This is a pitiful little poem that expresses my amazement at the fact that people think that if Christine has a child, it has to be Erik's. I mean, come on! Cut Raoul some slack!

Why, o why must it be this way?
Why do those books
Have to say:
"It wasn't Raoul,
oh no, not at all!
It was Erik.
Geeze, have you been listening at all?"

What's wrong with R/C?
Just answer me that.
Try as you might
You can't hide the fact-
The kid is Raoul's.
Just live with it, guys!
Kay and Forsyth,
Hard though you try,
Just make Raoul the father,
And it'll be fine!
Between Erik and Christine,
No more than a kiss!
And you really can't change that,
Hard as you wish.
So, long live R/C!
Come on, cut me some slack.
Raoul is the father,
And that is that.
Oh wonderful peoples, review!