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Chapter 1- Can't stay Away

Ginny spent most of her time in her room, she would only leave the comforts of her four walls for meals and showers, other then that the Weasley family never saw her. She believed that as long as she stayed along she would be safe from love and hate, but the more time she spent along the more she thought of what had happened in her 5th year at one of the safestplaces in the Magical world.

Night and day she worried that she would see his hooded eyes over her, and the more she thought about what he had been doing to her the more she hated herself for letting him do it to her, and the closer she was to wanting to end her life. She had attempted to jump off the Astronomy tower, or to slit her wrists and let her dirtied blood seep out of her body leaving her lifeless, but she couldn't because something was keeping her there, something needed her to be alive.

And here she was once more at the platform 9 and ¾ the Hogwarts Express, the one place she never expected to be hurt. She didn't understand why everyone though that Hogwarts was one of the safest places when it was where she was damaged, and she would never forget because the damage was deep down inside her burned into her memories and every thought of each living day she lived.

As she stepped on to the first step to utter torment Bill took a hold of her hand and pulled her back out of the scarlet red train.

"Gin" he said as she hugged her close.

"I thought you weren't coming." she answered as she let him hug her, how could one mans action make her so valuably to hugging one of her closest brothers, she would never understand why he had done what he had done to her and it hurt her even deeper then the thought of having to put up with it again.

That horrible day had changed Ginny for life, she stopped hanging out with her friend and stopped going to endless parties and picked up books to suffocate her sorrow. When she first started doing this everyone gave her odd looks because Ginny was a natural at school and she didn't need the extreme amounts of studying that she was doing to do well in school, but her only respond was that if she wants a good life after Hogwarts she was going to have to work for it. Hermione was proud of her and would always say something along the lines of: 'Finally one Weasley that understands the true meaning of passing school, of course besides Percy, but Percy is a different story, I'm proud of you Ginny.' Then she would give her a hug and Ginny would just have to hold back the pain that no one understood and never really would, and she wasn't ready to let anyone in close.

"You didn't think I would let you leave without saying goodbye to my only sister?" Bill asked smiling down at her. "Look Gin, I know something's wrong and if you ever need to talk to someone about it, I am here for you." He said and kissed her forehead which made her only tear up.

"Thank you Bill, but I really need to get going now." and just like that she left her brother watching after her with his own sorrow for his sister in his eyes showing vividly.

She walked down the corridor looking hopefully for an empty compartment where she could be by herself and not be bothered by anyone until she arrived at Hogwarts where she was finishing her last year. She had skipped her 6th year due to extraordinary outcome of her O.W.L's and was joining the trio for their last journey to Hogwarts.

No one really knew about her being bumped up a class but Hermione who had lent her books whenever Ginny needed more work to keep her mind occupied, and with the passing year she had finished and understood everything in what should have been her sixth year she was going into, but instead she was ready for the seventh years.

She was overjoyed that she only had one more year to spend in the one place that caused her the worst pain. It wasn't just what was being done to her now, but it all had begun in her first year with opening the Chamber of Secrets, and now it continued into more horrible doings.

After a while of looking she found herself an empty compartment in the back and settled in. She sat on the seat and looked out the window, she felt horribly alone, even if she had a loving family, and one friend that would never give up on her Edina. But no matter what she felt emptiness in side herself, she was missing something, something special, but she couldn't find it with all this pain and sorrow in side herself, she had to do something to stop this.

Ginny pulled out her diary and started to write in it.

I figure I'm too old for the Dear Diary thing, now so I'm just going to get straight to the point. This year is my final one at Hogwarts, the one place that caused me so much pain. This year I want to get rid of this emptiness I feel in side, I want to fall in love, I wont keep back from people, and I'll start standing up for myself, and I'll even tell some one what happened last year. I need a plan, so here it goes. 1. I will find some one I can trust besides Bill. 2. I will tell some one about what happened last year. 3. I want to fall in love, and not have this emptiness I side me. 4. Stand up for myself again. 5. I will not spend all my time in my room, I will have fun. 6. I'll start dressing like a girl again. That's all I have for now, but I will find more.

She wrote a few more words in her diary when the door slid open. "Oh great!" he smirked and walked in and sat opposite Ginny. "You can leave."

