picard and Sheba advancing towards him. 'Something's going on on Earth, and I don't think they can handle it. Sheba and I think it's got something to do with the disappearance of the stone of sages.'

That was true. There had been no trace of Alex or the stone in the remnants of mount Aleph. Felix didn't seem too surprised, though.

Now Sheba started talking. 'Weyard is changing. We should face it. Our Psynergy has over-developed, we're all having a hard time keeping them restrained. We're dangerous to our own world. And down there is a whole planet waiting to be discovered, and it might need our help. If Alex is down there wreaking havoc with the Stone, they'll need us to stop him. If he's not there, it'd still be a great chance to learn more about Weyard and the Earth. Admit it Felix. We're all eager to go on a quest again.' The small blonde looked her leader straight into the eyes. Picard and Jenna were also waiting for his reaction. Three pairs of eyes, maraud, golden and fuchsia all the same were locked on Felix' own dark, mystic brown ones.

'So it's my decision? You realise that we might never get back.' All three nodded. 'We're aware of that, but I'm not bound anymore to Lemuria.' Picard said. 'I already said goodbye to my Faran. He understands.' Sheba added. Felix looked at his sister.

'I go where you go. I'd never let you go alone. And now I realise more than ever that you're a free soul. You should do what your heart tells you to do. If you weren't serious about it, you'd never have such an outburst like a few moments back.' 'But our family...' 'Don't worry. They understand it, too. They already know we're going.' She pointed to the front door of their wooden house. His parents were standing at the threshold. They had been standing there since Picard and Sheba had arrived. ''

'Son, I'm not going to speech now. You're old enough to decide on your own. Don't worry about me and your mother. You gave us our lives back when we were the dragon. The least thing we can do is let you live your life in freedom. For youngsters like you, Vale must be awfully peaceful. Me and your mom felt that way, too, a long time ago. Felix, we're proud of you, you deserve freedom. It'd be selfish if we asked you to stay.' his father said.

His mother had tears in her eyes, but she looked happy none the less. 'Just...Just take care. And look after Jenna. We trust you to protect her.' Jenna blushed awkwardly ' Mo-om...'

Felix went up to them and embraced them both. He was almost as tall as his father and a few inches above his mother's head, his long, ragged cape almost obscured them from view. 'Thank you...'

The emotion became a bit too much for the ever-tough Jenna. With tears in her eyes she rushed up to her family and hugged them all closely. She buried her head in her father's chest and sniffed. 'Goodbye...' she whispered. 'We'll see you again, don't worry, mom, dad.'

Sheba poked Picard in his side. He bowed down to her a little to listen. 'What?' 'Let's get outta here...' 'Oh! right...' Together they left, giving their friends' family some privacy.


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