Good thing she's a heavy sleeper.Yeah... I have to drag her around the floor by her ankles to wake her up when I spend the night...

It was Saturday morning, and Addie and Jenika, having levitated the sleeping Lily out of her bed, were chatting as though this was a normal occurence.

Remus said the seventh floor, right?Yes... Look, there's that tapestry he told us about... The one with the guy getting clubbed by trolls, isn't it?Looks like they're not here yet... shall we go ahead and put her inside?


Elsewhere in the castle (namely the boys' dormitory), Sirius was attempting to wake up his lovesick friend -- James, that is.

Prongs... Prongs, get up! was the reply.

Medar likes algebra? a confused Peter attempted to translate.

More incoherent mumbling issued from the underside of James's pillow, where his head was currently residing.

He says we can all go die, and may the strawberries, pineapples and flies feast on our rotting flesh! Sirius announced to the room at large.

A befuddled Frank Longbottom emerged from the bathroom and, seeing three fully-dressed Marauders trying to wake the fourth, wisely went downstairs.


Fifteen minutes later, Sirius, Remus, and Peter arrived at the wall that would become the Room of Requirement, lugging an obviously Stunned James. The girls (except of course Lily, who was slumbering on) didn't even say anything before Sirius began to explain.

Well, you see, we tried to tell him there were a bunch of Zonko's products in here but he didn't quite believe us... and then Wormtail let slip what we were doing.I'd be surprised if the whole of Gryffindor tower isn't awake after all the shouting Prongsie here did, Remus took up the tale as Sirius broke off to glare at his ratlike friend. So it really was necessary to Stun him.Of course... and Sirius, don't blame Petey, he came up with this idea, remember?Oh yeah... so shall we tell the room what to do?

They began pacing back and forth in front of the blank stretch of wall, all thinking thoughts that amounted to We need a room or set of rooms where we can put Lily Evans and James Potter in which they'll have to cooperate and from which they'll emerge as a couple. Or something like that.

The door appeared once they had each paced in front of it three times. Lily was stirring, so after a quick Ennervate to revive James the comrades put their friends inside and shut the door.

Addie turned the key in the lock.

You're sure they won't be able to get out until they're together? Jenika asked.

said Sirius.

And time's compressed so they won't miss classes?Alright, then I guess we can have a weekend in peace.

The five conspirators exchanged high-fives and headed for Gryffindor Tower.

But a weekend in peace was far from what James and Lily would be getting.


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