"Why would I do that? I was here first." Ginny pointed out and slipped her journal back into her trunk.

"Well you wouldn't want to worry the dream team about being in a compartment with the evil Malfoy." he replied smirking and looked her up and down.

"Not like they would notice." said Ginny and then looked out the window.


"Whatever." she replied and kept her eyes on the trees that zoomed by them.

"What where you writing?" he asked looking at her, his face blank hiding what he was seeing. 'When did this Weasley become—"

"Nothing of your concern" she answered and then took her eyes from the window and looked into his grey stormy ones. "Why would you want to share a compartment with a filthy mudblood lover?" she snapped taking him by surprise but he didn't show it.

"Parkinson was following me, trying to get me to shag her." he said and shuddered.

"So being around a Weasley is better then Parkinson who's willing to give you a free shag?" she asked, just like his, her face was empty of emotions, or let anyone know what she was thinking.

"Precisely" he said and looked out the compartment door for a second and without warning he jumped on the ground and hid beneath Ginny's bench.

The door slid open and a black haired girl with blue ocean eyes started in at her. "Eww it's only you, have you maybe seen Draco?" she asked, and Ginny felt him grab her ankle.

"Yeah he's under this very bench." she replied and once again just like any other time that some one spoke to her, her face was left out of all emotions.

"Yeah right, nice try Weasley." Pansy said and let the door slide back.

"What are you? Crazy! She could have checked!" Draco hissed from underneath her.

"Oh-please, Parkinson thinks so highly of you that she would never think you'd hide under a Weasley." Ginny said and let a little smirk come across her lips.

"Very Slytherin of you weasel, maybe you were put in the wrong house." he answered as he came back out from under the bench.

"Maybe." she answered and all her emotion was whipped off her face again.

He started at her for a while, not realizing what he was doing, but what he did realize was that she was extraordinary beautiful, and by the looks of it she did everything to hide it. "What happened to you?" Draco asked as he sat down across from her again.

She turned her head back to him and gave him a questioning look.

"I mean, in my sixth year you looked descent and now…well now you look like you should, just a low life weasel." he answered and she just smiled and turned her head away.

"What? No witty remarks?" he asked smirking, "Not surprised…all you Weasley's are a bunch of idiots anyway."

She just kept her eyes on what was zooming by outside the window, because she started to become scared, very scared. She felt to comfortable with Malfoy for her own good.

"Take a picture Malfoy." She replied looking at him. Her eyes immediately meet with his pure gray ones. "Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?" she asked before she could stop herself.

"No never." He replied still looking into her brown ones. "What is the matter with you, first you don't talk then you're rude and now you compliment your enemy."

"Sorry to disappoint you but your not my enemy." she said and then turned her attention to the window again.

"Well I should be." he answered in a cruel voice, "Since I've hurt you and your family the most."

"You may have hurt my brother, but the rest was never you, it's your bloody idiot of a father that's done the rest, and frankly I don't think you're anything like him, and for your information Malfoy, there are worse things out there." she spoke as if he wasn't even there, because not once did she look at him while telling him the no thing he wanted some one to see and say.

'and frankly I don't think you're anything like him'

"So why don't you want to shag Parkinson, I mean she is wiling to give it to you." she asked as she turned to look at him.

"Did you see Parkinson?" he asked with sarcasm dripping from his tone of voice.

"She could look decent if she didn't wear so much make-up, but there is her screeching voice!" Ginny exclaimed, "and you can't get rid of an annoying voice."

"You can if you know how to tune out." he answered and smirked at the look on Ginny's face, "What is it? Just now realized who you're talking too?" But Ginny's eyes were glued to the compartment door.

"No" she said in a small voice.

"Mr. Malfoy, are you bothering Miss Weasley?" asked the hooded eyes.

"No he's not." Ginny replied a little too quickly.

"Are you sure Miss Weasley." he asked smirking.

"Are you deaf or something?" Draco asked looking from the man to Ginny.

"Mr. Malfoy that won't help you in my class this year." he stated.

"Honestly, when did I ever care about your worthless class?" Draco asked smirking, "No if you don't mind Professor I would like to get back to my conversation with Weasley here." Draco said pointing at Ginny.

