To the casual observer, it was a peaceful day in Professor Binns' third period History of Magic. But if you were to focus more closely upon a certain table, which currently seated a fiery redhead and an adamant brunette, it became clear that a small battle was occurring right under the ghost-teacher's nose... not that this didn't happen regularly between James Potter and Lily Evans.

Potter -- ouch -- what do you think you're doing?Getting the book!Trying to hold my hand, more like!Well if you'd stop hogging the book -- you're not the only one writing a review paper --

Several tables over, no one was paying the slightest attention to their review papers. There was a much more important matter at hand than the goblin wars of 1581: the fact that James and Lily were madly in love, they were just too proud to admit it.

I swear, the girl's hopeless! said Addie Waters, Lily's best friend. Her blue-green eyes were fixed on the pair. You should hear her ranting about James in the dorm... how he always does stuff for her, how great his legs are, how she wishes Sirius would ask her out for him again!It's got to be more subtle than that, Ads, Sirius Black replied, sweeping his dark hair out of his eyes. She's not going to say yes if half of Hogwarts is watching!

Addie opened her mouth to argue, but Peter Pettigrew got there first.

From what Addie's said, she probably would... she's desperate.Not desperate enough to say yes in front of those little jerkettes Taylor and Samantha! Sirius put in.

Yeah, remember last time, in Ancient Runes? Remus Lupin reminded them.


James was announcing to his friends that they should start calling Steven Stebbins Steven didn't seem to know what to do about this new development, and sat there looking hurt.

Lily, who had had a crush on Steven up until very recently and still regarded him as a friend, narrowed her eyes and spat, Shut up, Potter!

Sirius was sitting behind James and had not contributed to the moment thus far, which was in itself rather unusual. However, when he spotted Lily, he sprang up and, pointing at James, said, Will you go out with him?You're crazy, Lily had answered promptly.

So will you? piped James.

Lily merely walked away.

end flashback

I don't want that to happen again, Sirius said. It needs to be just them.In that case, I'm fresh out of ideas, Addie pronounced flatly.

Same here.He is such a prat! Lily exclaimed later, as she and Addie walked to Transfiguration. I mean, it's obvious he likes me, did you see he kept trying to hold my hand today? Why doesn't he just ask me out?Don't ask me what goes on in James Potter's head... although it's probably something along the lines of Lily. Quidditch. Eat. Sleep. Lily. Quidditch. Eat. Sleep.' Addie commented, laughing.


Meanwhile, James was ranting and raving as well.

I can tell she likes me too, but what if she doesn't? What if it's all a big misinterpretation? I don't want her to say no again! How do I get through to her?We don't know girls, mate, Peter said simply.

Yeah, perhaps if you asked Jenika, Remus added, referring to another of Lily and Addie's friends.

You just want an excuse to talk to her! Sirius goaded him.

Gee, guys, thanks for the support about LILY! said James sarcastically as Remus flushed.


That evening in the Gryffindor common room, while James and Lily were occupied by chucking large, random, and often rather sharp objects at each other over their latest argument, their friends resumed their discussion of getting the two together.

Force them?Too brutal.All of us pair up and leave them no choice?Too preppy.Have Addie and Jenika starve Lily while we starve James and then after a week, give James a rock and tell Lily it's a piece of toast and take a picture when she dives on him for food and then digitally erase the rock so they're holding hands?Too hyper-Hannah-ish.Lock them in a room together? Peter suggested tentatively.

That just... Sirius said thoughtfully.

Jenika mused.

said Addie gleefully.


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