Author's note: Random angsty F/A drabble (exactly 100 words!) set during Mostly Harmless. I guess it counts as spoilers for it. Dedicated to Demus. Go read her story Inexplicably Parental, it rocks. Oh, and I don't own the characters or the spaceship or anything.


I always end up coming back to you. I try to stay away, but you and this mad universe keep bringing us together again. Once you tire of playing with the controls of the Elvis spaceship, you switch it into autopilot, zooming toward the mysteriously reappeared Earth. You casually fling an arm over the back of my seat, and I lean back against it, eager for any friendly touch after years alone. Then you slowly lean forward and kiss me, gentle and undemanding. Nothing matters any more but the slow dance of our tongues, as long as we are together.

And then they all die the next day. Woot. Review!