"Very well, do tell me if he is bothering you Miss Weasley." the professor said and left.

"What was that all about?" Draco asked when the door slid shut.

"Nothing." she answered and pulled her cloths closer to her, making her body stand out. "Umm…so why don't you tell Parkinson off?" Ginny asked changing the subject.

"She doesn't get it." he replied "Trust me I've said it a million times."

"Not surprised." she answered and pushed her body closer to the window. "Get a girlfriend and she should leave you alone." Ginny offered to help since he had just gotten her out of a tight situation.

Ginny felt so calmly that he, a Malfoy was sitting with her, and she did not understand why she was okay with him looking at her and speaking to her. She looked at him and he was still looking at her. She just stared back at him, wanting to know what was going on in his head. She hadn't felt like this in a while, the comfort he brought the her surprised her and scared her, only Bill was able to comfort her without knowing what had happened to his youngest sister.

"GIN-GER!" came a voice from out side the compartment breaking their eye contact. "OH GIN-GER!" the voice chanted.

Ginny rolled her eyes as she realized who it was. She looked at the door and there was a sudden click. Draco looked at Ginny with a puzzled look.

"How did you?" he asked looking from her to the door and back to her.

"I don't know." She said as it was nothing.


"Because I don't want to talk to Ron right now," She said looking back out the window.

Draco was getting curious. 'How did she do that?' he thought to himself. 'What do I care how she did that?' he asked himself again as he looked at Ginny's face calm face.

"GIN-GER" Ron yelled again. "Ginny where are you?" Ginny just sat in her seat looking out the window and didn't say a word to Ron who was outside their compartment now and was trying to open the door.

"Sod Off Weasley." Draco said making Ginny's head snap towards him. When Ron heard that it was a Malfoy in this compartment he continued down the isle still yelling Ginny's nickname.

"Thank you," she said and then turned her attention back to the window.

"Why didn't you want to talk to you brother?" he asked looking at her.

"Because he either talks to be because Harry and Hermione aren't there or if he needs something...I don't know why I just told you that." She said giving him a quick glance.

'What is it with this girl? Why do I keep asking her questions and am being nice to her? A Weasley at that too?' he thought to himself, and then shook him self mentally. 'Stop now!' he told himself.

"I think we are almost there, we should change into our robes." She said and stood up. She walked over to her trunk and looked for some things and then turned around to find Draco in his pants and no shirt on. Ginny quickly looked away and started to change. She hated changing in front of people because of what that bastard did to her, BUT this year was going to be different right? Totally different, she wasn't going to bury herself in books anymore; she was going to have some fun.

"You know what Weasley; you're not so bad, unlike your annoying git of a brother." Draco said and she turned around to look at him.

"I'm glad I am, because that would make you fruity." She smiled and walked over to where she was sitting earlier.

"Fruity?" he asked sitting back down, now fully dressed.

"Yea as in your door swings the other way." She said smiling at him. "I wouldn't be surprised I mean you don't want to accept a free shag from someone who is willing to give it to you for free." Ginny said and smirked, she disliked being rude to him when he had helped her out twice, but she became too comfortable around him and she needed to push him back.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Draco asked with malice in his voice this time.

"You said I wasn't that bad, and since you just saw me half naked I guessed you where talking about my body, now...wait a minute did you see my brother half naked too?" she asked giving him an innocent look.

"That's not what I meant." he said narrowing his eyes.

"Whoa you're not going to insult me, or my family, or anything else?" she said giving him a funny look.

He narrowed his eyes and with one swift movement of his wand the door unlocked and he turned around to glare at her. "I don't know why I even sat with you, you're not fit to lick the dirt off my shoes." he said and marched out of the compartment only to curs himself for doing it since Pansy had seen him and ran up to him.

'You deserved that one Ginny.' she said to herself as he left her alone in the compartment.

Ginny sat alone by herself for a couple of minutes giving her time to compose herself, and as she looked out the window she noticed the trees were becoming more visible and weren't just blur's of green flashing by.

After the usual feast and welcome backs from Dumbledore, Draco was up in his room, which was more of a piece of the manor in Hogwarts although it wasn't connected at all to the Malfoy Manor, and only Draco could get in there.

