Sunset, Chapter One

by superscar

A/N: This is a sequel to 'Sunrise' and though the characters are from One Tree Hill, the setting is from Dark Angel. There is mention of many pairings - some disturbing, but this is Nathan and Brooke's story.

Brooke Davis grew up during the height of the second depression, born only a year before an electromagnetic pulse brought the Federal Reserve to its knees. Her parents died just after she was born. Murdered, apparently. Witnesses saw a car drive away from the scene, but that was it. No ID on the driver, but neighbors all thought it was her mom's no good husband.

It was when she was around eleven that the husband bit started to freak her out so she asked her Granny.

"Granny Rowe," Brooke addressed the old woman hesitantly, "Do you think that my, that my...that my dad is really that no-good-slashing-bastard?" she repeated what her mother's suspected murderer was always called.

"And why would you think that?"

"The kids at school said, that with him being married to mom and all, he was probably my dad. And since I have dark hair, that it makes it even more likely because of how I have his pants."

Granny Rowe smiled, "His genes?"

"Yeah, in the trunk upstairs with the other stuff," she tried to explain and Granny Rowe laughed.

The old woman sat down motioned for Brooke to sit with her, "Brooke, do you remember what I told you about before the pulse?"

The little girl screwed up her face in concentration, "When kids could play outside?"

"That's right, honey. Kids could play outside and hardly anyone had guns."


"Well, back then, it was easier to get something they call a paternity test. They give you a shot," Brooke grimaced at this revelation, "...and they find out who your daddy is."

"And it wasn't the no-good-husband-guy?"

Granny Rowe shook her head, "Your daddy's name was Chris Davis, your mommy's boyfriend."

"And she loved him lots and lots," Brooke nodded. "Why did she marry the no-good-killer-guy?"

"They got married very young," Granny Rowe sighed, "She loved him at the time, but they had nothing in common."

"Oh," Brooke nodded glumly.

"What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Tommy likes trucks," she wrinkled her nose. "I hate trucks."

"If this is still a problem when he is 25, I'll talk to him," Granny winked at her and Brooke beamed back.

Despite these promises, Granny only lived four more years after that, leaving Brooke alone at fifteen. But thanks to a horrid case of acne, Tommy was a non-issue by then.

"What do I do?" Brooke asked the doctor at the hospital the night Karen Rowe died.

"Go home and sleep," he'd told her.

She'd tried, but squatters had taken over after Granny went into the hospital, and they weren't particularly willing to give the place up.

"We could share," one of the men suggested, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Brooke kicked him in the shin and ran. She never tried to go home again.

It was dark. She hadn't been out alone in the dark before and kept to the shadows, not wanting to be seen. The downside was that she couldn't see either.

"What a pretty little girl," an arm slithered around her waist and Brooke threw her elbow back into her attacker's chest.

He only laughed, holding her wrist to keep her still.

"You are going to sweet," he breathed into her ear and Brooke struggled in terror. What would he do? Was this her last moment alive? What would Granny say?

Don't go out at night, Brooke. The words came back to her, taunting.

"What did you catch, Luke?" a deep voice came from the shadows and a tall figure materialized as her eyes adjusted to the blackness.

"Don't even think of calling dibs, Nate, she's mine."

Nate only laughed and looked her over, "Just clean up this time, the last thing we need is a sector cop attack on this place."

"Like they care about one girl."

Tears slid down Brooke's cheeks. It was true. She didn't matter to anyone. Not anymore.

"Have fun," Nate shrugged, "I'll be back later." He caught her eye as she turned away and froze. "Let her go," he said sharply.

"What?" Luke only tightened his grip, "You said I could have her!" he whined.

"I changed my mind, dumbfuck. Let. Go."

The second he loosened his grip, she ran. She didn't care to be killed by either one of them. For a second, she felt the wind fly through her hair and then she was up against the wall, pinned.

"Please, let me go," she begged.

"What's your name?" she recognized Nate's voice, whispering in her ear and pulled her away from the wall.

"Brooke," she wiped her eyes, not even trying to escape, "Brooke Davis."

"And your parents are...?"

"They're dead," she shrugged.

"Is that why you're out at night?"

"People took our place while Gran was in the hospital."

"I see," Nate looked away, she could barely see the outline of his face, much less read what he was thinking. "Where's Gran now?"

"She will have sent the sector cops by now," Brooke crossed her arms, "I'd let me go if I were you."

Nate laughed, "I'll take that under advisement, Brooke Davis. Tell you what, you tell me who your Gran is and I'll let you go."

"K-Karen Rowe."

"And she's dead now." It wasn't a question and it was more than obvious that Nate didn't believe a word of her lie.

"N...No, I told you, you uhh...better watch out, Mister."

"You know it's dangerous out here, Brooke Davis. Someone might want to hurt you."

"Are you one of them, Sir?" It seemed wise to be polite in this particular instance.

"No," he shook his head and she breathed in relief. "I'm Nathan," he held out his hand to her and she took it hesitantly, "You're under my protection. If you have trouble, just tell them that."

"Everyone...knows you?"

She could see his lips curl in the darkness, "It'll work. Trust me."

A truck sped past them and for a second, his face was illuminated and seared into her brain. Nathan turned immediately and walked off.

"Wait!" Brooke called out, but he was gone before she could ask: Where had she seen him before?

Nathan ignored the 'What the fuck?' look on Lucas's face as he entered the Lair.

"Put Brooke Davis on the list."

"That skank from the alley?" Lucas kicked a table across the room and whizzing over Tim's head, where Peyton lazily drank from his wrist.

"You're so fucking cranky when you're hungry," Jake rolled his eyes and lay his head on Peyton's lap. She smiled and let Tim's blood roll off her tongue into his mouth.

The majority of the world's demons had skipped town after the pulse. A hard life wasn't something to their liking, so they found comfort elsewhere. It was all the younger group that remained, eager to be at the top of the chain in their world and almost all along the west coast seemed to clamor to Dan for guidance, which he loved.

Nathan had his own group now, such as it was. Seattle's Finest. They were young, but they'd learn. Peyton was the oldest, twenty years Nathan's senior, but she still looked nineteen. Blonde, beautiful. Men were drawn in and then crushed. She too, was a product of Dan's creation and an anomaly amongst them. It was like she was immune to the power struggle around her and lived for the fulfillment of her passions. Just the fact that she didn't care gave her power and a brief and passionate love affair with Nathan had brought her into the fold in Seattle. They'd lasted four months, a millisecond in the life of a Vampire. An occasional screw satisfied their tension and life was perfect, except for Lucas.

He was what Dan considered his biggest mistake and everyone, including Lucas, knew it. He was a mere five months older than Nathan and he was such a pretty boy that it was obvious why Dan had turned him. Whether one was straight or gay in life made little difference in the undeath, everyone swung toward the middle and what might not have once attracted at all could become an obsession.

But Dan's 'entertainment' with Lucas seemed to be short lived and he was quickly replaced with Nathan as Dan's apprentice and sometimes, more. Nathan was who Dan trusted with the Seattle wing of his Dominion and Nathan who was most like himself. Because ultimately, that was Dan's first and only love.

Nathan knew that Lucas was basically Dan's discarded sex toy, but he somehow couldn't resist the desire to pull rank on Lucas, knowing he was older, that he was Dan's and not his...and yet he was still the winner and ultimately, always would be.

Anything within a hundred miles of SeaTac airport was Nathan's territory and he ran it well. He controlled crime and brought down the murder rate by running his own Mafia. And if he tended to focus his nightly hunts on people who didn't abide by what he liked to consider 'guidelines' well, he had to eat someone.

But there was also a list of people that were protected. Tim Smith, their blood dummy, was on the list - if they ever needed anything to be done during the daylight hours, he was the man. It was actually a pretty sweet deal for him and he knew it. He just had to put up with the biting, which Nathan privately suspected he got off on anyway.

Jenny Gigielski was also on the list. Jake's daughter. She was now approaching the age that Jake looked and he could tell that Jake was tempted to bring her into their world. It was life forever - but what kind of life?

Most everyone had family on the list but Nathan. In fact, until now, he hadn't added anyone.

But now he was protecting Brooke Davis.

Haley's daughter.

To Be Continued...