"Drakie" someone said from the other side of the door.

"What the bloody fuck do you want?" he yelled at the shut door.

"Why you of course." she said and burst out giggling.

"Now, now Parkinson why don't you go fuck some other idiot that'll actually want to do it with you." he said and the door erupted into flames and he heard Pansy scream and run. "Oh how I love this." he said smirking and let his body drop onto his mast bed.


Ginny was getting annoyed with her brother; he kept asking her where she was when he couldn't find her on the train. "Ron leave ME THE HELL ALONE!" and with that she stormed out of her portrait hole.

She ran down the corridor and into the Great Hall, she stopped for a second to catch her breathe and then walked calmly over to the great oak door. She pushed one open and smiled as the light summer ending breeze washed over her.

She walked out and down to the lake where she sat on one of the rocks and looked up at the stars. Seconds later she could hear someone coming towards her, and she wasn't surprised, if it was him who just wanted another round on hurting her again, it was nothing new to her.

"Take it then leave me alone." she spoke without thinking, or looking at who it was that came towards her.

"What are you talking about Weasley?" Draco said and stood behind her, looking out onto the lake, the water was calm and it looked like it was never ending, and Draco wouldn't have been surprised if it was never ending.

She spun around a bit in shock and almost flew into the water at the quick move, but Draco took a hold of her arm and pulled her back on the rock.

"N-nothing." She said and looked up at the stars again.

"Come on Weasley tell me." he said sitting next to her.

"It's nothing, I thought it was Harry or Ron wanting this back." She said as she pulled out an object out of her robe pocket.

Draco laughed, with malice in his laugh. "Are you telling me they put that on their lips?" Ginny looked at what she was holding and it was a lip chap, her favorite one, raspberry at that too. "What are they going to do see who's a better kisser by kissing each other."

"No I meant this." and then she pulled out a little box.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Hermione's birthday present, they don't know how to shop so I bought it for them." She said putting it back into her robe pocket. She had lied to him, that box contained a ring, her grand-ma's ring, which she had just given to her before she had died.

"Interesting" he said. Draco's mind raced back to her 5th year and his 6th one, and before he could stop himself he asked her. "How come you changed so much?" he asked.

Ginny took her eyes off of the stars and looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"Well in your 5th year you were always at parties, and hanging out with you friends. Then that one day you pulled back, and you didn't show up for any of the parties or hung out with your friends." he said and Ginny stiffened knowing what day he meant.

"People change, things happen to make people change, and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it." She said not wanting to give him the right answer. "Just like you." She said looking up at the stars.

"What do you mean?" he questioned.

"Well, last year you where always telling me to watch where I was going."

"And you always told me I should." He said smiling at the thought. "But what happened to make you change that much?" he asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." She said looking around the grounds.

"You could." He said and stopped. "But I asked first."

"So I asked second." She answered.

"Yes but first comes first serves, except first ask first gets the answer to their question." He answered her.

"Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy, what are you two doing down here?" asked some one form behind them. Ginny stiffened at the person's voice.

"Oh we where just getting some fresh air. I am the head boy, I'm allowed to take Miss Weasley out for a walk, since she asked if she could get some fresh air." He said as he looked at the Professor.

"True, well make your way back to your common room, I'll walk Miss Weasley to hers."

"That wont be necessary, I'll walk her back when she's done out here." Draco replied, knowing something would happen if he did what the professor said to do.

"Very well Mr. Malfoy, very well." he said and walked of cursing under his beathe.

"Thank you." She said and gave him a big hug.

"What was that for?"

"A different kind of Thank you" She said and looked away.

"Why where you so quiet?" he asked observing her.

"I didn't know what to say." She said and stood up. "I better go back to my dorm." She said and smiled at Draco.

"I'll walk you back, since I said I would." he answered and got up.

"No I can get there by myself." she answered and started walking away from him.

"I said I'll walk you." he said with a little hatred in his words and then they made their way back to the castle.

When they got to the portrait of the fat lady Ginny said good-bye and walked into the common room.

He watched her walk away and swore he'd stay away from her, because she could cause him a great deal of pain, and trouble.